Monday, July 25, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

EA Con '11 (Day 2)

Here be the continuation of the EA Con, Day 2. So far so good, though I almost couldn't wake up coz I had this super massive drinking binge at my hubby's cousin's home that got me so dead drunk and puking all over the place that it kinda burned my throat from my vomit and had me sporting a sore throat for almost 2 weeks and a nasty cough, but that's a different story.

Anywho, back to the con, here are some piccies that I took on that day:

Random cosplayer in Japanese outfit (though I suspect they could be cosplaying someone from Samurai Champloo)

Awesome cosplaying, though I totally forgot what or who were they cosplaying at (prolly of Vocaloid)

Random witch cosplayer

Another Vocaloid cosplayer (I think)

Going regal~!

Armstrong's sister from Full Metal Alchemist!

Sasuke and Madara from Naruto

Random cosplayer again

Moar YuGiOh cards ftw

Moar clients to employ my drawing services

Someone who managed to grab a pic of me doing a client's drawing

Free gift segment time, where we were given the identity of certain characters that they are playing and they have to guess it themselves through the Yes or No questions. There's identities like Lady Gaga, Pedo Bear, Luffy, Hatsune Miku, Batman and Haruhi Suzumiya. We totally had a larf trying to psycho them into guessing

Joker in da howze~!

Totally forgot what is she supposed to cosplay as ^^;

Oh yeah! Lelouch from Code Geass

Samurai Champloo cosplayer

Darth Vader on the loose~!! Yagh~!!!

I think this girl is supposed to cosplay as Namine from Kingdom Hearts, but can't be too sure either

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Hollow style

Me as Rukia vs Ichigo!

Another Hogwarts cosplayer as a Gryffindor

Kid Vampire Knight cosplayer

Moar gurl powerz, with the addition of Black Rock Shooter from Vocaloid

The main character from Onegai Magi...or something in that sense, well, that's pretty much what I'm getting from him

I totally forgot what is she supposed to cosplay as, but the spear looks awesome-tastic

Maid outfit galore~!

Looks almost like she was cosplaying for Pirates of Caribbean, though she denied it

Vocaloiders in da howze~!

Another Joker in play! Who will be the winner?? Why so serious~?!

The fab drawing competition for Advanced (above 18) Category has come to play, so of course I stepped in to join, and hung out at the back with other contestants, sitting with known buddies like Maguro-chan to do our work

Couldn't resist photog-ing them. Some of them, I see, are really true talent, that I'd prolly wish I could grab if I were able to start my own manga studio. Just carry on, guys, don't mind me

This be my drawing, which I picked the words "Danboard" and "Sushi". This is the best I can do in such a short time frame ^^;

Cosplayers of mixed universes that I can't even...!

Not sure from which universe this is, but he was supposed to play as The Scavenger or something

I have a feeling this guy is either from D.Gray-man or Vampire Knight

Extra entries for the Gundam competition

More new figurines from Chong Hock Toynation to be displayed

Moar Vocaloids again

The girl main character (I think her name is Sadako) from My Fair Lady

Vocaloid picture timez~!

Regal timez, gurlz and boyz~!

Another Ciel in the house~!

Next up was the cosplay competition. Instead of the usual individual competition, they're doing the competition as a group theme. Unfortunately my cosplay is already pretty much a well-known outdated thing and I don't really do well in groups (and the glory hog in me wanted to shine) so I decided not to join. But there's no saying in watching them having fun! Only took a few pictures, coz the one that would give them more marks is the skit section, so check out the footage in my video blog. Link is below at the bottom of this post

Everybody enjoying the show

The contestants strutting their stuff

After a number of brilliant skits and struts, and some random show of yoyo in between, it was finally time for the prize giving ceremony for the tourney, the cosplay competition, the drawing competition and the Gundam competition. Too bad I didn't win, but cooler artists like Maguro-chan didn't win either, so I wasn't too disappointed

All the winners for all the competitions presented

Sample works of the winners for the Junior Category Drawing Contest (that I managed to grab)

Sample works of the winners for the Advance Category Drawing Competition (somehow I couldn't grab the 2nd place winner due to broken link)

Random pic with Black Magician from FFIX

During the final free gift section, they gave away their last few presents to the person who can shout the loudest, and we had to really lay it in since it's the final section already. Their last, and best, gift was a Going Merry Ship plushie doll and he said whoever can fight it from him would be the winner. Needless to say, we were like zombies going for the kill, fighting for that damn present, and even though it was left to a few more people, including me, we wrestled to the death with this guy cosplaying as Roy Mustang (same guy from last dA Meet) for it. But he had a death grip, so we can't get it out and he was the victor. Goddammit!!

OK, I admit I was a little sore for not winning the drawing competition. In fact, I didn't bloody win anything! I deserve a prize for perseverance!!

Group photo timez~!!!

Sadly, the only downside from this entire con was that my business as an artist was much more prominent that my business as a writer since I ended up selling more drawings than books, and my childhood friends actually bought them to support me, feeling sorry for my state. But then again, I can take it as a sign saying that I'm better at being a manga-ka rather than a writer

It was overall another amazing experience to hav joining this con, and I totally look forward to the next one (despite the fact that after watching a live feed of San Diego Con, this con TOTALLY PALES in comparison), and for the next con, I'm totally gonna cosplay as...Psych! Not telling you! You're gonna have to find out in next con!

For video footages of the con, go here.