Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Working on My Resolution

It's been almost a week and a half, maybe a bit more than 2 weeks, since I quit my job.

I managed to somehow complete some of my outstanding artworks that I've never been able to finish when I was still working, though unfortunately I still need to build up more motivation to start on my personal resolution project, which is to officially publish a manga by this year.

Fiscal printing and selling would be a little hard, judging by the market my country is in, so I might take on my hubby's advice to try an online business instead.

I'm currently working on a mini-digest, like what Doraemon did with their short stories compilation and whatnot. It'll be a mesh of spice of life, romance, comedy, horror, action, drama, thriller and the like, but most prolly be more towards romance. Have yet to decide what title should I give to the overall manga, though I've got some pretty good suggestions by plenty of my fans and supporters, but I'll prolly decide on them once I officially finish all the pages.

If that series goes well, I'm planning to start off with my own manga series called "Walpurgis Night", a story about 2 girls named Walpurgis aka Wallie and Serenity aka Serene who got dragged into a different dimension where the distinction is classified under the colours of the rainbow, and they had to travel through each colour in backward sequence and bypass a guardian to get through to the next distinction, with adventures along the way. It was originally a concept idea that I wanted to use to write a novel, but since I'm more gifted on illustrating my stories than actually writing them, I thought I'd just convert it into a manga series instead.

And I found the perfect characters and initial storyline to kick start this phase.

My old Penjelajahan Anak-Anak Ismail (Ismail Bros' Travels) that I drew and didn't finish midway.

It was supposed to be a sort of Sidek Bros OC kind of manga where I draw these kids being set out on a mission to save the fantasy world from the tyranny of a great evil or something, but somehow, it never made through. And when I reread the manga, somehow Walpurgis Night came to mind and I saw how it would be feasible to actually integrate it with this and expand and actually work on completing a manga and my novel idea. Killing two birds at one stone.

Man, I remember people using me back in primary school to design duty rosters, and look up to me to join art contests, even though my style of drawing doesn't fit the traditional artists like painters and whatnot, and I actually get pocket money from people to help them draw comics. They'll provide me with a clear exercise book and I would draw stories for them.

My first (puppy) love requested me to draw Doraemon doujins, which I think I've drawn more than a dozen for him and another guy asked me to draw an original comic series that featured us: me, him, and some other of our classmates who wish to join in the story. I didnt know the value of money then, so i usually charge them RM1 per exercise book, and I remember I used to draw armed with a ball-point pen and blanco.

Heh, to us kids back then, RM1 is a lot, especially when it comes in those golden coins. Ah, good times, I must've drawn tons.

I think back in tuition class in primary school, I used to have a crush on this Eurasian kid, and I would draw for him with exercise books he provided about inanimate objects as characters. Something like a post-apocalyptic world where humans died out and inanimate objects, due to radiation exposure, suddenly became mobile and sentient.

OK, that was stupid, come to think of it.

To think I've started in those humble beginnings, and look where I've gone to in the world of online art.

It's pretty amazing for me, to say the least.