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Spontaneous Combustion!

I was out for lunch with my best friend and my part-timer colleague and we had just ate our fill when we saw from afar a huge black thundering smoke in the distance. Being that nothing much happens in Brunei and we were thrill-seekers, we, of course, did not miss the chance to check it out as well!

Holy smokes!! LOL, pun!

How the hell these firemen can stand the heat and the smell is beyond me

Firemen hard at work to put out the fire (which prolly last about 10-15 mins)

Picking up the hood of the car to take down the heat

A bit close-up, with guys from Brunei Times and possibly Borneo Bulletin cashing in on the scoop of the day, especially Brunei Times, since this incident happened just directly at the flyover beside their building

Quick! Remember the myth?? Take down the number and buy the lottery!

There were no casualties as I can see it, and it seems the only damage was the car itself, though I couldn't see who the driver was. It could be due to overheating or something just went wrong with the wiring or maybe possible leaking, so not sure what the exact cause was. We'll just have to wait when it pops out in the newspaper.

My best friend kept saying that it totally reminded him of his own misfortune of having his car combust on itself 2 years ago possibly due to leaking, as I recalled it too because we saw the aftermath of the car when we tried to make a call to him to ask him about something while we were on our way home.

It was absolute toast by the time we got there. No casualties, except personal belongings that were stuck in the car, like his poor PDA, and the car totally reeked, just like this car was. He even had an almost near-miss with the current car he had sometime early this year. He sure didn't learn his lesson.

It's probably the most exciting and interesting day we had all day after a long monotonous day at the office. LOL! Goes to show we don't get much exciting things happen right before our eyes around here, other than the constant bickering of certain people within the office, to which I will not name names.

Those who wants to see the video footage, you can go here

Life of a New Bride

At the risk of being found, I am going to ask a sorta very "hypothetical" question.

Hypothetically, you have been doing your part in helping out your in-laws for the past few months, sacrificing your alone personal time during the times where your family maid has ran out on you and you are stuck with trying to get a new one.

Hypothetically, you have finally got your maid after almost months of slaving away, never having the time for your own to relax after a long day at work, and now you are pretty much free to do as you please.

Hypothetically, you discover that your in-laws hate you for not helping out around the house and stay in your room all day, when they already have TWO MAIDS to help them out.

Well, OK, maybe not hate you, but hypothetically, they weren't happy nonetheless. You guess it's prolly of their traditional minds, that daughter-in-laws are EXPECTED as a woman to help out in the house once you're married into the family. You'll prolly guess gender equality is just crap

But, hypothetically, the thing that really irked you was the fact that you have TWO MAIDS! So why do they need YOUR help for? Does that mean you can't even get a break after work to do your own thing? Does that mean you have to work again at home until you no longer have any YOU time, or are you not allowed to HAVE any YOU time at all??

Hypothetically, you found out about it through an email printout where they were complaining about it to your hubby's eldest sis who is in London.

Hypothetically, they were usually OK with you reading their email printouts since you also wanna know updates about her ever since she migrated there, but this time, your mom-in-law caught you reading it and shooed you away in the pretense of dinner getting cold

Then hypothetically, later when you wanted to read the email, it was nowhere to be seen, like she deliberate hid it from you.

Hypothetically, you saw in the mail that your hubby's sis defended you, saying that she also was at that stage for a moment, and despite the possibility of being spoilt, she still thinks you are a good girl and prolly needs a bit of encouragement and telling, that if they really need your help, they should just ask and don't point fingers and blame people

Hypothetically, you admit that you are spoilt, but unless for a valid reason, you would never say no if people asked you for help, and it was still hurting nonetheless to know that they were talking hurtful things like this behind your back

Hypothetically, you don't want to confront this to them because they would think you're prying and would use this against you, making the thing even worse, especially when you are married into the family and living under one roof where you still have to meet them face to face, but deep inside you, you still think if they have a problem with you, they should've said it in your face, don't go backstabbing you. As if you hadn't have enough backstabbing and stress in the office

Hypothetically, if it were REALLY to happen to you, what would you do?
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The Lottery Man

Went to have lunch with my best friend and my part-time colleague to have lunch and something, or someone, to be exact, rather interesting approached us

This old guy (prolly very well-known amongst the Brunei Chinese community) often haunts around the Chinese restaurant and kopitiam, walking around with a hands-free phone and performing odd services like opening the car door (without the person's permission and scaring the bajeesus out of you, of course), opening restaurant doors and the like, then would occasionally approach random people with lottery numbers written on his hand, like this:

The number here is a bit smudged, but before that, he had approached my part-time colleague with the numbers 5623 (if I'm not mistaken), but thankfully, unlike rumours, he did not beg for service money from us, but my best friend decided to be generous and give him some money anyway.

