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Delhi2Dublin Rockz My Sockz~!!

Last night I went to probably one of the best concerts (the ONLY concert) in Brunei in Jerudong Park, and what's best, it was free~! LOL! It's played by the band as shown on the picture above: Delhi2Dublin.

For those who dunno this band, according to their official site, they are "road warriors" who play "an energetic mash-up of Bhangra, Celtic, Dub, Reggae and Electronica with global rhythms and club beats" and "let music speak for itself". They consist of Tarun Nayar (Tabla, Electronics), Sanjay Seran (Vox), Andrew Kim (Electric Sitar, Guitar) and Ravi Binning (Dhol) along with new members Jaron Freeman-Fox and Sara Fitzpatrick (Fiddle).

Trigger-happy on the surrounding areas while waiting for the show to get started. Technically I totally forgot that I was supposed to go to this concert, LOL! It was after his sms that I remembered our date, though I was keeping my fingers crossed at the time as to whether this concert was worth going to

What seemed like one of the band members chatting up with the High Commissioner of Canada

Photographing each other~!

More random trigger-happy photography, and coincidentally met my 2nd sis-in-law's colleague with her family in the concert area

Le band doing their magic. At first I was a little reserved when they were whipping out old school Indian instruments and were flipping out fiddles, but I was quite blown away even from the intro. The music was loud, energetic and fast-paced, almost like being in a disco or night club or something but with amazing mesh of traditional and modern fusion music! I couldn't help swaying and moving to the beat along with it and cheer and whoop at every end of a song! It was totally ah-mah-zing~!!

Attempt on a close-up shot: FAIL!

Youngsters and party animals who were totally hyped in natural high over the music that they were dancing and jumping and hollering throughout the concert. It's amazing what little fast-paced music would do. It's so cool. Too bad I wasn't dressed for the occasion or I would've joined the crowd in their dancing as well. This goes to show that Brunei SERIOUSLY needs some night life because they were totally dancing away like it was some sort of substitute disco night club or something

At the end of the concert, the High Commissioner of Canada came up on stage with The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture to give an end-note speech present the lucky draw for the prize of a Blackberry. A few close calls, but too bad I didn't win. Meh~! This is what you get when you have 4440 for your number (in Chinese tradition, number 4 is a bad luck number which means 'death')

And the winner is...

Three lucky winners for the Blackberry (dammit!)

Thanks to dozens of dancing natural high fans screaming "Encore!" and "We want more!" (with a bit of my contribution of "You rock my sockz!" LOL), the High Commissioner let them do an encore performance just for us. It was totally amazing that when they started playing their encore, the kids were running out in front of the stage and dancing away like it was the 4th of July! It was amazing and I totally caught it on video!

But then the ushers had to be such killjoys and shooed them away because apparently they were being a little too enthusiastic that they were blocking the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, which is a big no-no apparently in "Brunei culture" when I don't see the Minister seeming to mind at all. Sometimes they can just be such a nuisance and a party pooper. What's the harm in having a little fun? It shows that we totally appreciate the music! Geez!

After the concert, I quickly approached the band members before they get hounded too much by the fans and took solo shots with them

Me & Jaron (he's prolly the funniest of the band members)

Me & Andrew Kim

Me & Ravi (I think)

Me & Tarun

Me & Sara

Me & Sanjay (I think), best vocals ever

Well, this is by far my most interesting experience yet, and it all happened in Jerudong Park, which I actually set foot in after years of just passing it by. For the record, my friend and I were totally soaked to the bone when we wanted to get back to the car because initially he wasn't convinced that the rain would continue on, but it did and we had to wade through the rain, with me singing lame-ass versions of "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "I'm Singing in the Rain" to lighten the mood, but it was totally worth it after watching that awsome-tastic concert.

I've posted video footage of the concert in my video blog, so go and check it out and see what you have missed!

P/S: I made it into today's paper that covered last night's concert! Can you find where I am? XD

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Calm After the Storm

I was totally shocked when I found out about the Japan earthquake incident when it came on the CNN. I was back in my hometown in KK for a visit to my pops to compensate for my absence during CNY, and also to hold a post-wedding party (which I will write about the restaurant here soon) for those who weren't able to attend my wedding in Brunei.

I was coming out of the showers when my pops told me to turn on CNN, so I did, my hubby and in-laws puzzled as to why I'm in such a hurry to do this and not get changed first, then struck us when we saw what was like the most gi-normous earthquake of Japan history ever hit the place. I mean, I've seen earthquake disasters happening all the time in the news, but this totally cuts the cake! Horrifying carnage of nature right there caught on camera, almost made me think whether it was karma due to their Japanese Occupation days or just really frickin' 2012 phenomenon.

