Sunday, July 3, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Karma is a Bitch

Sometimes I wonder to myself: Is it just me, or is it that I have some weird karmic destructive power going on around me?

Because it seems that everytime I change to a new job, the company somehow ended deteriorating around me.

I know it may sound a bit Twilight Zone or X-Files-ish out there, but seriously, hear me out.

My first job was at a website company where I'm a Jane-of-all-trades, posing as a webmaster to edit and censor out opinions on the opinion columns to make sure they don't frickin' break the rules and over-breach their boundaries of free speech (if Brunei had any), a proofreader to read and edit spelling mistakes those god forsaken webmasters that post the news online seem to often commit, and also as an AIA clerk for a lady boss who is the sales department who barely even knows her own paperwork.

That job last for almost more than 9 months, and I watched the company starting to go down, problem arises, money was tight, and the cut-throat bosses tries to cut their expenses as much as they can by religiously trying to catch any single fault their employees are doing and deduct their salary from there. So far they only deducted it when I didn't come to work on certain days or something, but other than that, my salary remains untouched any further.

When the salary payday was delayed, I knew I need to get the hell outta dodge, especially when my work pass and quota was nowhere near done and surprise spot-checks have been conducted to catch illegal workers.

My second job was, as you know it by my blog entries by now, was a tour guide. No elaboration needed on what was my job scope, and whatever shenanigans that happen there.

That job last for 6 months, and I watched the company go down too as the economic crisis and the H1N1 disease hit in, reducing sales and reducing the number of tourists coming in to Brunei, expenses going up higher and more than we can earn back, and I had to be "dishonorably discharged" from the company.

Last I heard of it, it seem to no longer exist as its main name, and now it seems to be existing by using their sister company as their now-main company and they were all sporting the sister company's uniform. The company, when it exists as two companies (one English, one Chinese) has now become just one.

Now I'm working in a telecommunication company as another Jane-of-all-trades of the company, an admin assistant that is pretty much the company's babysitter, needing to know everything and everyone and needing to make sure that everything in the company works. That includes feeding them snacks and keep them hydrated through the water that must be ordered every week (damn camels).

This job is right now 1 year and counting. And I watched this company slowly deteriorating. They made a fool of themselves by biting more than they could chew when they accepted the current project (which I absolutely thought it was a big mistake) and overestimated their power to perform. I watched as the company was going in shambles with super under-staffed and stress level going higher and higher, with back-stabbers and all that shit, and the estimated profits was getting lower and lower any moment.

If third time is not the charm, I dunno what is. Seriously.

And if that's not some sort of my karmic nature at force...I dunno...