Friday, August 26, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

A Silver Lining in My Art Career

Good news for me!

Before I quit my job, I was catching up with a friend of mine who works at our local newspaper publishing company through chat and I found out that he had quit his job to start up his own animation company.

I immediately jumped to the chance to ask him if he is hiring, but he said at the moment, he couldn't hire me due to lack of funds, since his company had just started, but he is willing to hire me as a freelancer, so if there were to have any assignments for me, he'll let me know and I'll get a cut out of it.

I just received a call from him the night before that there is a job for me for storyboarding, to draw a storyboard for a script for a 2 minute video or something and I am to meet up with the client to discuss the script later this afternoon.

So this afternoon I did. It was a little odd to try and find where his office is, but I eventually found it. I'm surprised a little that it didn't look like any office I had imagined it to be, since it was supposed to be a production house, but beggars can't be choosers now, can they?

Lucky for me, all I need to do is just get a copy of the script and he told me to draw as I see fit, free reign, but of course, they need to look through the draft first before they can agree whether or not it's good or needs amendments.

So right now, I'm working on the storyboard and hopefully I can at least finish the drafts by tonight to show it to him tomorrow.

Hah! Take that, those non-believers! After years of being told that drawing will get me nowhere, now I'm defying all odds! Muahahahhaha~! :evillaugh:


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