Saturday, November 5, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Down Memory Lane-Part 2

Another trip down Memory Lane and it lead all the way to Taman Greenview, which was another one of my old homes. I couldn't take too much pictures, since we were in a hurry to get somewhere, but I took whatever I could since the detour to our destination was at the same route as my old home was.

This home is prolly where I actually have an actual huge bunch of friends and my training ground as a nanny because during that time, my mom had a business collab with a family friend of ours (who seemed to also be friends with my godmother too) to start a tuition/daycare centre. So during the day on school hols (and after school in the afternoon) I would be in charge to look after little kiddies and entertain them during daycare while my mom and the family friend are in charge of the tuition for both the afternoon and the night batch. And that's where my huge batch of friends came in.

This is the neighbourhood. It is a housing estate within an estate, meaning to say that the Taman Greenview consists of the main one, which I stayed, and a sub-estate just outside of the main one but was built with the borders of the main one around it, sorta. When you enter the place, there will be a playground to greet you. I've never really played in the playground, but I do have my share of friendly neighbours, which is down this road that is in my picture. The friend I remember the most who lives along this neighbourhood would be the gay boy who loves Sailormoon (which, during back then amongst us kids, is frowned upon of a boy who loves girl cartoons) and loves girly things his sister does and in fact, wears a training bra. Yes, seriously, a training bra. Not shitting you. He had this pomeranian which gave birth to a litter, but I was too late to reserve a pup from him. Wonder how he is now though...

This be the house I lived in. The rest of the house was, of course, the place where tuition and daycare is situated, but the master bedroom where the balcony is was the only home we were in that had even the remote sense of privacy. We couldn't get in (obviously) since new people have moved in, but I remember that towards the back of the house, there was a kitchen and an outdoor open-air room that faces the backyard for laundry and stuff, then there's the living room/dining room, and a basement toilet that the bowl faces a storeroom, and going up there would be a vacant spot and a guest toilet and two guestrooms: one for the maid and one for the kids to have their naptime during daycare, and finally our master bedroom with our own bathroom and a door that connects to the balcony/front porch.

There were good times, bad times and crappy mom-is-a-bitch times, but overall, it was a place where I actually had friends. Not super-duper real friends, mind you, but at least friends to be with instead of being cooped up friendless and lonely in my own world. I had an almost normal childhood living here, but sadly I had to leave, prolly due to my loner and anti-social of a mom thinking that it was still not enough privacy to go around amongst us

Will have more travel down Memory Lane soon the next time I return to my hometown