Thursday, February 24, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Spontaneous Combustion!

I was out for lunch with my best friend and my part-timer colleague and we had just ate our fill when we saw from afar a huge black thundering smoke in the distance. Being that nothing much happens in Brunei and we were thrill-seekers, we, of course, did not miss the chance to check it out as well!

Holy smokes!! LOL, pun!

How the hell these firemen can stand the heat and the smell is beyond me

Firemen hard at work to put out the fire (which prolly last about 10-15 mins)

Picking up the hood of the car to take down the heat

A bit close-up, with guys from Brunei Times and possibly Borneo Bulletin cashing in on the scoop of the day, especially Brunei Times, since this incident happened just directly at the flyover beside their building

Quick! Remember the myth?? Take down the number and buy the lottery!

There were no casualties as I can see it, and it seems the only damage was the car itself, though I couldn't see who the driver was. It could be due to overheating or something just went wrong with the wiring or maybe possible leaking, so not sure what the exact cause was. We'll just have to wait when it pops out in the newspaper.

My best friend kept saying that it totally reminded him of his own misfortune of having his car combust on itself 2 years ago possibly due to leaking, as I recalled it too because we saw the aftermath of the car when we tried to make a call to him to ask him about something while we were on our way home.

It was absolute toast by the time we got there. No casualties, except personal belongings that were stuck in the car, like his poor PDA, and the car totally reeked, just like this car was. He even had an almost near-miss with the current car he had sometime early this year. He sure didn't learn his lesson.

It's probably the most exciting and interesting day we had all day after a long monotonous day at the office. LOL! Goes to show we don't get much exciting things happen right before our eyes around here, other than the constant bickering of certain people within the office, to which I will not name names.

Those who wants to see the video footage, you can go here