Saturday, November 19, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

This Is It...

I went to watch MJ: This Is It movie and only one word sums it all: AMAZING!!

I was rather intrigued when the trailer came out and my fiance showing it to me. I mean, this is the first time a concert footage was made into a movie. Usually this kind of stuff is done into a straight-to-DVD style, but to broadcast it out like this in big screen, it was something well worth to look forward to.

My fiance's eldest bro-in-law's friend works at the cinema as the guy who fixes up all the ads and trailers before a movie sequence and he said the show was coming to Brunei and he can pull some strings into booking tickets for us. We jumped to the chance to make our booking and waited anxiously for the show.

On the day, besides my fiance's 2nd sister and her family, all of us went to watch the show. We got to know some new friends in the process, mostly friends of the guy who helped us book the tickets, and also his colleague, which me and my fiance's eldest sister called him "Eye Candy", because he was so good-looking~! LOL

Neways, once the show starts and played throughout that almost 2 hours, it was mind-blowing. I won't spoil it for those who haven't watched it, but man, it was amazing! He had made so much planning and tons of big-scale stuff that would totally hype up and top off what he usually does on stage back then. It was totally AWESOME! It almost felt so heartbreaking that this is the stuff that we would have seen if he had not gone from this world. He had made so much for us, and now it will never be, we will never see it in reality EVER again.

New dancers, new singers, mostly the younger generations, have actually auditioned for this before they officially started the rehearsals and out of more than 400 candidates (bloody hell, 400! Can you imagine?!), about a dozen and a half were chosen. They had the time of their lives, judging by the way they hung out with MJ doing his rehearsals and training. Makes me feel so jealous. If I were to be able to go back in time, I would probably chose to apply a job here with them, even if it means being the janitor, I don't bloody care! As long as I can be with MJ! Though, probably throughout the rehearsal, you might find a lot of things belonging to MJ missing if they'd hired me~! LOL, fangirl dreams never cease to please.

The songs were nostalgic, and you couldn't help but sing along with it. Also, the dances and the beats were so nice, your body would just uncontrollably want to move along with it. And best of all, we're seeing him sing as it is, raw and live, without the crazy screaming fans in the background. Did you know that they originally scheduled for only 10 concerts, but then shockingly shot up to 50 by demand? It's almost the same number as MJ's age!

It feels kinda ironic and sad at the same time that when MJ said "This is it, this is the final curtain call" and those were probably the last words he had ever said to the public. Almost like a curse, a bad omen of a phrase. It tugged at my heartstrings (though not to the point of crying buckets, because to be honest, I'm not 100% a fan; I just like majority of his songs) to see that he's done so much here, putting so much effort into what he's doing and he could never bring it out anymore.

The friends of the guy who helped us book tickets were more excited than most. They LOL-ed at funny moments, cheered and whooped at the amazing things MJ had in store in his concert and clapped every time one song ends. I couldn't care less and took the advantage of Bruneians ignoring nature (it's their style: If you're doing something weird that does not concern them, they will just ignore you and pretend nothing happened) and joined their hype as well, cheering and whooping and singing along with it, though short of actually clapping.

Once the show was over, I finally remembered my bladder that I was holding back for so long while watching the show was about to burst as I made a run for it to the toilet. Everyone really enjoyed it and talked about it once we're outside the cinema. It's a little disappointing for me to see that it wasn't a full house when I came into the cinema, because I would expect the King of Pop getting exposure even from Brunei friends, but I guess their mentality would be: Why pay to watch a rehearsal if it's not the real deal? It's just sad.

Thinking about it now, all we know that is mostly talked about MJ were his crimes of being pedo (which I never believe it to be true even though I'm not a 100% fan; they're just sueing for the money and the drama) and him being debts and his plastic surgery and stuff. All they could ever talk about was his bad. None of them ever thought about the fact that he had revolutionized pop music and all his achievements and contribution to the public. No one ever thought of his good, always the bad, almost like the saying "You can take a lifetime to build trust, but one second to destroy it all". And now that he is dead, suddenly everyone keeps focusing on his good side, even the media, as if it was enough to make up for all their sins of doubting MJ. They couldn't even put a good word on him when he was ALIVE, how is giving him a good word when he's DEAD gonna make any difference? I got a feeling that they made this movie not just for the sake to dedicate him, but also for the sponsors, to cover their losses over MJ's supposed concert that they spent millions on. I swear, it's bloody "human nature" (pun from MJ's song intended).

Anywho, it's a great show that no one should ever miss. Go watch it! I recommend it. Relive MJ's final moments with his entertainment family and witness the magic that he had intended to give us.