Monday, February 21, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

The Lottery Man

Went to have lunch with my best friend and my part-time colleague to have lunch and something, or someone, to be exact, rather interesting approached us

This old guy (prolly very well-known amongst the Brunei Chinese community) often haunts around the Chinese restaurant and kopitiam, walking around with a hands-free phone and performing odd services like opening the car door (without the person's permission and scaring the bajeesus out of you, of course), opening restaurant doors and the like, then would occasionally approach random people with lottery numbers written on his hand, like this:

The number here is a bit smudged, but before that, he had approached my part-time colleague with the numbers 5623 (if I'm not mistaken), but thankfully, unlike rumours, he did not beg for service money from us, but my best friend decided to be generous and give him some money anyway.

Apparently from what we've heard of tales in the wind, he has a pretty well-off family background, though who was that family we don't know, and why he goes around showing off lottery numbers (which apparently almost accurate) and asking for money is beyond me.

So if you see him lurking around the restaurant you're eating, be a sport and give him a little something-something. It's for a good cause

P/S: Let's just hope whoever the family is doesn't find this blog offensive and go all Gung-Ho over me *keeps fingers crossed*