Monday, July 4, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Xenophile Much...?

After having watched so many sci-fi alien shit, I've finally figured out what I would really, really like to do if I were given the chance to do just one stupid, adventurous, crazy thing EVER in my life.

Brace yourself.

Here goes...

If I were ever to do something stupid, crazy and adventurous once ever in my life...

I would let myself be fucked by an alien.

Preferably ones that are slightly humanoid, or at least with bipeds.

Tentacle-ish aliens come to mind, but maybe something like Falling Skies or the ones in Battle: LA or maybe the one in Super 8...better be safe than sorry.

Someone like Predator, or the Prawns from D9, or someone like Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect (I'd go as far as Wrex or Grunt and/or Mordin and/or an asari if I'm desperate enough, or a Quarian, if their suits aren't so much of a hassle) would definitely be bloody well worth it.

Why aliens?

I dunno. It's just something about them that really draws me in.

You know sometimes you have those certain sexual fantasies of foreigners like that hunky American, or that suave Englishman, or that romantic Frenchman, or maybe even that tough German guy or that swanky Australian? Sometimes you watch foreign porn and you'd totally wish you were in that porn actress place because you're so impressed with their dongs?

Or maybe just one of those taboo feeling that you wish you were totally doing that someone even though you already are in a relationship or maybe even fantasize that your boyfriend looks totally like that hunky anime fantasy lover you always crushed on like a gajillion years ago?

It's totally the same with me, but with aliens.

Something about them so foreign and different, so...outta this world, so taboo and There's just something about them I can't help loving them about.

I'd prolly be careful with alien that have peanuts for brains, but other than that, alien la'more galore~!