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EA Con '11 (Day 1)

Finally managed to get down to document my glorious 2-days with yet again another annual Deviant Art Meet!

After almost a year and a half of patient waiting, Rai had finally launched his annual Deviant Art Meet, though this time, due to the huge sponsorship and involvement from big company parties, it has now been renamed as Expressive Art Convention (EA Con)!

Technically I was supposed to attend a wedding of my gal pal's classmate (who surprisingly remembered me after all these years of not meeting each other since the uni days), but when the con came up, it totally clashed with the day I was supposed to go to the wedding. After weeks of wondering and pondering about whether or not I should choose to attend either the wedding or the con (and some guilt trip in between), I finally gritted my teeth and chose the latter, hoping that I would have more fun here than a wedding full of strangers.

Forgive some of the crappy blurring picture because they were taken with my cellphone when my camera ran out of batteries

This be the area where it's held. It's located at the 1st floor, Mezzinine Hall, Asma Hotel, which is all the way down in Jerudong. Personally I prefer it if they did it nearby the area so that I didn't have to wake up so early to be driven down all the way to Jerudong, which is frickin' far, ftw. But still, it prolly pales to comparison with going down to Miri for the wedding

You have to present your ticket here to be eligible to enter and receive goodie bags, or you can even buy tickets on the spot if you didn't have any or didn't manage to buy it during the sales and marketing period. I, of course, showed my ticket that I bought way beforehand as well as paying for the booth that I've rented for my mini business

Le goodie bags

Went about trigger-happy at my surroundings to get a familiar feel of the area. Apparently, aside from the usual cosplay and drawing competitions they usually hold back then during the Deviant Art Meet, they are now organizing tourneys, which included tourney games like Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Tekken (or was it Street Fighter? can't remember), DOTA, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and there's even a Angry Birds tourney. LOL! Most likely thanks to sponsorship and organized by TFF, which is a company that my hubby's friend ran

Le schedule for the day's events

First two victims of my camera, one being one of the organizers who's got this really swanky Japanese top, while the other is just a random participant here to join in the fun in random cosplay

This be my cosplay: Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach! Technically I was contemplating whether or not I should cosplay as Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or as Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, but unfortunately since I found out this event at the last minute, it was impossible for me to have either of those costumes tailor-made just in time for the event, we went for broke and bought the costume directly from Chong Hock Toynation. About $200++ for the full set, including the sword replica, but it was totally worth it! I even had my hair cut for the sake of it XD

This be the booth area where people can set up mini businesses or introduce their budding companies that are related to the con. Not as glamorous as those booths they have in actual comic cons overseas, but it was pretty much alright

This booth is from this company/organization called PMCKai86 which is some sort of art school that teaches you how to do 3D art and colouring, and apparently they apply that to manga as well. As much as I'm intrigued to it, I think I prefer slightly flatter colours as the old school did

The Yoyo-nation group having their booth to promote the playing of yoyo as a sport instead of just as a leisure game. I'm more of the latter kind of person though

Some booth that sells make-up and accessories, prolly crucially connected to cosplay make-up

This booth is run by Johan, the winner of the previous dA Meet drawing competition. He was promoting his debut magazine that he printed back then when he, too, ran a sort of manga studio back then until his boss went south. He also reserve partial of the booth for his buddy to run the YuGiOh gaming stand

Said guy also own a Hello Kitty doll, which he jokingly put a wig over it to make it look like something out of The Ring, LOL!

Pic of the Kitty without the creepy-ass wig

This be my booth. I spent a bit to make a print-out of my Fear Street fanfic, which, after editing out the Author's Note and whatnot and change a bit of the story setting, can be printed out and sold as its own standalone novel. I also sold drawing services on the side, just in case the books didn't really work out, which unfortunately throughout the day, it didn't. Maybe due to the high price or due to the fact that my books were filled with words instead of illustrations. But at least my drawing services were actually able to make back the rental I paid for the booth

Some of my customers who requested me to draw themselves, though I did warn them that I would only end up drawing manga versions of themselves instead of proper portraits

One of my many handiworks

This be the display booth for the Gundam competition where you buy and make/build your own model of any of the Gundam franchise and put it in display in which it will be judged by professional panels who are into these kind of modelling

Some of the awesome-tastic contestants who participated in the Gundam competition

A toy figurine sample from Chong Hock Toynation

My (failed) attempt on doing a Gundam model, using the free toy that was given in the goodie bag, LOL!

Later during the day, the con was starting to pick up with a number of cosplayers young and old (mostly young), and of course, since not much customers approach my booth for drawing services or to buy my books, victim-hunting timez~!

Not sure who's she cosplaying as, but looks like some character from Vocaloid

Possibly a Harvest Moon character

I couldn't for the life of me figure out who is he cosplaying as, since he kept saying he wasn't from Vampire Knight or D.Gray-man or even Weiss Kreuz. Dammit

Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, though she should need a platinum purple wig to pull it off more

Random cosplayer, possibly from Vampire Knight

Cosplaying of prolly some first-person shooter game (COD, Counter Strike, whatever)

Behold, le Jedi!

The main character from Harvest Moon~!

Some guy from the Wushu Committee doing some warming up for a one-man show later on

People gathered around to try on the free play before the tourney starts

Some new friends I made in the bathroom while we were changing into our costumes, and they're pretty much just random cosplayers

Reno and Cloud from FFVII!

Kaito from Vocaloid

The boys from the Yoyo-nation doing their thang

Some random cosplayers with the K-On cosplayers in the middle

Kagamine Len of Vocaloid

Kaito vs Harvest Moon with ice-cream battle~!

