Sunday, March 6, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Longest Hike of My Life...EVER!!

Yesterday, after almost months of not moving those athletic legs of mine (and even more so after I have crawled out of unemployment and no longer able to go hike with my friend who works night shifts at Borneo Bulletin), I decided to wing it and go on a hike at Taman Tasek Lama with my BFF and his fiance.

We went there roughly around 4 to 5pm, and when we reached there, there was a considerable large group of hikers and exercise junkies around the area, mostly Chinese, and some of them acquaintance of my BFF and his fiance. It's good, I suppose, to know everyone around here. It's true that Brunei is a small world.

So we started up the hike on Hill #4, as it is the usual route to start with if you want to get to the top where the overlooking hut is. It wasn't as bad as it is, since everyone is walking at a leisure pace (although they still end up going ahead of me), so it was cool that I manage to catch up with them and get up to the top of the hill, breaking a lot of sweat in the process though.

Once we were up, we took a breather before we decide to brave through the other hills as part of the hike work out. Hill #3 had always been the killer hill of all hills in Tasek Lama, so my BFF's fiance suggested that she take that hill while a re-beginner like me should take the easier hill to hike through. My BFF volunteered to accompany me to walk down the easier hill.

As we hiked, we chatted and such, and he tend to end up way ahead of me, but at least I kept him within sight. I noticed my shoes hadn't had the proper grip, prolly coz of the soles wearing out or whatever, but at least I manage to get my balance and hold my own and all that.

When it's time to get back to the hut, my BFF seemed to have mistaken his fiance in saying that we should go back and forth again the same route. Instead he took me to the one-round route that would bring me back to the hut...through Hill #3!! Gah!!

The green actual route is where my BFF took me, and the blue intended route was what we're supposed to go. Excuse the bad drawing...

And since I was pretty out of shape and the day was getting dark, it was hard for me to navigate without worrying that I will fall to my death or something, but I tried to keep up with my BFF who seems to walk in lightning speed with no regards of his personal safety (or mine probably, for that matter) and able to navigate so well despite the impeding darkness.

When the fog started settling in, that was the creepy part. I've watched enough horror movies, real or not, to know that when fog settles in in the dead of night in a frickin' forest, this is no funny business. So I quickly moved as fast as my tired, uncooperative legs could carry me and tried to keep up with my BFF, taking out my whistle as well to blow it whenever I feel too left behind so that he'll know where I am and wait for me.

By the time we were down, it was almost 7.20pm, and, as predicted by me, my BFF's fiance was worried sick that we weren't showing up any time soon that she almost wanted to call the cops and search & rescue team to find us. She screwed my BFF up and down like hell for misunderstanding her instructions and I had to break up the fight and say that it was my fault for being slow. LOL!

Longest hike of my life...EVER!! Thankfully, I'm going off to KK to visit my pops in compensation for the CNY celebration that I missed out, but not sure whether I want to go through that next week... -_-'''