Monday, June 13, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

My Jobs So Far

Job-hunting has been a bit of a drag. Not only I have yet to get my driving license to add points into my resume (I passed the theory but yet to get started on learning the driving part), jobs available (aside from the one I have my sights on) were not exactly my cup of tea.

Thinking back now of all the jobs that I had done in the past few years growing up, I realized that none of my jobs had never really lasted for more than a year, which actually I have a perfectly good reason as to why it is so. Technically the job I'm working right now actually exceeded the one year threshold, longest-running job so far. If it weren't for the fact that this job is sucking the life-force outta me and turning me into a monotonous work drone, I'd prolly consider staying longer.

Recounting the days of my more higher youth, these are the jobs that I've done so far:

Part-time tuition teacher in a English-language tuition centre. Found that through a wanted ad, and had my mom/lady worker to drive me there since I can't drive. Kids pretty much love me and prefer to have sessions with me. In fact, my superior's own nieces and nephews who were going for the classes and used to be under him chose to have me for their session as I pretty much am slightly lenient but fair to them.

In fact, after classes were over, I usually loosen up and play games with the kids, which apparently was a no-no to the others coz I was supposed to instill respect and fear to discipline them, which I'm not that way since, well, I'm not. I'm not one to believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child" method since I'm the victim of that proverb myself. And you're SUPPOSED to have children like you to respect you, not terrified.

That, and the fact that my mom makes really extravagant dinners for me that she insist I finish my platters clean before I get to work, got me fired. They fired me on New Year's Eve, no doubt, which was quite the big bad kicker for me, giving me the excuse that they don't require part-timers anymore, but I think they're just fucking jealous that kids like me more than them.

Promotional assistant in Coca Cola (Malaysian branch) Co. That one is due to a recommendation from my kindergarten/church friend who was also going there for an interview for accountant clerk position to take over the one who was on maternity leave.

Technically it is a part-time by-contract job where they hired me as a promo assistant because they needed help with their really big shot competition where the winner would actually get a 4WD at the final lucky draw and vote!

This was by far my most favourite job back in my hometown because as a promoter, you're required to go around everywhere onsite to promote the competition, doing lucky draws, traveling to other districts (getting carsick in the process), going door to door to do promotions and stuff. Fun and exciting and definitely a new thing happens everyday.

That was also the job where I can totally eat as much as I wanted without gaining weight because of the daily 'exercise' I get around the office mentally and physically.

Too bad, I was hired by contract, and once the competition was over and my contract has expired, I was no longer needed. I tried to apply for a permanent job there when there was an opening, but unfortunately (from eavesdropping) they wanted a man to fill in the position. Meh...

Volunteer shop keeper at my godmother's automobile spare parts shop. During the time I was waiting for my semester in Curtin to start, and after we sold the apartment we were living in, I was bunking at my godmother's place and to pass the time, in between hanging out with friends and stuff, I was the temp shop keeper for my godmother.

Apparently (according to my godfather's sister), I was heaven-sent because my godfather have been quite depressed lately after suffering from kidney failure and needing dialysis all the time. It got to the point where he had to be admitted to psych ward and given a bit of shock therapy to cure his depression, and my godmother wouldn't have the time to open shop or even run it, so I was there to help her out to open shop and take care of it while they're not available.

This was also where my goodwill rubbed off on her (while I was still a bit of a devout at the time) as my godparents converted from Buddhism to Christianity

Babysitter. During the semester break from uni, my godmother introduced me to a friend she knows who's in a dire need of a babysitter/nanny coz she just had a newborn and couldn't cope yet with raising two kids at once.

The lady is married to a Thai, so I picked up some baby words in Thai that she usually use for her son. While she tend to her young baby, I will have to follow her around babysitting her elder son, who is actually quite demanding at his age, wanting to be carried most of the time (until my arms threaten to tear off) and demands attention a lot of times. And that lady wanted to have 5 kids. Oi vey!

Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding (and my mother not happy of me doing a job that should be done by maids or lower forms for that matter), my employment only last 2 weeks. Needless to say, my godmother was not happy either at the way my mom handled things. Gee, embarrass me more, Mom, why dontcha?

General clerk. My first job in Brunei. I worked in Brudirect as a general clerk (technically the job description in my quota), but in reality, I'm working 3 jobs in one, which is as censorship board for his website at the Have Your Say section, proofreader for the news section of the website, especially when the webbies have posted the newspaper articles online and I have to spell-check them, and the actual general clerk (or more like PA) for my lady boss who works as an AIA insurance sales agent.

Bosses wasn't exactly the cream of the crop, but it was tolerable nonetheless. Though sometimes working so much for peanuts with no salary raise was just plain daylight robbery. Had experienced sexual harassment by one of the cafe boys who worked downstairs at the 24-hour cafe my boss owns on the sidelines (and got his ass fired for it). But I can still put up with it.

The only reason why I left was because the boss kept delaying on making my quota due to the stressful work the agents he hired had to go through and causing its high turnover. I was always looking over my shoulder to see if the police were coming in to do a surprise spotcheck or something and haul my ass to jail. When I handed in my resignation letter, they weren't too pleased as they claimed that they were on their way to getting my quota ready. I wasn't taking any chances

Part-time salesgirl for my hubby's computer expo. It was a temp thing when I was unemployed after I left Brudirect. They joined an expo in The Mall at Gadong and I decided to take it to kill time and earn some money. Was a bit rocky, and discovered the full extent of lovers not cut out to be working under the same field, and throughout that week, I think I sold more accessories than actual big guns (2 laptops courtesy of stealing other people's sales and 1 PC from my own efforts of bullying and pressuring a mother to buy by appealing to her daughter LOL), but all in all, I knew I wasn't really cut out for sales

Tour guide. This is prolly by far the best job I've ever had in my life. Meeting new people, talking to them about the so-called "wonders" of Brunei, going from place to place, taking them to spots and see their eyes lit up in wonder at what I have to offer, as well as them laughing and being entertained with my perky attitude and well-punned jokes and faked American accent, I had the time of my life.

Being the only female tour guide (as well as the youngest) among my peers, I had to work extra harder than everyone else, but it's cool, since I get to loose weight that way and bring a smile to all my customers/tourist. Even the sexual harassment that happened there was bearable at best, in addition to the tired, aching body and the failing appetite. Comes with the job, no biggy

Unfortunately, the management and the politics behind this family business is just crappy, and too strict to time codes in a situation where the unpredictable often happens, and I always ended up being reprimanded for things that is beyond my control. My faith soon wavered for this company and I was later "dishonourably discharged", my boss trying to make it sound like it was my fault I'm being fired, until I forced the real reason for my termination was due to downsizing. Left and never looked back since, other than seeing them around at certain occasions when I'm in town.

And right now, you pretty much know the rest of my current job. Started off wonderful at first with the flexi hours and easygoing relaxing work environment, but ever since our original super left and was replaced with this new super that somehow our boss hired (thanks to his bravado in thinking that losing a couple million dollars is no big deal) due to taking this stupid last-minute project (which I think it's a big mistake), stress, backstabbing, conflicts, bad management and hypocrisy as well as office politics reigned, and it seems to get worse and worse as we progressed through the stages.

This about sums up my situation right now: