Tuesday, February 1, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

RTB Media Carnival/BITC Convention

Went to the RTB Media Carnival/BITC Convention last week at the ICC to check out what the hype was all about. It was a pretty interesting spread there, and apparently they had certain scheduled events lined up for each different day, and we just so happened to miss the first few. Ah, no biggie, we didn't mind. We were just there to jump into the bandwagon.

There were booths of calling in for auditions, but sadly it's exclusive for locals only (poor foreigner sap like me won't be able to join), an emporium reserved for the RTB Awards 2010 (though surprisingly there is anything to rate or win in Brunei entertainment), another emporium for talent show, a small outdoor booth for the French embassy member to showcase their artistic photography (in which we actually commented on the pictures without realizing the actual camera person was right beside us listening to us--awkward~!) and even a soundproof booth outside the area to broadcast the goings-on live.

As for the BITC, it stands for Brunei International Trade and Consumer, which basically is a toned down version of the Consumer Fair last time where everything is just food, food, food and food, plus misc items, and the stalls that set booth there was pretty much the same as they have set up during the Consumer Fair the last time (with the same ol' greenies shouting "$1!! $1~!!" for their drinks, LOL). So we just browsed and didn't get anything, well, except for a new wallet for myself, since my old one is practically dying. Coincidentally, I bought it at the same booth I bought my Grim Reaper T-shirt, so I bargained with that guy to give me the same discount for the wallet he gave me when I bought his shirt, plucking at his empathy. $15 for a wallet. Not too bad a bargain.

But the main attraction, apparently, was the showrooms of the emporium, sponsored and produced by one of our main local hotshot advertising company Cityneon Brunei. They have 3 showrooms: Say No to Drugs, Once Upon A Time and The Dungeon: Life After Death. We were, of course, really interested since this is something really different.

Didn't get to take pictures of the Say No to Drugs showroom, though it was interesting to see a couple of fake junkies going around offering "drugs" to the visiting people, and a sort of real life car that actually had an accident and the driver died because he was ODing when he was driving (the scrawling of the Grim Reaper on the side door was a nice touch), and along the way on the walls, they have these precautionary lines like "You were conceived...Your mother suffered great pain to bring you to the world...You were loved and nurtured...Then you threw it all away for drugs..." and the like, and some interesting games for kids to play. Fun fact: I didn't know inhaling glue and correction fluid will get you high as well!

Then we came into Once Upon A Time, where the showroom apparently have pretty girls dressed up as fairy tale princesses and go around posing pretty in pretty awesome backgrounds and such. Must've been a lot of effort to build these things, even if it is made mostly out of styrofoam and fake wood. Kudos to the Cityneon team! I forgot my camera coz we were using it to take pictures and videos of my cutting the birthday cake, so I had to borrow my friend's huge professional camera for it

Signboard of the showroom

Le entrance

Nice colourful white dangling decors, though it gives sort of a fake impression of this princess being the Ice Queen from Narnia, which I insist it isn't since there's the Cinderella shoe nearby in display

Le Cinderella, evident by the fact that she's not totally dressed in white and she's sitting on an orange-ish carriage, clearly meaning the pumpkin carriage, though I was hoping it would actually resemble the ACTUAL pumpkin carriage more

The glass slipper, with the name "Cinderella" on it, more proof that this princess is, in fact, Cinderella, though doesn't look as much as a glass slipper as I hoped

This is pretty much already starting to enter the realm of Alice in Wonderland, though it feels like something else too, just can't put my finger on what

No idea what this huge-ass bird cage supposed to be, and too bad we couldn't open and go inside, or it would be nice to take a "caged" shot

Some more shots, including this princess sitting on the swing. She looks so pretty, but I couldn't for the life of me think of which princess is she supposed to represent. Could be Thumbelina, but then again, I could be wrong

More shots, with my friend sitting on the apple, though he couldn't put his full weight down or it would break because the apple is also made from styrofoam

Judging by the cards here, we are pretty much very well aware that we have entered Wonderland territory

Here is the Mad Hatter's tea party. Apparently we can actually have real life tea parties with someone who would play the role of the Mad Hatter, but during certain set times, and unfortunately we were not within that time schedule, so I have to settle for taking pictures of the empty tea party table. I doubt I'd wanna know how this version of Mad Hatter would look like. I'm not really in a mood to want to see a Tim Burton version though... ^^;;

Trigger-happy on the items on the tea table. If only they were real...