Another Kaito from Vocaloid

Ciel from Kuroshitsuji

Random poses from this guy who cosplay as the sensei in Sayonara Sensei

Cosplayers of K-On

My rival from Bleach. Technically she wanted to cosplay as Rukia as well, but her uncle made her wear that white wig, so she ended up being just a random Shinigami, but later in the day, she took off the wig and went forth with cosplaying as Rukia, but she can't beat me coz I haz da swordz~!! Muahahahahahaha~!

Da Vocaloid team in da howze~!

Random schoolgirl cosplayer

A rather cute little bag this person is carrying

Kiri from Kiri's Adventure (or was it Kiki?)

Some guy cosplaying as one of the sensei-s in Kamen Rider, I think

Kagamine Ren from Vocaloid (again). It seems that we have a lot of Vocaloid cosplayers this year

Red from Pokemon

Ash from Pokemon

Random gothic lolita cosplayers

Phoenix Wright cosplayer

Kagamine Len from Vocaloid

Pokemon cosplayer (no idea who)

The MC together with Rai, cosplaying as Pyramid Head

Shino from Naruto

Another first-person shooter game cosplayer

Some sort of medic cosplayer, I guess...?

Agh~!! Don't shoot me~!!

Rai as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. I truly have to give kudos to him because that was just some awesome-tastic cosplay he had there. Not only I bet the sword was hard to make, the head gear itself was hunkaballoo HUGE! I doubt anyone in their right mind would be able to do that in such short frame a time. Rai never cease to surprise us, that's for sure, especially since his last cosplay as the Prince from Katamari

Chobits (?) cosplayer

Someone ACTUALLY cosplayed as Justin Bieber! LOL! There was the free gift segment going on and they was supposed to perform something for the winner of the segment, so they lip-synched Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby" song. Absolute hilarity XD

Da Three Witches~! LOL, just random cosplayers (I think)

Random character from Ouran High School Host Club

Our Black Butler has returned again, though what's with the bandage, I have no frickin' idea

Nurse, nurse, I'm sick! LOL

V for Vendetta ftw! Though he should have the actual costume with the wig

Finally! A Hogwarts cosplayer! And yeah, Slytherin ftw!!

Complete with the Dark Mark. LOL! Awesome!

One of the Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts

Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, ftw!

Awesome, someone cosplaying as American McGee's Alice! Though she had the cards as weapons instead of the infamous Vorpal Knife

Random schoolgirl cosplayer

Vampire Knight cosplayer

The Quincies from Bleach! LOL! Technically they're twin bros both cosplaying as Ishida from Bleach, which is pretty interesting. And they're identical twins, no less. Looks like they aren't the last Quincy after all XD

Edward Elric of Full Metal Alchemist!

Rai strutting his stuff

Uber kawaii Danbo~!

Hail to The Prince~!

Ooh~! The two Masters from Kuroshitsuji battling each other. Guess who's winning? XD

Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, though he needs to work on the hair, dude

Nightcrawler and Rogue from X-Men! Kudos for the make-up, dude!

Hit Girl from Kick-Ass!

Erm...Dude... O_O'''

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto

Not sure what is she cosplaying as, but her character looks kinda familiar

More random cosplayers

Squall from FFVIII

Gurl powerz~!

Our organizer changed her dress to look like something out of the Addams Family. She could even be cosplaying as Morticia for all I care

Dark Kagamine Len and Ren

Supposedly Near from Death Note, I guess, though she didn't seem to agree LOL

Group pic ftw!

Plotting army boyz

While I went around back and forth to attend to my booth and grabbing new cosplayer victims, I also pass by the back where they were having the famed drawing competition. But for Day 1, it's only opened to Junior (below 18) Category, so I couldn't join, but I definitely checked out the new blood to see how are they faring in the competition

Ganbatte, new blood~!

Keep drawing, don't mind me

Me "picking a fight" with anyone that carries a "weapon"

I haz been outnumbered and pwned~!

Random cosplayer with Kagamine Ren

Groovin' with the army boyz

A satisfied customer who bought a kimono top from the booth next to mine

Vocaloid game

Random picture from the top of the floor down to the cosplayers down there

In this corner, we have a beautiful lady in her teens, cunning, sly and dark. Ladies and gentleman, Slytherin!

And in this corner, we have a smashing young man, chivalrous, brave and full of emotions. Ladies and gentlemen, Gryffindor!

Let the dueling begin! 1...2...3...

Expelliarmus! Or whatever spell you're chanting! LOL

Dolly enthusiasts in da howze

Darth Maul strikes!!

Ah, here we are a proper Haruhi Suzumiya

More K-On goodness

Awesome prop there, brotha!

Super kawaii fantasy cosplay, though not sure what is she supposed to represent

Not sure what they're cosplaying as, but they sure look like a bunch of yakuza gangsters or school gangsters or something

Just a random pic of them getting started with the tourney

An L from Death Note who is willing to be photographed!

More of da army boyz

Minor group discussion amongst us guyz

Da guyz from Team Fortress

Random chara of D.Gray-man

Super sexy Kairi from Kingdom Hearts

Awesome! Grim Jr of Grim Tales from Down Under! Bleedman's work in cosplay!

Vocaloid character

Father Death!! Ack!! Don't take my soul~!!

Da army boyz vs Nightcrawler

Argh~! Prototype on the loose~!

Another Yuki from Haruhi Suzumiya (or was it the same one XD;;)

My childhood friend, who came from my hometown to visit on a leisure trip, testing out my blade on my hubby's childhood friend


So this is it for Day 1 of the con. Stay tuned to the next entry for Day 2 of the con. And if you wanna watch video footages of the con, go here.