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Enough is Enough!

OK, it may be Chinese New Year--so Gong Xi Fatt Chai to everyone young and old--and we should be having good will towards men and all that, but seriously, enough is enough!

Godammit, I don't care if she reads my blogs or whatever, I'm gonna rant about her

Our project, in which we have received the award for a month back, has kicked into high gear, entering the 2nd (or 3rd?) phase, which means the heavy duty stuff are all in the way and we are going to start claiming payments and stuff for our previous phase of work. Which means there'll be plenty of double jobs ahead and everyone is going to be on a really tight and short leash. Best friends may end up turning into your worst work colleagues as the stress and tensions get really high between us and you are often left with the feeling that you just wanna either strangle the life outta them or just locate the nearest window and leapt out of it to put yourself outta your misery.

So of course, we would need all the help we can get. Thus here comes the part-timers.

I'm not going to name names here just in case I end up digging a shithole for myself (though to be honest, I couldn't even give a fuck if I reveal her entire family tree), but there is definitely this part-timer that I've had up to HERE (note my hand gestured to the top of my head) in tolerance with her, especially after what she done to me a few days ago.

I was assigned to a part-timer back then to assist me on data-keying to give me the extra hand coz it would be hard for me to finish everything by myself. At first I didn't want to (though I never voiced it) because, to be honest, I was a little prideful and also a little territorial. I mean, this is my thing, my job. I alone know how to do all this thing, so why should I go teach someone else who is wet behind the ears how to learn the ropes that I have managed to learn all on my own?

But of course, it's from the top, so I had to grudgingly accept this part-timer. She's roughly in her 30's, just left her previous employment, looking for another job, so while job-hunting, she would be stuck with us (or in my case, I'm stuck with her) until she got hired elsewhere. I taught her the ropes, and we more or less are able to get along with each other.

Though there is just only one itsy-bitsy problem.

Turns out she's bloody computer illiterate.

That's right. In this new age of technology where even an 80-year-old knows how to handle the very basic of computers, I had to get the one who freakin' crawled out of the Neanderthal caves.

She doesn't even know the basic keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+V and the like, she doesn't even understand the concept of inserting and deleting columns in Excel--and yet she claims she's more expert in accounts, which requires you to at least have basic knowledge of Excel--and just a few weeks ago, we found out that she doesn't even know how to save n rename a file, can you believe that??

She was like grumbling to me about why is it that she couldn't locate the new files that she saved when she was required to a sort of documentation for a certain region, and when I went to check what she had done, turns out that she wanted to rename the file with the same name but different serial number but ended up overwriting the previous work that she had done, which end up having to do the damn thing all over again!

She has a memory span of something worse than a goldfish, and she couldn't even remember the last time she did this documentation of the same genre wen my best friend requested her to do another copy for another region when she did it just A WEEK AGO!! All of us tried to remind her, but she just doesn't get it, even though I sarcastically remarked to her that it's the documentation that she keeps making the mistake of overwriting and yet she still didn't get my drift, and she wanted to be taught again how to do the format. How bad can your memory be?

Of course, she also gave me food poisoning somehow by feeding me nasi katok that somehow ended up being the one that almost killed me while others seemed to be fine eating it, and she was totally clueless when I told her that I had food poisoning, never even passed her mind that it was her fault I was suffering with stomach aches, vomiting shit and crapping water outta my ass. That's how bad her memory was, I suppose. And since then it has given me the phobia of ever accepting any food from here.

When I tried to talk to her about her computer illiteracy problems, she claims she was never taught to use PC at her previous employment, which I think it's bullshit because no boss is THAT cruel, and she didn't even bother to try learning or play around with the programs even though she has a fucking LAPTOP at home, claiming tht she's too busy with housework. I don't believe she doesn't know the basic of commands if she has a laptop at home in which she has time to surf the net and all that jazz, and even though I'm busy with work, I still find time to actually learn something in the internet, so why can't she?

She also claims her memory is bad bcoz of her last pregnancy. While post-natal disorder is true, I think she's just stretching it. Our accountant has just as much kids and her memory is sharp as a tack! What does she have to say about that? And she even have the galls to say that the pay she is given per day was not enough because unlike me who doesn't have a family and that much responsibilities, she has both and it's not enough to feed her and her family both, and that she claims that if she were to be paid a bit more, maybe it would be negotiable at best, but ironically she has the cash to splurge on vanity items? Who's being the double standards here?

I get along so much better with other part-timers and even though they didn't understand, one instruction was enough to get them going, and at least they seemed to be able to not test my patience, but her! Ugh!

That day, on Chinese New Year Eve, was reli quite the last straw.

Now she was just downright annoying. I was leaving the office when they called me back up to say she need help transferring pics frm the camera to the PC, and everyone else was either busy or couldnt be bothered to help her, yet ironically my best friend had the time to chase after me to call me back to the office wen he claims he was busy. Hmm~ -_-*

Alright fine, I didnt want to make a fuss about it so I went back up after putting my bag in my hubby's car to help her, and then I realized that it's just a matter of connecting the USB cable to the port in the PC and ANYBODY who had access to the server (and a brain) can do that and just copy and transfer the files into the server!

Alright, still I didn't want to make a big fuss about it, so I helped to do it, and taught the part-timer how to do it as well, telling her "OK, you should do this and that and this and that. Simple, isn't it? So you don't have to call on me all the time."

You know what she did?

She didn't evn bother to say "OK, I got it. I'll remember next time, thanks" She just watched me quietly, never said a word after I finished teaching and just walked off. JUST WALKED OFF! Like whatever I just said was shit!

I really felt like slapping her at that moment! What the hell? I teach her something out of good intention and she acted as if she's pissed that I'm screwing her or something. I couldn't be bothered, my hubby was waiting for me and I didn't want to stay any longer in the office than I should, so I just grit my teeth, grumbled a little before I let it slide and left the office, then vented it out all to my hubby.

Agh!! I really wanna scream at her face for being such a bitch and a douche if not for the fact that she said she "can't handle people shouting or she would cry". Yeah fucking right. As if someone can be THAT sensitive!

It's because of professionalism and sanity that is keeping me from doing this to her right now:


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Hmmm... I wonder who could that me, haha, LoL!