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Surprise of the Day

Wow, I woke up this morning to receive a text message from my friend about this news, then somehow managed to secure a newspaper and the online news that showed me this:
Ignatius Stephen

Bandar Seri Begawan - Ignatius Stephen, a veritable giant in Brunei's journalism, passed away last night.

He succumbed to serious head injuries as a result of a fall.

Doctors and surgeons at RIPAS Hospital tried hard to revive him from a coma that set in but he failed to respond to treatment.

Ignatius was one of if not, the foremost and independent journalists in the Sultanate, having worked for the Borneo Bulletin for almost half a century.

During the past 21 years when the Bulletin was turned into a daily newspaper, he worked as a freelance journalist providing some significant news stories and feature materials that helped enhance the editorial profile of this newspaper.

He earned a creditable name for himself with some exclusives that were second to none in the international media.

One noteworthy scoop was his daring revelation about the abortive rebellion that was published in the Bulletin in the early sixties.

He became a household name in the Sultanate and was regarded by many as one of the friendliest persons, ever helpful to anyone who was in need.

Ignatius was a self-made personality and a highly-motivated journalist who used his pen without fear or favour.

He will surely be missed by his colleagues in Brunei's fourth estate, as well as by the readers of the Borneo Bulletin. And he certainly will leave behind a void in the local mass media scene.

He also worked as stringer for several international wire services viz Reuters, AP and AFP, thus earning himself a niche in the global media.

He was often quoted in major media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, CNN and BBC among many others.

75-year-old Ignatius could be regarded as a total media person.

When the electronic media was making inroads, he lost no time in jumping the digital bandwagon in his own way.

He set up his website the very popular, which has won accolades in the international scene while providing readers a new dimension of getting their news.

A kind of a renaissance man, he ventured into other businesses too, like the introduction of Brunei's first-ever 24-hour restaurant for connoisseurs of coffee.

It is ironical that the day before he died, while they were having coffee at his café, he casually remarked to a fellow journalist that he might not last long on this earth.

"Was it a premonition?" wondered the scribe in retrospect.

Ignatius leaves behind his wife, Regina, two sons, Allister and Albert, and five daughters - Alphonsa, Anne-Marie, Audrey, Anita and May Ling.

His funeral will take place at St George's Church BSB on Monday (June 20, 2011). Time of the funeral to be notified later.

May his soul rest in peace. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

That is totally my ex-boss, man! It was really unexpected! What a way to go~!

To be honest, he wasn't really the best of bosses, but he isn't the worst either, since he had his good and bad moments. But it really rings true that you would only write good things about people when they're dead coz...well, there it is right there when in truth I know otherwise.

Still can't decide whether I should attend the funeral out of courtesy or not. He is my ex-boss after all.


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I hope, it's OK