Sunday, April 10, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Francophonie Week Art Exhibition

After having lunch downtown, we decided to check out the art exhibition that was at the Sultan Birthday Monument that was created in conjunction with the Francophonie Week courtesy of the big guys from France. We were curious as to what sort of amazing art that may be created by our Brunei's finest, and, well...

This be the banner for the Francophonie Week Art Exhibition

Well, some pledge they're making. You're 5 fingers short of being the Five Finger Mountain XD

This one is pretty good. Melted and twisted bottles combined together to make a contemporary art for a cause, which is actually a pretty intriguing design right there, though unfortunately I doubt it resembles tears or whatever

Apparently being trapped like a rat (or in this case a bird) can give you inner peace -_-;;

Not exactly the best interpretation of volunteerism really, more like slapstick art of no meaning...

Apparently the art was more focused on the chair rather than the graffiti itself, and I like the latter better than the former

Yup, that definitely is something unbalanced going on there XD

Series #2 doesn't look too unbalance though, looks just nice in an artistic way

No~ idea what the heck is this supposed to mean -_-'''

Well, someone seemed to have outstayed their "welcome" XDDDD

Is it supposed to mean "Work Hard, Work Smart" or "World Hard, Work Smart"? Because by the way the artwork is displayed, it looks more like a comparison that means the former

Loooooooooooks more like a scarecrow than anything, but kudos for effort

The artistic value and view of our Brunei's finest...?