Apparently from what we've heard of tales in the wind, he has a pretty well-off family background, though who was that family we don't know, and why he goes around showing off lottery numbers (which apparently almost accurate) and asking for money is beyond me.

So if you see him lurking around the restaurant you're eating, be a sport and give him a little something-something. It's for a good cause

P/S: Let's just hope whoever the family is doesn't find this blog offensive and go all Gung-Ho over me *keeps fingers crossed*

Spread Ze Lurv~!

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Random is random...
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Dolls or Girls??

I found this link on random by IndoNewYork, featuring dolls that look abso-fucking-lutely like the real deal, and so so so damn pretty, no, BEAUTIFUL!!!

Check these out!

Does this freakin' look like a fucking DOLL to you??? No freakin' way, right??

Wanna see more?? Go to the link up there! Or better yet, go here for the official site showcasing the dolls (though it is a NSFW website)

The 19 MORE Things You Probably Didn't Know About Death

Found some more interesting things, just thought I'd share:

1. After being decapitated, the average person remains conscious for an additional 15-20 seconds. Talk about a way to go.

2. Mourning your dear departed cat? You could shave your eyebrows like the ancient Egyptians used to. Then again, maybe a trip to the pet cemetery would be easier.

3. May want to rethink what you bury your loved ones in. An old wives' tale claims that if a woman is buried wearing the color black, she'll come back to haunt the family.

4. Speaking of preventing hauntings, yet another old wives tale led to the institution of burial wreaths. It was believed that the wreath would encircle the spirit of the dead person, thereby preventing them from returning from the grave.

5. In 1931, Henry Ford decided to preserve his friend, Thomas Edison's last dying breath. He kept it in a bottle. Hope he put a label on that one.

6. One of the main reasons cowboys carried pistols in the 1800's was to avoid being dragged to death by their horse. You think they could have just gotten bigger stirrups.

7. The last words spoken by Union General John Sedgewick were, "They (the Confederate soldiers) couldn't hit an elephant from this dis…"

8. So much for the curse of good ole King Tut. Despite reports that all twenty-two people who were present at the exhumation kicked the bucket, twenty-one were still kicking ten years later.

9. If someone plans to jump off Mount Everest to commit suicide, you'll need a lot of patience. It takes the average person 2.5 minutes to hit bottom. And we don't want to know who timed it.

10. Here's a job I definitely wouldn't want to have. When Pyrenees beekeepers die, someone has to go around and splash every single one of their bees with black ink.

11. John Bowman, a tanner from Vermont believed that after his death he would be reincarnated with his pre-deceased wife and children. So, he ordered his house staff to have dinner on the table every night, just in case. They finally stopped in 1950 when the money finally dried up.

12. Think your d├ęcor is bad? Oscar Wilde's last words were, "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go" He fought the wallpaper and the wallpaper won.

13. An old superstition stated that if the doors in the house were locked, the soul of a dying person couldn't get out.

14. Yet another superstition warns against pointing at a funeral procession, with the dire warning that you'll die within a month. More proof for that whole three fingers pointing back at you thing.

15. Might want to read the labels a little more carefully. Nearly 2,500 lefties are killed every year using products meant for righties. Who knew? Now, just back away from those right-handed scissors.

16. A pet-parrot caused a ruckus at President Andrew Jackson's funeral. His crime? Swearing during the ceremony. Guess he should have given Polly just one more cracker.

17. That ballpoint pen? The one you're chewing on? Might want to put it down. 100 people are killed every year by choking on a ballpoint pen. Which proves the old quote about the pen being mightier than the sword. At least some of the time.

18. Apparently, they really are virtually indestructible. A cockroach can reportedly live up to 9 days without its head. The only reason they finally kick over? Starvation.

