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Down Memory Lane-Part 1

Decided to go on a trip down Memory Lane and blog about all the homes that I have lived in in the past from when I was a kid till now, just for the sake of good ol' remembrance, and also to show off how many homes I have and how awesome they were, LOL

This be my first home. The place where I have spent the better half of my childhood more or less, when things were peaceful and the shit that is my parents' divorce had yet to happen. It's located down towards the Tun Fuad area, in Reservoir Garden Phase II (yes, there's a Phase I and Phase II), right across the street to where the pilak (our native slang for Indonesians and Filipinos migrating to our country) ghetto is. Here and there is where I spent quite a bit of my childhood

Le gates of entry...

...and le post box of doom. Why do I call that? Because you never know when a creepy lizard might suddenly crawl out of it and scare the bejeesus outta you

The convenient water tap where we usually connect the hose to water our plants (and play water and cool off from the heat with)

This be the front yard where the house plants and all are. It used to be much bushier than this actually, but it seems like my dad must've gotten rid of the lot. There used to be a tree as well where I love to pluck at the leaves. I think it was a pine tree or something, but that was gone too, sadly. I loved that tree. I sorta imagined a lot of things and imaginary adventures with that tree and his companion flower bushes

This be sorta my front porch. I remember it having tons of potted plants back then and I got stung by a bee from one of the potted plants when I tried to coax my dog out from behind it. Yeah, good times

The front door that leads to the porch

Random shot of the porch wall, that also leads to the parking driveway right behind it

This be the corner ceilings where all the swallows come to roost. Apparently somehow our house is the only place where the birds would roost and make their nests at, and no other houses have ever been visited by these birds. Well, some say having swallows in your home is a sign of good luck, but I'd like to call it free-loading XD

We let them stay at our place, and that's pretty much the thanks we get from them -_-'''

The entry to my home, which almost feels like a American-ish home entry

Driveway light...

...And the mysterious vacant space. It has really always been a mystery to me somehow. I was often not allowed to enter there, but when I peeked in, there isn't anything there but bits and pieces of old junk that's been laid there forgotten, including a toolbox meant for fixing cars and stuff, I think. I often imagine as a kid that if I were to enter into that place, it would be some sort of a mysterious secret gateway for me to go into another realm or another world entirely. Till this day, I'll never know. I've never really truly climb in there

Even though I know what's in there, this place still feels like a mystery to me. The secret gateway seems to be more and more plausible

When you enter a shoe rack would greet you, though I doubt my dad would ever have more than one shoe now there's no woman and child in his life

Sat here many times to have my shoes worn. And that cabinet is almost like a private place just for me to put my shoes. Ah, good times

Le living room, where I spent quarter of my childhood during visitations to my dad's on the weekend watching TV, doing homework, eating lunch/dinner and drawing, or sometimes even catch a snooze there. It's a nice breeze if you leave the front porch door open to let in the air and the sun, and accompanied with the fan, there is nowhere else cooler than there, well, that is until I kinda got accustomed to Brunei life and air-conditioning is kinda a must for us, and now since my dad discovered the joys of enjoying TV in your own room, yeah, the old TV which was abysmally lack of reception was now gone

The mystery teapot set. It has always intrigued me as to where this tea set came from. It was never used, just put there for the sake of decor and I was never allowed to touch it, and was said to be in the family for generations. Now my dad use it to keep change and spare keys, but the design still intrigued me till today

Who gave it to us? How long has this tea set been with us? How many generations was it passed on? How much did it cost back then? What's it worth now? Where did it originally come from? These are questions that I will never know

The intriguing design, almost English. And the man and the woman depicted on the tea set? Still a mystery to me

The dining room, which my dad decided to put a divider there for no particular reason LOL

