Monday, November 7, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Jigsaw Puzzle World

Just something I'd like to blog about, which is the Jigsaw Puzzle World. Nothing too long-winded, just a brief intro here and there, since the pics speaks more for itself

The entrance and display case of the shop, where every puzzle under the sun was sold there

Small-sized puzzles...


Huge-ass puzzles...

...and everything else in between, especially glow-in-the-dark ones

Me buying my puzzle, which is prolly the most expensive thing I've ever bought in my hometown, and it was a puzzle of Mickey and Minnie in a church wedding, since at the time we visited the church, we were getting close to our wedding day

Some for display there, but unfortunately, the Kingdom Hearts one is not for sale, not in their sales display and this one was for display only and cannot bought off from this

By the way, this was what I bought (best pic sample I could grab from the internet that shows my puzzle), which I'm currently trying to put together right now

There you have. This shop is located in 1Borneo Hypermarket in KK, so do be sure to drop in even if just to check out the displays