Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Dreams Again...

I had the weirdest dream ever a few nights ago that has been boggling my mind for a while and I just HAD to write it.

I dreamt that I was both watching and also part of this scenario, like I was a third-person or something, where there was a great big flood happening. Me and my "brother" was sent adrift, then we woke up to find ourselves in a cabin surrounded by fire outside the yard and we couldn't leave, because if we leave we'll be in the risk of being attacked by zombies.

So me and my "brother" ended up growing up with this foreign family, surviving in the cabins until the fire dies out. The world slowly and mysteriously become some sort of post-apocalyptic/communist world, and somehow me and my "brother" develop an incest romance together.

Don't ask me why. That dream just happened.

Later down the road we found out our relationship was taboo and breaking some kind of communist law, and somehow the law-enforcers managed to capture us and made us renounce our relationship if we didn't want to be put to jail. They even implemented torture on us to give in but we refuse to cooperate. I remember it's something to do with hurting my hands or so. Then I was taken to this woman who was so-called my "mother" whom we separated during the flood. She tries to convince me too but I wouldn't budge.

Somehow I kinda feel that this "mother" looks a little bit like Sigourney Weaver.

Then the law enforcers decided to send us to life sentence in some sort of prison where we would be locked in a weird looking jar, and that we have to drink the solution in the jar to shrink us so that the jar will suck us in. Then bottom of the jar was some sort of pebble-like substance, but we're not supposed to eat that, though I did have a few in my mouth by mistake, thinking I was supposed to eat it, but I spit it out quickly. I think the solution was supposed to sustain my life, since we're gonna be there for eternity without food and water, and the pebble-like substance with sand-ish material will be the only luxury of a bed we'll ever have.

We were supposed to be imprisoned in separate jars, I think, but somehow, I drank the solution but before I was sucked in, I reached out for my "brother" and grabbed him in time and I was sucked into his jar, and we were happily imprisoned together for eternity and the law enforcer couldnt get us out because once sucked in and sealed, the "prison" is unbreakable.


Feels almost like an idea for a comic, but not sure whether I should or want to put it in paper (due to laziness, LOL).