19. And you thought sex appeal was the first to go. Allegedly, it's actually your sight that goes first when you die. It's your hearing that's the last to go…. What was that?

* These 19 statements have been collected from various sources and are for entertainment and discussion. The authenticity of these is for you to discuss and research on your own.

15 Things You Don't Know About Death

An interesting picture about the list of things you don't know about Death. Though I'd share

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Violence in the Office!

Holy crap!! This is what happens when you have too much pent-up frustration and stress in the office! No one is safe!!

LOL! It's just my best friend and our KL super fooling around, is all, just for larfs and to release stress XDDDDD

Just thought I'd share
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When You Wish Upon A Card...

We decided to eat out last night at the same time check out and see what's hot and what's new in the Times Square nearby our area. Everything looks pretty much same old, same old, with a bit of additional shops in between (mostly food-oriented), but there was this booth that really struck my fancy.

Apparently they have this wishing booth where you can write down your CNY wishes and stick 'em up on the wall. You can write anything you like, and it kinda reminded me of this festival in Japan (dunno what's it called) where you write your wishes and hang or tie them on bamboo branches and hold it up high to the heavens or something

Some crazy-ass wishes people make XD

And this be MY wish for the CNY, which is more or less the same as the New Year resolution I made during the New Year

It's in Time Square, and I think there are still some more paper and pen left (don't worry, the paper has double-sided tape behind, so it's a matter of tearing the tape cover to stick it on the booth wall), so hurry up and go make a wish before you run out of space to put it!
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Enough is Enough!

OK, it may be Chinese New Year--so Gong Xi Fatt Chai to everyone young and old--and we should be having good will towards men and all that, but seriously, enough is enough!

Godammit, I don't care if she reads my blogs or whatever, I'm gonna rant about her

Our project, in which we have received the award for a month back, has kicked into high gear, entering the 2nd (or 3rd?) phase, which means the heavy duty stuff are all in the way and we are going to start claiming payments and stuff for our previous phase of work. Which means there'll be plenty of double jobs ahead and everyone is going to be on a really tight and short leash. Best friends may end up turning into your worst work colleagues as the stress and tensions get really high between us and you are often left with the feeling that you just wanna either strangle the life outta them or just locate the nearest window and leapt out of it to put yourself outta your misery.

So of course, we would need all the help we can get. Thus here comes the part-timers.

I'm not going to name names here just in case I end up digging a shithole for myself (though to be honest, I couldn't even give a fuck if I reveal her entire family tree), but there is definitely this part-timer that I've had up to HERE (note my hand gestured to the top of my head) in tolerance with her, especially after what she done to me a few days ago.

I was assigned to a part-timer back then to assist me on data-keying to give me the extra hand coz it would be hard for me to finish everything by myself. At first I didn't want to (though I never voiced it) because, to be honest, I was a little prideful and also a little territorial. I mean, this is my thing, my job. I alone know how to do all this thing, so why should I go teach someone else who is wet behind the ears how to learn the ropes that I have managed to learn all on my own?

But of course, it's from the top, so I had to grudgingly accept this part-timer. She's roughly in her 30's, just left her previous employment, looking for another job, so while job-hunting, she would be stuck with us (or in my case, I'm stuck with her) until she got hired elsewhere. I taught her the ropes, and we more or less are able to get along with each other.

Though there is just only one itsy-bitsy problem.

Turns out she's bloody computer illiterate.

That's right. In this new age of technology where even an 80-year-old knows how to handle the very basic of computers, I had to get the one who freakin' crawled out of the Neanderthal caves.

She doesn't even know the basic keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+V and the like, she doesn't even understand the concept of inserting and deleting columns in Excel--and yet she claims she's more expert in accounts, which requires you to at least have basic knowledge of Excel--and just a few weeks ago, we found out that she doesn't even know how to save n rename a file, can you believe that??

She was like grumbling to me about why is it that she couldn't locate the new files that she saved when she was required to a sort of documentation for a certain region, and when I went to check what she had done, turns out that she wanted to rename the file with the same name but different serial number but ended up overwriting the previous work that she had done, which end up having to do the damn thing all over again!