Le entrance to the tea party (I just went in through the wrong side, apparently, but since no one noticed... :P)

Trigger-happy on the (fake) clocks around, reminding me of the White Rabbit and his "I'm late! I'm late!" shenanigans

The chess pieces, probably taking liberties from Alice Through the Looking Glass

The "Drink Me" bottle and the card symbols (most of them)

The Queen of Hearts throne, though isn't it ironic that the Queen of Hearts, hearts being representative of love and kindness, end up being the one to hurt, kill and plunder and rule with an iron fist?

"Off with his head!!!"


Ah, one of the famous part of Wonderland...

...though something is definitely "wrong" here...

I dunno whether I should be amazed or terrified by this rendition of the talking flowers

Trigger-happy shots

Ah, now this is the real section for the Narnia's White Queen. They got the carriage and the polar bears right around the area, and by far, this is the most beautiful princess/queen I've ever seen throughout the showroom so far (no offense to the others)

Shots of the icicles and the snowy dangly decors

I guess it pays to have a professional camera because this shot kicks ass

Le Ice Queen. Wonder if she would offer us Turkish Delights...

Trigger-happy on the rest of the princesses around the area that finally decided to show up, though I think our Alice is supposed to be in there with the birds and the bees (no pun intended)

Wasn't able to take pictures of the haunted house either coz, well, how the hell are you gonna take pictures in a pitch-black haunted house anyways? I'd hate to use flash too, just in case I snap something "unwanted".

We were surprised though that there was a really long line up ahead and it was fucking dark, as well as the sound effects of creepy laughter and people screaming was really freaking me the fuck out, and made me wonder whether it was really as scary as it was, reminding me of my high school days doing my own haunted house. If people were afraid to piss their pants (as were a few that were complaining in front of me), I was afraid I would shit my pants!

When we entered, it was built to be like a bit of a maze. First we were greeted with a creepy raggedy hunchback, then in a corner we saw disemboweled bodies and guts galore, with dismembered hands and feet hanging from the ceiling, though I worry that "disemboweled body" may actually sit up and scare the fuck outta me.

Then something really did scare the fuck outta me when we turned to a corner and some ass-wipe dressed in deathly white just popped outta nowhere in the dark with just a light and did the age-old light-in-the-face scare tactic, which bloody hell worked, by the way, because I just screamed my lungs out and made a run for it. Then we turned to what looked like an execution chamber where there's the gallows with the executioner dressed like a hobo holding a parang and banging the floor just to try and scare the hell outta us, but didn't work, and a dead body tied to an electric chair, and some gadgets to make the hanging man swing nearer and nearer to you and some ghastly ghoul pop down at you from the top.

Then finally you pass by a cage where it suppose to represent the Cirque du Freak kinda moment where you see a gorilla man in the cage trying to scare the bugger off you and grope at you, which he did when we were on our way to the exit. I was hesitant to go to the exit because there was a coffin there with a "dead body" in it that I was afraid would suddenly sit up and scare you shitless, but the gorilla man groping at my foot got me into motion. Overall, aside from a few good scares, I think it was nothing compared to the haunted house that we've done

All in all, it was an interesting experience. Pretty cool. A bit of the extraordinary in our ordinary daily lives, plus a good excuse for us to stretch our legs and burn off a few calories after eating lunch, so it's a win-win ^_^