Sunday, May 8, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Shopaholic Guilt Trip

I have finally felt the thrill of shopping as all shopaholics feel, but whoever said shopping is a relaxing experience and the perfect therapy, in my case, that is just total bullshit.

My gal pal and I were saying that I totally need a wardrobe makeover, which includes chucking out all the clothes that I haven't worn for a gajillion years or so, or those that I've been wearing since my uni days. By the time we were done, I've cleared out probably 5, 6 years worth of old clothes. We set a date to have those clothes donated and go for that wardrobe makeover shopping spree.

So last Saturday, after chucking the clothes to St Andrew's Church where my friend goes to, we went to have lunch at the New Kiulap area (which I will blog about it here soon), then we went upstairs of the building to this shopping mall called Deseo Living, which is well-known to have plenty of quite pricey designer clothes (which I only found out from my mother-in-law AFTER I bought the items).

We were lucky because the shop was having a 50% off of everything that was sold there, even bags, accessories and hair trinkets. We were practically walking around the entire shop just grabbing whichever clothes that we think would suit and/or fit me (coz I'm pretty much fat as lard). I admit I got a little carried away and been grabbing quite a lot, trying them on and practically more or less loving what I see in front of me in the mirror as it really looks quite good on me and stuff, and with my friend being my personal dresser, since I'm a tomboy and a total sucker when it comes to fashion sense, we practically rocked the shop with all those crazy wardrobe sprint, and probably gave the shop assistants and shop keeper into all smiles for the upcoming bill they'll present to us.

In the end, when it was time to pay for the clothes, I spent almost $300++ for it, which was quite the shocker because that had to mean that half of my salary was gone! Thankfully it was a 50% discount on all items sold, so I was praying for daylight that they start cutting down the price to its discounted counterparts, because if it weren't for the discount, I practically have to pay more than $600++ for all of it!! Our original plan to get other clothes and shoes and stuff just went out of the window with that.

On the way home, I was worried that my hubby was going to literally kill me because I have never, EVER spent that much on clothings. Not even when I go shopping in Miri. I was practically sweating bullets wondering what my hubby would say to me or whether he would yell at me. My gal pal comforted me in saying that at least I don't do this every month, only once in a while, but it was definitely a guilt trip back home thinking and worrying about it.

Which is why I said whoever said shopping was the best therapy is spouting bull.

When I got home with the items, thankfully my in-laws were OK with my expenditure of the clothes because technically I bought a LOT of them for that price. Not just one of those designer dresses that may cost abt $100 per piece that my mother-in-law bought last time during my wedding reception, but it's like 2, 3 dresses, 4 tops, 4, 5 pants, 2 belts, 2, 3 leggings and 2 hair ribbons to total to $300++. I think it was a fair deal since I bought a LOT for that price instead of just 1 or 2 for that price.

Needless to say though, despite my logic, as expected, my hubby still got pissed about it, especially I just quietly showed him the receipt. His first reaction was "MY GOD!! Who paid for this?? You??" And my head was like going "Crap, crap, crap, crap...."

Can't really blame him, since times are hard and that was really a LOT of money of mine to spend. HALF my salary gone, can you imagine that? That would make me in the red for this whole month. A whole LOT in the RED. But then again, well, it's my money, and it didn't matter to him that I got a lot of clothes at a bargain price, only the fact tht I spent so much. OK, I admit I got carried away, bt at least I didn't spent so much on so little, and it's about time I had a wardrobe makeover and it's not like I'm gonna do this every week or something.

My father-in-law jumped to the rescue, speaking for my behalf to argue my logic before I could dare to say anything, but that left him giving me the cold shoulder, and I wasn't about to go upstairs until he's done being pissed with me. So quietly I brought my laptop and drawings downstairs to the TV room to let him sleep off his anger while I waited for him to cool off, doing my drawings and chatting. He soon came back down after his long nap and kissed and made up with me though, so no big there.

Of course, the next day when I accompany him to go phone-shopping to replace his crappy phone, he decided to get himself a HTC andriod phone that cost him about $700++, which is a level higher than MY expenditure. And my dad-in-law rubbed it in on him, which pretty much shut him up pretty good XD

So yeah...Shopaholics. Not a good trip. Not in the long run.


Amy the Lolita Kitten said...

If it puts your mind at ease at all I'm the same for my Lolita clothes. I got two dresses on the way, both with free shipping but together they cost quite a bit and I am dreading what Master will say when he sees the price I paid for them. >.>

Mel Celestial said...

Ah, yes... shopping. One of the scariest thing I'd like to avoid in the world. But we can't always avoid it, non?

The most I've ever spent in one receipt for my wardrobe would be my undergarment - almost up to RM400 (it made me cry inwards when I saw the numbers). But I love me some good support, you know? Every 3 years I'd gather the courage to go out and find a new hug buddy.

Baby clothes, on the other hand... wow, they keep growing so fast. I find myself storing away a lot of money for Seri's future needs instead.

So yes, no need to feel guilty splurging on this one time, since you don't do this every other weekend. Good for you!

My sad, sad wardrobe needs some heavy makeover too...