Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Consumer Fair 2011 Again

Consumer Fair has returned again for the 2nd time this year, and despite saying that I won't go on a photo-taking spree, I ended up going trigger happy anyways, but not as bad as I did during my first piece on Consumer Fair.

Trigger-happy on the boys in green on the way to ICC, as the 2nd of June is Brunei's official Army Day, in which the Tattoo Parade (not to be confused with the bodily art tattoo) would be held, matching head to head with armies from other countries

Apparently there is a Thai Grand Fair going on along with the Consumer Fair, so we decided to check there first

A open booth up front of the fair where they sell decorative vanity items, and there is a place where they have guys to help decorate and draw designs of your liking onto umbrellas. Was tempted to get one but then I wouldn't know where to keep it anyways, so I decided to just stand there and watch. The people doing it were actual Thai people, interestingly

Trigger-happy on the various items Thai shops are cashing in to make a buck in this fair

Some fruits and vegs that are native to Thai, including the (ugh!) Thai durian XP

Food stuff from Thai restaurants around Brunei, including Yai Yai, Sawadee House and the like. I bought some for home for snacks and for lunch to munch on

Some of the crunchy yummies that were available for testing, which convinced me to buy for home snacks

Throughout the fair, we actually were able to settle our lunch by going around one booth after another and snitching free samples from them, munching and pretending to be interested in their products and just faking off using my buddy as leverage to run away from them before they start convincing me to buy their things. LOL! Bought a few other things for a proper lunch, but other than that, everything was snitched and munched from all the free samples. Whoever said that there's no such thing as free lunch? Xd

After that we walked about and came across a Health Fair from the Ministry of Health, so we went and check it out just for fun

A fake crime scene where they put up all the hazardous food and drinks and let the kids guess as to what it is that got this poor bugger killed. White chalk and everything right there with a crime scene DO NOT CROSS tape and everything, just like what CSIs would do

So, COD is overdose asphyxiation to the lungs from smoking bong...

Or massive intake of monosodium glutamate in debaunched litopenaues vannamei...

Or maybe it's the other suspects, like:

Bad lactose or massive intake of poultry and carbs...

Penicillin-covered grain or more monosodium glutamate...

Or carbohydrate-overdose...

Or massive glucose intake or nicotine overdose...

Or just plain being fat and lazy? XD

Cigarette display, with an interesting way of designing the health hazards related to smoking, and it's on the cigarette packs themselves. But we prolly end up guessing which cigarette company does it originally belong to XD

Display of food intakes and a diagram of how a smoker's lung and a regular's lung compares

Tons of consequences display on all sorts of health hazards that would prolly kill a T-Rex or something. Seriously, if everything where to be regulated, banned and prohibited, we might as well have self-induced aneroxia and starve ourselves to death

Later on, we entered to the gamers arena where our famous RanoAdidas held his usual games tournament. My kismesis actually took part in the Tekken challenge, while our super's son took part in the FIFA, though unfortunately they didn't get to win, but according to them, it was good clean fun.

Saw these cute little anime stand-ups that was based on the MMORPG game people seem to be crazy about playing either online or on their phone, and I couldn't resist XD

One of the workers of the booth there offered to help me take a picture of me posing with the anime stand-ups. How nice of him

I couldn't resist copying their poses XD

Naruto FTW

The game arena, where people duke it out and battle against each other using FIFA, Tekken, Counter Strike, Street Fighter and even Call of Duty! LOL The prizes were pretty good too, cash prizes, in fact. Dammit why can't they have Singstar. That would be cool to enter

More anime stand-ups, which then I found out was from the MMORPG game called Magic Castle. Feels kinda Final Fantasy-ish though

All in all, it was a pretty eventful day. Too bad I didn't get to enter the Night Safari though. Technically I wanted to, but the entrance fee was probably not exactly really worth it, though maybe I should've stood my ground and went in anyway just to see what was in store there. Man...