Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Calm After the Storm

I was totally shocked when I found out about the Japan earthquake incident when it came on the CNN. I was back in my hometown in KK for a visit to my pops to compensate for my absence during CNY, and also to hold a post-wedding party (which I will write about the restaurant here soon) for those who weren't able to attend my wedding in Brunei.

I was coming out of the showers when my pops told me to turn on CNN, so I did, my hubby and in-laws puzzled as to why I'm in such a hurry to do this and not get changed first, then struck us when we saw what was like the most gi-normous earthquake of Japan history ever hit the place. I mean, I've seen earthquake disasters happening all the time in the news, but this totally cuts the cake! Horrifying carnage of nature right there caught on camera, almost made me think whether it was karma due to their Japanese Occupation days or just really frickin' 2012 phenomenon.

Though my hubby was thinking more towards Oda the manga-ka of One Piece and me worrying about CLAMP and any yaoi manga-ka out there wasn't exactly helping.

I stumbled upon a dA journal from one of the members I'm watching, and he put up some pretty cool Twitter posts of people who commented about things that happened in Japan after the earthquake incident. Here are some that was posted in the journal:

1. Goth youth
A goth youth with white hair and body piercings walked into my store and shoved several hundred dollars (several tens of thousands of yen) into the disaster relief fund donation box. As he walked out, I and people around me heard him saying to his buddies, “I mean, we can buy those games anytime!” At that, we all opened our wallets and put our money into the donation box. Really, you cannot judge people by their appearances.

2. Card board boxes, Thank you!
It was cold and I was getting very weary waiting forever for the train to come. Some homeless people saw me, gave me some of their own cardboard boxes and saying “you’ll be warmer if you sit on these!” I have always walked by homeless people pretending I didn’t see them, and yet here they were offering me warmth. Such warm people.

3. At Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland was handing out its shops’ food and drinks for free to the stranded people nearby. I saw a bunch of snobby looking highschool girls walking away with large portions of it and initially though “What the …” But I later I found out they were taking them to the families with little children at emergency evacuation areas. Very perceptive of them, and a very kind thing to do indeed.

4. Touch of art
I saw artists and painters trying to keep things upbeat by painting or drawing beautiful or encouraging drawings for the evacuees around them. I was touched at how everyone was doing their very best to help.

5. Reminded of the goodness of the Japanese people
This earthquake has reminded me of that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see. Today I see no crime or looting: I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears.

If you wanna read the whole post, go here and do pray for the safety of Japan and its people and hope they could get back on their feet again ASAP.