Monday, March 21, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Delhi2Dublin Rockz My Sockz~!!

Last night I went to probably one of the best concerts (the ONLY concert) in Brunei in Jerudong Park, and what's best, it was free~! LOL! It's played by the band as shown on the picture above: Delhi2Dublin.

For those who dunno this band, according to their official site, they are "road warriors" who play "an energetic mash-up of Bhangra, Celtic, Dub, Reggae and Electronica with global rhythms and club beats" and "let music speak for itself". They consist of Tarun Nayar (Tabla, Electronics), Sanjay Seran (Vox), Andrew Kim (Electric Sitar, Guitar) and Ravi Binning (Dhol) along with new members Jaron Freeman-Fox and Sara Fitzpatrick (Fiddle).

Trigger-happy on the surrounding areas while waiting for the show to get started. Technically I totally forgot that I was supposed to go to this concert, LOL! It was after his sms that I remembered our date, though I was keeping my fingers crossed at the time as to whether this concert was worth going to

What seemed like one of the band members chatting up with the High Commissioner of Canada

Photographing each other~!

More random trigger-happy photography, and coincidentally met my 2nd sis-in-law's colleague with her family in the concert area

Le band doing their magic. At first I was a little reserved when they were whipping out old school Indian instruments and were flipping out fiddles, but I was quite blown away even from the intro. The music was loud, energetic and fast-paced, almost like being in a disco or night club or something but with amazing mesh of traditional and modern fusion music! I couldn't help swaying and moving to the beat along with it and cheer and whoop at every end of a song! It was totally ah-mah-zing~!!

Attempt on a close-up shot: FAIL!

Youngsters and party animals who were totally hyped in natural high over the music that they were dancing and jumping and hollering throughout the concert. It's amazing what little fast-paced music would do. It's so cool. Too bad I wasn't dressed for the occasion or I would've joined the crowd in their dancing as well. This goes to show that Brunei SERIOUSLY needs some night life because they were totally dancing away like it was some sort of substitute disco night club or something

At the end of the concert, the High Commissioner of Canada came up on stage with The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture to give an end-note speech present the lucky draw for the prize of a Blackberry. A few close calls, but too bad I didn't win. Meh~! This is what you get when you have 4440 for your number (in Chinese tradition, number 4 is a bad luck number which means 'death')

And the winner is...

Three lucky winners for the Blackberry (dammit!)

Thanks to dozens of dancing natural high fans screaming "Encore!" and "We want more!" (with a bit of my contribution of "You rock my sockz!" LOL), the High Commissioner let them do an encore performance just for us. It was totally amazing that when they started playing their encore, the kids were running out in front of the stage and dancing away like it was the 4th of July! It was amazing and I totally caught it on video!

But then the ushers had to be such killjoys and shooed them away because apparently they were being a little too enthusiastic that they were blocking the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, which is a big no-no apparently in "Brunei culture" when I don't see the Minister seeming to mind at all. Sometimes they can just be such a nuisance and a party pooper. What's the harm in having a little fun? It shows that we totally appreciate the music! Geez!

After the concert, I quickly approached the band members before they get hounded too much by the fans and took solo shots with them

Me & Jaron (he's prolly the funniest of the band members)

Me & Andrew Kim

Me & Ravi (I think)

Me & Tarun

Me & Sara

Me & Sanjay (I think), best vocals ever

Well, this is by far my most interesting experience yet, and it all happened in Jerudong Park, which I actually set foot in after years of just passing it by. For the record, my friend and I were totally soaked to the bone when we wanted to get back to the car because initially he wasn't convinced that the rain would continue on, but it did and we had to wade through the rain, with me singing lame-ass versions of "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "I'm Singing in the Rain" to lighten the mood, but it was totally worth it after watching that awsome-tastic concert.

I've posted video footage of the concert in my video blog, so go and check it out and see what you have missed!

P/S: I made it into today's paper that covered last night's concert! Can you find where I am? XD