Though my hubby was thinking more towards Oda the manga-ka of One Piece and me worrying about CLAMP and any yaoi manga-ka out there wasn't exactly helping.

I stumbled upon a dA journal from one of the members I'm watching, and he put up some pretty cool Twitter posts of people who commented about things that happened in Japan after the earthquake incident. Here are some that was posted in the journal:

1. Goth youth
A goth youth with white hair and body piercings walked into my store and shoved several hundred dollars (several tens of thousands of yen) into the disaster relief fund donation box. As he walked out, I and people around me heard him saying to his buddies, “I mean, we can buy those games anytime!” At that, we all opened our wallets and put our money into the donation box. Really, you cannot judge people by their appearances.

2. Card board boxes, Thank you!
It was cold and I was getting very weary waiting forever for the train to come. Some homeless people saw me, gave me some of their own cardboard boxes and saying “you’ll be warmer if you sit on these!” I have always walked by homeless people pretending I didn’t see them, and yet here they were offering me warmth. Such warm people.

3. At Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland was handing out its shops’ food and drinks for free to the stranded people nearby. I saw a bunch of snobby looking highschool girls walking away with large portions of it and initially though “What the …” But I later I found out they were taking them to the families with little children at emergency evacuation areas. Very perceptive of them, and a very kind thing to do indeed.

4. Touch of art
I saw artists and painters trying to keep things upbeat by painting or drawing beautiful or encouraging drawings for the evacuees around them. I was touched at how everyone was doing their very best to help.

5. Reminded of the goodness of the Japanese people
This earthquake has reminded me of that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see. Today I see no crime or looting: I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears.

If you wanna read the whole post, go here and do pray for the safety of Japan and its people and hope they could get back on their feet again ASAP.
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Longest Hike of My Life...EVER!!

Yesterday, after almost months of not moving those athletic legs of mine (and even more so after I have crawled out of unemployment and no longer able to go hike with my friend who works night shifts at Borneo Bulletin), I decided to wing it and go on a hike at Taman Tasek Lama with my BFF and his fiance.

We went there roughly around 4 to 5pm, and when we reached there, there was a considerable large group of hikers and exercise junkies around the area, mostly Chinese, and some of them acquaintance of my BFF and his fiance. It's good, I suppose, to know everyone around here. It's true that Brunei is a small world.

So we started up the hike on Hill #4, as it is the usual route to start with if you want to get to the top where the overlooking hut is. It wasn't as bad as it is, since everyone is walking at a leisure pace (although they still end up going ahead of me), so it was cool that I manage to catch up with them and get up to the top of the hill, breaking a lot of sweat in the process though.

Once we were up, we took a breather before we decide to brave through the other hills as part of the hike work out. Hill #3 had always been the killer hill of all hills in Tasek Lama, so my BFF's fiance suggested that she take that hill while a re-beginner like me should take the easier hill to hike through. My BFF volunteered to accompany me to walk down the easier hill.

As we hiked, we chatted and such, and he tend to end up way ahead of me, but at least I kept him within sight. I noticed my shoes hadn't had the proper grip, prolly coz of the soles wearing out or whatever, but at least I manage to get my balance and hold my own and all that.

When it's time to get back to the hut, my BFF seemed to have mistaken his fiance in saying that we should go back and forth again the same route. Instead he took me to the one-round route that would bring me back to the hut...through Hill #3!! Gah!!

The green actual route is where my BFF took me, and the blue intended route was what we're supposed to go. Excuse the bad drawing...

And since I was pretty out of shape and the day was getting dark, it was hard for me to navigate without worrying that I will fall to my death or something, but I tried to keep up with my BFF who seems to walk in lightning speed with no regards of his personal safety (or mine probably, for that matter) and able to navigate so well despite the impeding darkness.

When the fog started settling in, that was the creepy part. I've watched enough horror movies, real or not, to know that when fog settles in in the dead of night in a frickin' forest, this is no funny business. So I quickly moved as fast as my tired, uncooperative legs could carry me and tried to keep up with my BFF, taking out my whistle as well to blow it whenever I feel too left behind so that he'll know where I am and wait for me.

By the time we were down, it was almost 7.20pm, and, as predicted by me, my BFF's fiance was worried sick that we weren't showing up any time soon that she almost wanted to call the cops and search & rescue team to find us. She screwed my BFF up and down like hell for misunderstanding her instructions and I had to break up the fight and say that it was my fault for being slow. LOL!

