Thursday, February 24, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Life of a New Bride

At the risk of being found, I am going to ask a sorta very "hypothetical" question.

Hypothetically, you have been doing your part in helping out your in-laws for the past few months, sacrificing your alone personal time during the times where your family maid has ran out on you and you are stuck with trying to get a new one.

Hypothetically, you have finally got your maid after almost months of slaving away, never having the time for your own to relax after a long day at work, and now you are pretty much free to do as you please.

Hypothetically, you discover that your in-laws hate you for not helping out around the house and stay in your room all day, when they already have TWO MAIDS to help them out.

Well, OK, maybe not hate you, but hypothetically, they weren't happy nonetheless. You guess it's prolly of their traditional minds, that daughter-in-laws are EXPECTED as a woman to help out in the house once you're married into the family. You'll prolly guess gender equality is just crap

But, hypothetically, the thing that really irked you was the fact that you have TWO MAIDS! So why do they need YOUR help for? Does that mean you can't even get a break after work to do your own thing? Does that mean you have to work again at home until you no longer have any YOU time, or are you not allowed to HAVE any YOU time at all??

Hypothetically, you found out about it through an email printout where they were complaining about it to your hubby's eldest sis who is in London.

Hypothetically, they were usually OK with you reading their email printouts since you also wanna know updates about her ever since she migrated there, but this time, your mom-in-law caught you reading it and shooed you away in the pretense of dinner getting cold

Then hypothetically, later when you wanted to read the email, it was nowhere to be seen, like she deliberate hid it from you.

Hypothetically, you saw in the mail that your hubby's sis defended you, saying that she also was at that stage for a moment, and despite the possibility of being spoilt, she still thinks you are a good girl and prolly needs a bit of encouragement and telling, that if they really need your help, they should just ask and don't point fingers and blame people

Hypothetically, you admit that you are spoilt, but unless for a valid reason, you would never say no if people asked you for help, and it was still hurting nonetheless to know that they were talking hurtful things like this behind your back

Hypothetically, you don't want to confront this to them because they would think you're prying and would use this against you, making the thing even worse, especially when you are married into the family and living under one roof where you still have to meet them face to face, but deep inside you, you still think if they have a problem with you, they should've said it in your face, don't go backstabbing you. As if you hadn't have enough backstabbing and stress in the office

Hypothetically, if it were REALLY to happen to you, what would you do?


Mel C said...

Hang on there, Jude *hug* wishing you the best of luck in getting this resolved

zps said...

I love how you use a lot of "Hypothetically" hehehe~ oh well...