Monday, November 28, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

A Heart-Breaking Sight

Was a little down just now. No, not physically down, more like emotionally down, coz I saw something last night that I couldnt do anything about and it brought back old wounds

Last night we had BBQ for dinner, and as usual we invited some friends, and my 2nd sis in law and her family joined in.

Remember I said in my previous journals that she's quite the bitch sometimes?

Well, she was being a bitch to her own 4 year old daughter.

She wanted to record a movie channel from the satellite cable, but her daughter was watching cartoons, so she told her that she wanted to switch for just a moment so she can record the show.

Now it's understandable that the little girl would protest a little, but she only frowned just a little bit, she didn't even complain, and the mother saw her frown and shouted at her, "Don't gimme tht face, you brat! Stop being such a spoiled brat! You're always giving me that attitude!'

I was there and she was scolding her like I wasn't there, like she doesn't care whether she embarrasses her kid or not. Then she told her to "sit your ass on tht sofa or I'll smack you!" and did the threatening hand gesture. I saw the look on the little girl's face. She was terrified and she flinched like as if she was going to be hit by a mallet.

I know, right?

That little girl was born premature and is born with a hole in the heart and going to have a major heart surgery next year. She's a sick girl and can't run or jump too long without going out of breath or turn blue in the face and hands. She cant cry too hard or too much either or she would go blue and would cough until she cannot catch her breath, and she's treating her like she's not her daughter

She loves her sons more than she loves her. That's right, I said it.

Yeah, I was there, I saw the whole thing happen in front of her and it didn't even faze her one bit. When she did that threatening gesture, I had to say something. I told her "Hey, that's enough. You got your channel already, leave it", then she switched back to the cartoon channel for her and stomped off, leaving that little girl to cry like anything

I wanted to scream at her, to shout at her to stop being such a bitch to her own sick daughter, but I didn't want to start a scene on a nice BBQ night because I know she would scream and yell at me to mind my own fucking business and her husband, who's no limp noodle either, would back her up.

How can she do this to such a sick little girl? I mean if this is how she behaves in front of people, imagine what she's doing to her in the privacy of their home

When I say it brought back old wounds, it's coz it reminded me of myself with my mom.

I wanted to tell what I saw to either of my in-laws, but either my dad-in-law will say, "That's how she is, just forget about it" or my mom-in-law will start a fight with her and subsequently my sis in law will start a fight with me

My hubby and I had to comfort the poor little girl, it was heartbreaking...

How I wish we two could adopt her, I'd totally treat her right.

Anything good, they would let the eldest son have it, and needless to say they pamper their youngest son like no tomorrow. What about her? Kicked to the curb like nothing. Her bro is allowed to bully her, and says to people who sees that she deserved because she started it, when in fact it was not the case, and if she ever made the bro cry, she would be bombarded like anything.

Sometimes I would outright say it to my in-laws "If she hates her so much, give her to me, I'll treat her right"

They KNOW she's a sick girl and they KNOW one wrong move and she'll keel ovr, but do they give a fuck? NO~! If they cant even let her just so much as frown, sooner or later they wont even let her express herself, or show any emotion, and she'll grow up with a poker face or worse.

Later on, while we comforted the little girl, my sis in law cooled off and came back to lecture her. She told her "You know why I'm mad? Coz you never do as you're told and you're always having attitude. Don't even put that face at your dad, you know your dad gets angry and hates it if you do that, understand?"

Even the dad also do that! It makes me even more fearful for her!

What's next? Bruises and cuts? Scars? Whip marks?

God, it's like history replaying right in front of me!

It really breaks my heart to see this. It really did. I couldn't stop thinking about last night and almost couldn't sleep. When I told this to my hubby just now, I ended up crying for her. It was that bad.

Is this what she had to go through everyday? Is this what she has to face for the rest of her life?

I really fear for her...