Monday, November 7, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Traveling Thru the Grapevine

I heard something from my buddy last time I went on a lunch date with him and made me pissed.

No, it's not what my buddy said to me that pissed me off. It was what he told me what he heard that pissed me off

He told me that he heard from my gal pal that her neighbour has been going around gossiping about me still not having a child and spreading rumors that I'm prolly infertile and can't have children.

Saying that I've been married for so long and I still don't have kids.

I was so pissed! How dare her?!

My gal pal's neighbour is my dad-in-law's friend as well, and she must've heard from my dad-in-law and went spreading around such hurtful rumours.

It just makes me so pissed.

Who gives her the right to say such things?

She's not my mother or my mother-in-law!

What does me having children or not have to do with it?

What does she want me to do?

Be pregnant the very next day after marriage??

Then she'll prolly tell everyone, "Oh~! So fast get pregnant? She must've been knocked up before. No wonder they're rushing into the marriage"

I just can't please anybody, can I? Have kids, and the rumours of me being pregnant out of wedlock will go about. Have no kids, and the rumours of me being infertile would spread out.