Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Driving Lessons

Finally got down to it and went to do my first driving lessons the past few weeks.

Been putting it off for quite a long time due to work and tension and stress and whatnot, and it was hard enough to apply for a law theory exam retake after I failed once due to my job as well. But now that I'm unemployed and free, I've got all the time in the world to train and learn after hearing my exam retake was a success.

My first lesson was OK, more or less. I got a rather seasoned old auntie as an instructor who teaches me every alternate 1, 2 days. She taught me the usual basics of clutch and steering, and taught me to learn how to judge the road and the corners to decide where to turn. Was a bit shaky on my first lesson and apparently she has a habit of grabbing my wheel and taking control of it to help me turn.

That was a bit of an issue for me.

Now how am I suppose to learn how to judge the wheel and how to turn it if she takes control of the wheel all the time? With her hand there turning the wheel all the time, I can't get the feel of myself turning the wheel and I'd never learn how to master steering wheel.

I realized though that I tend to space out on other things when I'm concentrating on one skill, like say if I wanna work on my clutch, I'll forget about the steering wheel, and vice versa, not to mention trying to pay attention to the road even.

Second lesson was alright, I sorta figured out by myself that I have to balance the clutch and the accelerator. My engine doesn't die as much as it did during my first lesson and I more or less got a bit of the hang of it, though my steering still needed a little work.

During the third lesson, I totally sucked. Well, to be more exact, my clutch totally sucked because I keep ending up dying everytime I'm on 1st gear neutral status. And I almost hit the curb because the instructor has a habit of not telling me where to turn, and I was at the roundabout at the training grounds when she suddenly at last minute asked me to turn to the traffic lights, so I did without thinking and almost hit the curb, causing her to scream for me to brake. But thankfully I was going super slow (20kmph) and I turned the wheel fully enough to manage to swerve slowly from the curb.

I complained about that to my dad-in-law, he tries to justify by saying "I think she just wants to test your reflexes" and I said, "but the route is never the same, sometimes we go around at the same circles, sometimes we turn elsewhere than the usual route", but he and even my hubby insist that "she just wants to work on your reflexes". Some hubby I've got.

Well, obviously reflexes don't work on beginners, do they?

I dunno, I just wish she would tell me where to turn even if we're going on circles. Sometimes I'll be in a blur whether to go left or right and when I'm going where I think she wants me to go, then suddenly she would say "No, not here, turn that way this time".


My latest class was not so bad. My clutch was good, but despite the fact that I've followed my hubby's instructions regarding the accelerator vs the clutch and the street line guidelines to how to judge whether I am within the line, the instructor still thinks I crossing the line and that I'm not ready for the big road, and that if I don't get straightened up, the basic 10 hours will never be enough for me..

Great way to encourage your students, why don't you?

My next class will be after the 4th day of Hari Raya, in which I'm gonna have to contact them first if I want to schedule the next class.

Whoever said learning how to drive is easy should eat their words right outta their mouth :P