She has a memory span of something worse than a goldfish, and she couldn't even remember the last time she did this documentation of the same genre wen my best friend requested her to do another copy for another region when she did it just A WEEK AGO!! All of us tried to remind her, but she just doesn't get it, even though I sarcastically remarked to her that it's the documentation that she keeps making the mistake of overwriting and yet she still didn't get my drift, and she wanted to be taught again how to do the format. How bad can your memory be?

Of course, she also gave me food poisoning somehow by feeding me nasi katok that somehow ended up being the one that almost killed me while others seemed to be fine eating it, and she was totally clueless when I told her that I had food poisoning, never even passed her mind that it was her fault I was suffering with stomach aches, vomiting shit and crapping water outta my ass. That's how bad her memory was, I suppose. And since then it has given me the phobia of ever accepting any food from here.

When I tried to talk to her about her computer illiteracy problems, she claims she was never taught to use PC at her previous employment, which I think it's bullshit because no boss is THAT cruel, and she didn't even bother to try learning or play around with the programs even though she has a fucking LAPTOP at home, claiming tht she's too busy with housework. I don't believe she doesn't know the basic of commands if she has a laptop at home in which she has time to surf the net and all that jazz, and even though I'm busy with work, I still find time to actually learn something in the internet, so why can't she?

She also claims her memory is bad bcoz of her last pregnancy. While post-natal disorder is true, I think she's just stretching it. Our accountant has just as much kids and her memory is sharp as a tack! What does she have to say about that? And she even have the galls to say that the pay she is given per day was not enough because unlike me who doesn't have a family and that much responsibilities, she has both and it's not enough to feed her and her family both, and that she claims that if she were to be paid a bit more, maybe it would be negotiable at best, but ironically she has the cash to splurge on vanity items? Who's being the double standards here?

I get along so much better with other part-timers and even though they didn't understand, one instruction was enough to get them going, and at least they seemed to be able to not test my patience, but her! Ugh!

That day, on Chinese New Year Eve, was reli quite the last straw.

Now she was just downright annoying. I was leaving the office when they called me back up to say she need help transferring pics frm the camera to the PC, and everyone else was either busy or couldnt be bothered to help her, yet ironically my best friend had the time to chase after me to call me back to the office wen he claims he was busy. Hmm~ -_-*

Alright fine, I didnt want to make a fuss about it so I went back up after putting my bag in my hubby's car to help her, and then I realized that it's just a matter of connecting the USB cable to the port in the PC and ANYBODY who had access to the server (and a brain) can do that and just copy and transfer the files into the server!

Alright, still I didn't want to make a big fuss about it, so I helped to do it, and taught the part-timer how to do it as well, telling her "OK, you should do this and that and this and that. Simple, isn't it? So you don't have to call on me all the time."

You know what she did?

She didn't evn bother to say "OK, I got it. I'll remember next time, thanks" She just watched me quietly, never said a word after I finished teaching and just walked off. JUST WALKED OFF! Like whatever I just said was shit!

I really felt like slapping her at that moment! What the hell? I teach her something out of good intention and she acted as if she's pissed that I'm screwing her or something. I couldn't be bothered, my hubby was waiting for me and I didn't want to stay any longer in the office than I should, so I just grit my teeth, grumbled a little before I let it slide and left the office, then vented it out all to my hubby.

Agh!! I really wanna scream at her face for being such a bitch and a douche if not for the fact that she said she "can't handle people shouting or she would cry". Yeah fucking right. As if someone can be THAT sensitive!

It's because of professionalism and sanity that is keeping me from doing this to her right now:

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RTB Media Carnival/BITC Convention

Went to the RTB Media Carnival/BITC Convention last week at the ICC to check out what the hype was all about. It was a pretty interesting spread there, and apparently they had certain scheduled events lined up for each different day, and we just so happened to miss the first few. Ah, no biggie, we didn't mind. We were just there to jump into the bandwagon.

There were booths of calling in for auditions, but sadly it's exclusive for locals only (poor foreigner sap like me won't be able to join), an emporium reserved for the RTB Awards 2010 (though surprisingly there is anything to rate or win in Brunei entertainment), another emporium for talent show, a small outdoor booth for the French embassy member to showcase their artistic photography (in which we actually commented on the pictures without realizing the actual camera person was right beside us listening to us--awkward~!) and even a soundproof booth outside the area to broadcast the goings-on live.

