Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | By: BlackGargie


Was in a bit of a stint a few weeks ago, aside from everything else that went on (or didn't go on) with my life. I'm a bit OK now, but it doesn't hurt letting it out a little. Besides I needed to rant and get it off my chest. I don't care who may be reading this. I just wanna let it out.

I had being super annoyed about my dad-in-law trying to kick me out of the house. I haven't even gotten one week of R&R and he's already breathing down my neck asking if I've already got a new job.

He didn't personally said he would boot me out or something, not really, anyway, but it's as if he's not comfortable with me being in the house, that I should be out there off my ass working.

I told him that at least lemme get settled with my driving license before I go look for job, coz who's gonna want someone who hasnt got or still getting driving? But still the buggery questions of "So, found a job yet?" "When are you going to get a new job?" "Found a job or not?" continues on.


If that's not trying to boot me out, I dunno what is.

I was hoping to get like at least 1, 2 months break before I get back on my feet, but nooooooooooo~! Either I work or I be a maid, no in between.

Trying to talk reason to him is like talking to a stubborn ox. If my hubby can't even talk to him, how is my talking gonna get him anywhere?

My hubby understands my situation and tells me to ignore him and concentrate on my driving right now, but its not easy to ignore wen he's always asking me EVERYTIME we have casual talk at dinner.

Now I have a phobia of having family dinners because one way or another my dad-in-law will bring up something uncomfortable, n my hubby's no help because he doesn't listen to anyone. Last time I spoke my mind about having our wardrobe to be in the same place where our bed is, he just blurted out "Alright then, if that's what you want. If you want your room to be cramped up like a sardine can, then it's ur choice. Fine. End of discussion" And there wasn't a discussion to begin with. Very one-sided discussion, if I say so myself

Worse, I was approached by one of my hubby's relatives on a family dinner function asking me about my situation as an unemployed. Though I politely declined their help and told them that I cannot be ready until I get my driving license, inside I was fuming. How dare he go around spreading about my unemployment? Can't he just leave me alone and lemme decide on my own career path and find my own job? How would you feel if your father-in-law goes around spreading things to people you don't even know and not even close to, telling them as if you are incompetent of job-hunting that you need help from others?

I mean, I know he means well and he wants to use his connections to help secure me a job, but seriously, it's just friggin' embarrassing!

Mom-in-law is a typical old school dainty wife where he is the man of the house and her purpose in life is to serve him. Exaggeration, I know, but it's more or less that way. She's not even allowed to be angry with him because he'll just continue teasing her making her more annoyed and kept bugging her to respond to her despite her annoyance, or worse, get angry with her for getting angry at him, so forget trying to ask for her female persuasion for help on taking either side.

I almost managed to convince her at one point when I say I want to quit my job, and she was almost on my side, then one word from my dad-in-law saying "No, you shouldn't quit" and she immediately turned 360 degrees to his side. In the end, I had to bluff them and lie to their faces saying that the company let me off due to downsizing instead of telling them the truth that I actually quit my job.

So if it were to come to it, what makes anyone think trying to convince them that working at home (if ever my line of work will come to that, since I'm considering an online business for my manga career) is the new trend would ever work on old timers like them? If I told them, once upon a time girls weren't allowed to go to school and go to work, they're gonna say "Well, once upon a time, girls were good in the kitchen, and I can't see you doing it."

I live with them long enough to know that they can come up with all kinds of rebuttal to make you lose the argument, and if they know they're at the losing end of the argument, they will just say "Fine, whatever, have it your way, end of discussion" and prolly give you the silent treatment till further notice. Since I'm the youngest in the family, my observation skills on how my in-laws treat their kids and their son-in-laws pretty much seals the deal.

It's like I'm the only person here who still realizes we're living in Neanderthals and my hubby, since he's slightly the spoilt brat of the family, being he's the youngest, and a BOY, as a matter of fact, he's pretty content about the way things are.

Sure, he understands that not all women should belong to the kitchen and all that, but he's used to being pampered n all that, so expecting me to be almost like his mom is a given.

~sigh~ Why is it tht we modern women still have to suffer the stigma?

Right now, he's leaving me alone because he's recovering from his prostate surgery and that I'm keeping myself busy with taking driving lessons, but who knows when he will strike next.