Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

The Con is On!

The Con is on!

Finally an official big-scale anime/cosplay convention in this quiet country I'm living and I'm totally getting in~!

After a couple years of entering dA Meet and only able to join in as a private event, it has now become an official big-scale anime/cosplay con, first ever in Brunei!

All thanks to me.

I'm not one to brag, but I think if it weren't for me, it wouldn't have become such a big scale event that made such a big announcement in the newspapers for everyone to go to.

Brunei DevMeet had always been a private sort of event, where only those who actually tune in to the organizer's dA journals and Facebook would hear about it and be able to attend.

During the latest DevMeet, I actually contacted the organizer Rai, who became a pretty good acquaintance with me both in real life and in dA and told him that if I could, I can ask my buddy who works in the papers to come and do a coverage of the Meet. He agreed, though I think he wasn't really thinking I was serious.

So my buddy (who is also a member of dA but more on the photog session) and I attended that dA Meet and his colleague came in later to make the coverage of the event. It made it to the papers, which I shamelessly asked my buddy to slot my picture in the article to lemme have my 60 seconds of fame.

Since then, people have been boldly holding cosplay cons around the area, the latest one being the nightly cosplay during the Consumer Fair event (which I didn't know or I would've totally joined! ARGH!). And now, here we are, 16th to 17th July, a 2-day event where everyone young and old with a passion for anime and such are coming in on a single common goal: to have fun cosplaying!

I technically wanted to cosplay as either Haruhi Suzumiya or Toothless (which I was totally indecisive because one, I was invited to a wedding on the same day as the con, which, with a heavy heart--sorta--I declined the wedding, and two, I couldn't decide either one of them), but due to my indecisive-ness, and the fact that prolly the entire kids of Brunei who are joining the con are needing of tailoring services, I decided to go broke and buy a ready-made cosplay costume for myself, so it'll be a surprise. Not telling you what is it!

EA Con, here I come~!!