The overall look of the dining room. It's nice and quaint, and enough space for everyone with leg room to boot, and it was during times when there is nothing on TV or when my dad insist to eat at the table where I would enjoy a good home-cooked meal of steam chicken and vegetables the good ol' Chinese style. The thing about my dad compared to my mom was that he was a way better cook than her and kept me way more well fed than I could ever remember my mom had done, and the ingredients that he used for cooking are fresh directly from the markets and not processed ones in the supermarket, and he can even make my most unfav meal be so delicious it's a shame not to eat it

The antique silverware collection! Well sorta. It feels odd when I took this picture because...I don't remember it being this small at all. Everything suddenly seemed so small to me now that I'm in this home. When I was growing up, everything looked big to me but now...Ah, how time flies...

The tea sets that never see the light of day, or table, that is

Close-up shots

Chinese silverware here too, including the wedding tea set. Hmm...Seems my dad had already have ulterior motives as to having THAT tea set -__-

More close-up of tea sets and silverware, some of them actually used before during my visitation weekend days here

The door that leads to the side porch

Ah, the good ol' chain where I used to pretend it's a swing or a Tarzan rope and dangle about it. I would do it and relive my childhood again if it weren't for the fact that now it's all tangled up and growing moss all over. Eww...

This side porch is a good place for rest and relaxation outdoors (also good place for smokers), and maybe even have barbecue of sorts right here. I spent my childhood here too, sometimes re-enacting scenes from my fav Disney movies or make imaginary adventures in my head and pretended this porch was my world to animate my stories

Seats to sit on and relax, and for me to jump and prance about in my own little world. There used to be more plants around here, and I remember a long tree vine that crawled up the edge of that wall over there and there was a bird's nest, and I remember there was also a red ant's nest nearby and the poor little hatchlings became ant chow and the mother couldn't do anything about it, so my mom put the hatchlings out of their misery and took it down. I don't remember where she buried it (or if she ever buried it at all) but that was one of the most gruesome scenes I've seen in my childhood of the animal kingdom

Road that leads towards the front porch and the front garden

There used to be a water tank here last time that made a lot of chugging sounds when I was a kid, and now that it's removed, it feels as if something's missing there

Random close up shots of flowers

Back inside, we have another thing that had always been a mystery to me, which is this drawer here. At a glance when you open it, it would be nothing more than another one of those built in drawers where you can keep anything random that you want in there, and the top there (or was it the left side?) would be the fuse box whenever the electricity blew out and my dad always go there to have it checked, but to me, as a kid, it was still a mystery. Why was it there? Why of all places must there be a built-in drawer here? Is it another gateway to another universe?

Yes, my brain is equivalent to half of Calvin's capacity. Shut it

Le downstairs guestroom bathroom, complete with shower, toilet, basin and stuff. Although this seemed to be the only competent one of all the bathrooms in the house, well, except the toilet, still doesn't flush as well as Brunei's toilet

We have the closet/storeroom under the stairs that is connected here in both areas. Harry Potter would prolly be more willing to stay in this one rather than the one at the Dursleys. At least it has more room. Again, it was a source of mystery to me that I have yet to dare venture into. Another possible realm of the a different world or dimension might reside in it, as well as the fact that it's damn dark and creepy

The maid's room, which was converted into a storeroom somehow after our longest-standing maid Marta has officially retired from our family. Marta had been our faithful maid for many years since they first employed her before I was born. I've witnessed her expanding her brood as well as she would often show up pregnant while doing the housework and looking after me, and her children had become part of our family for a while, and her husband, whom I think is a cab driver, also drops by to check on her and play with me as well. She was the best maid we've ever had

Le kitchen, which my dad had kept most of the features in except the fridge. He had finally changed it into a bigger, taller fridge instead of that 20-year-old fridge that had been around since the day I was born. On the right, would be the extra wooden tables and chairs where you can eat in the kitchen in case you run out of room at the dining room. I sat on that table most of my toddler years either watching my father cook, or for him to feed me medicine or to put face cream for my acne problems. Yeah, kudos to my dad. I seem to remember most of what he did for me than my mom somehow, since most of the time, if I were sick, I get dumped here anyways

