Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Inception Moment

I think I just had an Inception moment there.

The most I remember of the beginning of my dream was nil, really. Something to do with going on some sort of journey to some part of my old hometown, then had to sneak into my dad's home to get something, only to be found by him and I had to make up an excuse and worm my way out of the situation before returning to that journey.

But the most baffling part of the dream was that I remember walking down the hallway with a woman and a kid. We were supposed to be in that building checking out some sort of equipment and the kid was looking for material to make his plane which he hid in the abandoned aeronautics room or something. It was a pretty big plane, but needed extra something for the broken and chipped wings part.

While we walked down the hallway, the lights along the hallway seemed to flicker. We thought it was bad lighting at first but suddenly some sort of memory I never knew I had surfaced, telling me that this had happened before and it ended badly with me being electrocuted and blacked out from that experience.

So I told the woman to regulate her pulse following the incoming flickering of lights and told her to stay where she was to minimize damage, then I took the kid away and entered a room next to her which had glass walls and doors. I keep telling him to get back further so as to not get himself killed, then I was before him trying to shield him from the impact. I told him to close his eyes and cover his ears and waited for the inevitable.

I was expecting a mild shock from her but instead it was a loud deep rumbling sound of footsteps and when I opened an eye to peek, the wall in front of me (which was a wall-to-wall mirror btw) reflected several huge creatures, all of them coming into the room as if to pick something up from in the room that we didn't know was there. And the funny thing is, they all looked like Atom from the movie Real Steel! One of them caught me staring and seem to move towards my direction, tilting his head to see me but I quickly shut my eye, though I caught a glimpse of the kid peeking as well.

A few moments later, everything seem to return to normal and it was as if it never happened. We discussed hotly about this, wondering what the hell was all about, and the elevator down the hallway opened to reveal research of this phenomenon pinned up on the wall for no reason, and somehow I knew we'd find the answers there, so I told them to grab it before the elevator door shuts. We came across a few people who also saw the creatures during the incident and questioned them for more info.

Out of the blue, somewhere in my mind tells me that this is a dream and I will soon wake up from it, which I did, finding myself all alone in some sort of study, only to discover that everything I just experienced was real and there were more incidents going and it was up to me investigate this matter further.

Then I woke up again.

I was in a dream within a dream for a moment there! It was an Inception moment!


Someone seriously needs to invent a dream-recording machine so that I can understand what the hell is going on in my noggin'.