Saturday, November 5, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Deepavali Decors

Went to KK so that my hubby can take his long-deserved break and we dropped by the 1Borneo to do our usual shopping fix and also to watch a movie (which was Real Steel, which was amazing as fuck!).

When we left to meet up with my friend for dinner, we saw them putting the coloured rice near the booth where you can get free Deepavali (now somehow being called as Duwali instead) inai hand design (fake) tattoos

The coloured rice looks amazing, so I thought I'd catch a few shots

Very nice pattern and all. It's sad that after all that hard work, you'll have to sweep them all away, but apparently this act of making coloured rice art is to teach us calmness, serenity and patience while doing this

Super Happy Belated Duwali, guys!