There's the good ol' stove that often makes the snapping sounds whenever my dad tries to light a fire, and the drawers for all the necessary drinks and ingredients

Here would be the sink, and on the counter is where the dish tray is and also the spices like salt, pepper, flour and all that are put. I remember they used to be kept in cute little fruit-themed jars and you open them and try to figure out which is what. And that opening on the wall there is actually where you slip the food through so people would carry out to the dining room, like a restaurant kitchen would

The kitchen leads outdoors (which I forgot to take a picture of the door) to the backyard, which, of course, I couldn't resist showcasing

This be where all the laundry is done. I remember we had this REALLY SUPER OLD washing machine that makes crazy sounds whenever the clothes are washed, and it always fascinated me as a child when they drain out the soap and the water and I would just raise the drainage hose and spread the soap/water all over the place. This was also the place where we bathed our pet dogs and I would sit and watch my mom pluck fleas out of the dogs and drown them in a pail of water (Oi vey, I feel bad saying that now that I'm into the big cute flea Francoeur), and also where I had my head lice killed, by having my mom douse my hair with anti-bacterial solution that felt like she poured acid on my head, let it stand, and wash it off. I can still remember that dead black lice falling off my head and getting flushed down the drain. Ugh, worse day ever

The ancient tub that had been around since the dawn of time, prolly. Useful to keep backup water whenever there is a water cut or something, and once or twice, I've actually submerged myself into that tub LOL

The laundry hanger and the railings that overlooks the housing estate of Reservoir Garden Phase I. I remember dropping my sipper from there and never got it back

More freeloaders here XD

More of our backyard, which back then there was this huge tree growing right gobsmack in the middle there that produced wonderful mangoes that can be plucked fresh from the tree and eaten, but unfortunately thieves have been using this as leverage to climb and break into the house once too often, so my dad had to cut the tree down. There was also a papaya tree back then that had to go too because termites infested the foot of the bark and was killing it, so we had to chop it off. I still remember peeling the crusty nest off the bark with my maid's daughter and out sprang those little white bastards which we killed a few with a vengeance. No one kills my fav papaya tree and gets away with it

The sewer line, and till now I never understood what the 'G' meant

The stairs up to the 2nd floor, with the side decors to match, though I distinctively remember there were more decors there than this

When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll be greeted with this couple, which is a old-as-hell sofa seats whom I've spent my phone-talking days lying down or sitting or lounging about while talking really long ass conversations with my fellow primary school classmates with the good ol' land line phone when tiny hand-held cell phones were not in the rage back then

The good ol' master bedroom, another place where I spent the better half of my childhood before the divorce and during my weekend visitations until I finally hit puberty. Lunch/dinner was served here, TV was watched here and many of my ideas (including yaoi and mpreg) were born here

The good old bed which I've spent 10++ years of my life sleeping on until I hit puberty and can no longer be in the same room or on the same bed with my dad anymore, since, well, you know, since I've become a woman

The built-in wardrobe that has impossible high drawers to keep god knows what, and also a good place for me to either play hide-and-seek or for me to sulk in whenever I get into an argument with my dad

Built-in table counter, with drawers that, on the left, is for me to keep my arts and stuff, and also where I used to keep dozens and dozens of VHS video cassettes that I prolly watched a gajillion times, and on the right, where my dad keeps his stuff, mainly his old magazines, some of them tabloids, some of them spice of life, some of them adult. It has an old chair that bites if you stick your leg too far out the chair's edge. God, I really hate that chair.

The TV counter, which my dad has now replaced the lame ass TV that needs an antenna reception that I have to twist and turn to get an image with a bigger, better, much more modern TV, though that almost looks like either an old school Astro or an illegal one

This USED to be the 3-way mirror dressing counter, until my dad found out that having a 3-way mirror in a bedroom is bad for feng shui or something, so he took it off and now it's just a dressing counter with nothing to show for. It's sad. Despite my fear of mirrors, I actually liked those mirrors, and I spent a bit of my imaginary realm on those mirrors

The dressing counter underneath used to also be my drawing board. Check out the doodles I've been doing underneath it when I was a kid

The master bedroom toilet, in which they still had the same 10++ problems of water pressure. Here, the sink works but the shower doesn't, and this is also where I got my scar on my forehead (by crashing my head on the porcelain so hard that it made a hole on my head) yet did not curb my obsession for bath tubs

This is the guestroom within the master bedroom, where I had my very first memory in my brain and spent my toddler years in there sleeping and doing my thing while my parents can keep a watchful eye on me. It's also the room I was forced to go into and peek behind the door when my parents starts yelling and screaming and get at each other's throats for something mediocre, no thanks to my controlling mom. Not exactly the most pleasant sight, but it was all there is that protects me from getting involved in their brawls

Some of the things that are in my room, which have been with me through thick and thin and watched me grow up

The upstairs guest bathroom which also has the 10++ years problem, where the toilet and the shower works but the sink doesn't really work (well, doesn't really don't even cut it since you barely get a drop flowing). My dad has somehow installed a water heater for the benefit of my hubby, most likely, but they still need to work on the water pressure. Still, it's good to have hot water to shower once in a while, though not exactly too applicable for a hot place like KK where we don't really use aircon that much

We have 2 guestrooms upstairs, this be the first. I remember this was my personal playroom/nursery back then (nursery coz before that there used to be a baby crib in there) where I let my imagination fly and play cooking and dollies and stuff. And then after the divorce, the room soon was converted to be rented out to these two pilots on a temp basis who were renting the 2 guestrooms while they were still on the job (kinda got my dad a little pissed and jealous that his little princess was getting too close to 2 grown men). And now it has become a regular recreation/storeroom where my dad bought two exercise machine and just dumped misc stuff here to be left to rot and forgotten

This be the 2nd guestroom, a much bigger and spacious place and where I spent my pre-teen years after I hit puberty. Nice place, when it was air-conditioned back then. Didn't have a PC or radio in there back then as entertainment, much less even a laptop or something, so drawing has always been my best entertainment, and was also my training ground and stress-relief by drawing yaoi and mpreg. The only beef I have about this room was that the light switch was too damn far from the bed, and for a person who is afraid of the dark like me, it's race against time to turn off the light and jump to the bed before those that go bump in the night get me

My old 10-year-plus bed that I've been sleeping throughout my pre-teen years. I'm surprised it's still standing, considering it's been creaking like hell, but my dad knows that one single bed is not gonna fit us, so he got us an extra mattress for us to sleep on. A little hard on my hubby, since he's used to air-conditioning, but I could live with it, just a little warm

Other furnitures (or therelackof) in my room. There used to be a big old desk as well, but ever since the break-in, my dad got rid of it. And that drawer on top, well, let's just say that used to be the place where I put all my 'unspeakable' drawings that should not have been done or existed in a pre-teen's mind, and also other ugly as fuck drawings I did when I was even younger

The good ol' roof that I used to climb on and lie down to have a morning sunbath, which I prolly won't do anymore since I no longer wake up that early and I'm prolly too heavy for the tiles XD

My idol stars during the pre-teen years. I can't believe my dad still kept them up on my door, but then again, it's proof that I was young once LOL

More extra shots of the little free-loaders, taken at night where they've all returned to their nests. You can see how much we've put up with for all those years, but at least despite it not lucking my parents' marriage out, it kept my dad lucky for all these years he's been alone in the house

There you have, my very first house. Well, technically not first house, since I apparently was born and raised during my baby years in a run-down apartment, but that will come in time. For now, this will be the first entry of my trip down memory lane.