Longest hike of my life...EVER!! Thankfully, I'm going off to KK to visit my pops in compensation for the CNY celebration that I missed out, but not sure whether I want to go through that next week... -_-'''
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Charlie Sheen Quotes

Dude, this guy is officially off the rockers. Thought I'd share

Charlie Sheen's Top 15 Craziest Quotes

Warning: consumption of the drug "Charlie Sheen" may result in weight loss, rampant spewing of nonsensical quips, and the urge to say winning (a lot).

Over the past few days, in interview after interview (that could be another side effect -- an addiction to TV sit-downs), Charlie Sheen has dropped lines inconceivable to most human beings.

Often obtuse, hilarious and downright bizarre, he's morphed from the star of TV's No. 1 comedy to a foamy-mouthed crusader bent on destroying anything blocking his path to Awesomeville. (Namely, Chuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men.")

His quotes are the stuff of late-night comedy writers' dreams. Below, 15 of the best from this week -- and stay tuned for more, the winningest man in Hollywood just joined Twitter:

On his natural high: "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." ("20/20.")

On how he survived his other highs: "I probably took more than anybody could survive. ... I was bangin' seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that's how I roll, because I have one speed, one gear. ... I'm different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man. Dying's for fools, dying's for amateurs." ("20/20.")

On his daily life: "It's perfect. It's awesome. Every day is just filled with just wins. All we do is put wins in the record books. We win so radically in our underwear before our first cup of coffee, it's scary. People say it's lonely at the top, but I sure like the view." ("20/20.")

On his two girlfriends: "You've read about the goddesses, come on. They're an international sensation. These are my girlfriends. These are the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart. ... It's a polygamy story. All my guy friends are gonna like throw tomatoes at me. It's like an organic union of the hearts." ("20/20.")

On partying: "I mean, what's not to love? Especially when you see how I party man, it's epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them, just look like droopy-eyed, armless children." ("20/20.")

On how his daughters with his ex-wife Denise Richards will regard him in the future: "They'll wake up one day and realize how cool dad is. And, you know, signs all the checks on the front, not the back. And you know, we need him and we need his wisdom and his bitchin'-ness." ("20/20.")

On his honesty: "I think the honesty not only shines through in my work, but also my personal life. And I get in trouble for being honest. I'm extremely old-fashioned. I'm a nobleman. I'm chivalrous." ("20/20.")

On his dual personality: "I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a 7-year-old. That's how I describe myself." ("Piers Morgan Tonight.")

On the potential for John Stamos to replace him on "Two and a Half Men:" "I like John, but he doesn't have what I have and the show sucks if he's on it. Sorry, just speaking the truth." ("Access Hollywood.)

On how he cured himself of addiction: "I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind, and unlearned 22 years of fiction ... the fiction of AA. It's a silly book written by a broken-down fool." ("The Today Show.")

On how he avoids relapsing: "I just don't do it. I will not believe that if I do something then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. People who aren't special. People who don't have tiger blood and Adonis DNA." ("The Today Show.")

On why he's not worried about "Two and a Half Men's" indefinite hiatus: "Well, I mean, first of all come Wednesday morning they're gonna rename it Charlie Bros. and not Warner Bros. [Ed. note: This has not yet happened.] Duh, winning! It's, like, guys, IMDB right there, 62 movies and a ton of success. I mean, c'mon bro, I won best picture at 20. I wasn't even trying. I wasn't even warm." ("The Today Show.")

On his desire to be his true self: "I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars, and people can't figure me out; they can't process me. I don't expect them to. You can't process me with a normal brain." ("The Today Show.")

Grabbed from The ABC News

And the number one quotes goes to...

I understand that I’m under a lot of pressure to respond to certain statements made about me recently. The following are my uncensored thoughts. I hope this will put an end to any further speculation.

I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individuation, the false feeling of being separate. In other words, I am aware, ergo I am alone. I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness. This explains the paradox of our culture, which celebrates the ego while simultaneously promoting its evisceration with drugs and alcohol. It also clarifies our deep-seated fear of monolithic, one-minded systems like communism, religious fundamentalism, zombies and invaders from Mars. Each one is a dark echo of an oceanic state of unifying transcendence from which consciousness must, by nature, flee. The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace. Or perhaps more accurately, “Screw Grace, I am so outta here!”


Grabbed from FilmDrunk