Monday, April 4, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

My Post-Wedding Party

After wondering and pondering for some time, I decided to post my post-wedding party that I had done in my hometown for the sake of those who couldn't show up at my actual wedding in Brunei.

Sadly, of all the gajillion friends I have invited, only a couple were able to show up in my party, and one of them was because of by chance he was available at my hometown because of the school hols (he's a teacher).

Here are some photo footage of us:

Me and my A-Level junior schoolmate, the teacher who managed to make it for the party. It's been almost close to 10 years since we last met after I graduated from A-Levels. Gotta admit that he was a little round around the edges, but then again, the same thing could be said about me ^^;; I was surprised though that he had taken up a teacher's position, because he took a Science major back during A-Levels and he wanted to become a forensics coroner or something, but then again, maybe he was influenced by CSI at the time during the big CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas version) hype back then. LOL!

Me and my childhood friend/bridesmaid, who wouldn't miss this for the world. Back then I used to be damn thin compared to her. Now we;re pretty much in comparable size with each other. LOL! BFF ftw~!

Piccies with my in-law and my family. From left to right: My dad-in-law, my dad, me and my mom-in-law. From bottom left to right: My family friend and my godmother, whom I love so much more than my own mother

Piccies of me and my hubby's extended family. I totally forgot who is who, but they were basically mostly related to my mother-in-law

Final few piccies with my friends, with my hubby tagging along

The whole King family (me included, since now I'm officially a Mrs. King as well) on the "royal" seat under the "royal" emblem. LOL! Pun!

It's quite the small gathering, and there wasn't much karaoke-ing going about, except to embarrass ourselves to others by showing footages of the wedding ceremony and reception, but nevertheless it was still a pretty successful party all in all.