Thursday, June 16, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

The Haunted Roundabout

To say that Brunei is the safest place in the entire Asian world with nothing bad, not even popular ghost stories and urban legends, ever happening to the country would be a dead wrong situation. We do have our tales, just so well secluded that no one knows it exists, but it does.

Here we are, on the way to Sg Akar, approaching the roundabout, where the mystery behind the area unfolds...

This be the Subok roundabout, famed to be haunted especially in the dead of the night. Apparently sometime around midnight, you would see a red Mercedez or Ferrari driving round and round that roundabout non-stop.

If you manage to catch a glimpse of it and try to drive up to it to match its speed, you will see that the driver of the car is a woman, but you can only tell from the clothing or the hand on the wheel, because the driver is headless! Like a frickin' Headless Horseman, but a woman, and driving a car!

And if the driver noticed you checking her out, she will wave at you eerily. Whatever happens after that, no one knows. Brr... Creepy~! :/

Close-up shot of the roundabout.

Dare you venture out there in the dead of the night to catch this Headless Driver?