As for the BITC, it stands for Brunei International Trade and Consumer, which basically is a toned down version of the Consumer Fair last time where everything is just food, food, food and food, plus misc items, and the stalls that set booth there was pretty much the same as they have set up during the Consumer Fair the last time (with the same ol' greenies shouting "$1!! $1~!!" for their drinks, LOL). So we just browsed and didn't get anything, well, except for a new wallet for myself, since my old one is practically dying. Coincidentally, I bought it at the same booth I bought my Grim Reaper T-shirt, so I bargained with that guy to give me the same discount for the wallet he gave me when I bought his shirt, plucking at his empathy. $15 for a wallet. Not too bad a bargain.

But the main attraction, apparently, was the showrooms of the emporium, sponsored and produced by one of our main local hotshot advertising company Cityneon Brunei. They have 3 showrooms: Say No to Drugs, Once Upon A Time and The Dungeon: Life After Death. We were, of course, really interested since this is something really different.

Didn't get to take pictures of the Say No to Drugs showroom, though it was interesting to see a couple of fake junkies going around offering "drugs" to the visiting people, and a sort of real life car that actually had an accident and the driver died because he was ODing when he was driving (the scrawling of the Grim Reaper on the side door was a nice touch), and along the way on the walls, they have these precautionary lines like "You were conceived...Your mother suffered great pain to bring you to the world...You were loved and nurtured...Then you threw it all away for drugs..." and the like, and some interesting games for kids to play. Fun fact: I didn't know inhaling glue and correction fluid will get you high as well!

Then we came into Once Upon A Time, where the showroom apparently have pretty girls dressed up as fairy tale princesses and go around posing pretty in pretty awesome backgrounds and such. Must've been a lot of effort to build these things, even if it is made mostly out of styrofoam and fake wood. Kudos to the Cityneon team! I forgot my camera coz we were using it to take pictures and videos of my cutting the birthday cake, so I had to borrow my friend's huge professional camera for it

Signboard of the showroom

Le entrance

Nice colourful white dangling decors, though it gives sort of a fake impression of this princess being the Ice Queen from Narnia, which I insist it isn't since there's the Cinderella shoe nearby in display

Le Cinderella, evident by the fact that she's not totally dressed in white and she's sitting on an orange-ish carriage, clearly meaning the pumpkin carriage, though I was hoping it would actually resemble the ACTUAL pumpkin carriage more

The glass slipper, with the name "Cinderella" on it, more proof that this princess is, in fact, Cinderella, though doesn't look as much as a glass slipper as I hoped

This is pretty much already starting to enter the realm of Alice in Wonderland, though it feels like something else too, just can't put my finger on what

No idea what this huge-ass bird cage supposed to be, and too bad we couldn't open and go inside, or it would be nice to take a "caged" shot

Some more shots, including this princess sitting on the swing. She looks so pretty, but I couldn't for the life of me think of which princess is she supposed to represent. Could be Thumbelina, but then again, I could be wrong

More shots, with my friend sitting on the apple, though he couldn't put his full weight down or it would break because the apple is also made from styrofoam

Judging by the cards here, we are pretty much very well aware that we have entered Wonderland territory

Here is the Mad Hatter's tea party. Apparently we can actually have real life tea parties with someone who would play the role of the Mad Hatter, but during certain set times, and unfortunately we were not within that time schedule, so I have to settle for taking pictures of the empty tea party table. I doubt I'd wanna know how this version of Mad Hatter would look like. I'm not really in a mood to want to see a Tim Burton version though... ^^;;

Trigger-happy on the items on the tea table. If only they were real...

Le entrance to the tea party (I just went in through the wrong side, apparently, but since no one noticed... :P)

Trigger-happy on the (fake) clocks around, reminding me of the White Rabbit and his "I'm late! I'm late!" shenanigans

The chess pieces, probably taking liberties from Alice Through the Looking Glass

The "Drink Me" bottle and the card symbols (most of them)

The Queen of Hearts throne, though isn't it ironic that the Queen of Hearts, hearts being representative of love and kindness, end up being the one to hurt, kill and plunder and rule with an iron fist?

"Off with his head!!!"


Ah, one of the famous part of Wonderland...

...though something is definitely "wrong" here...

I dunno whether I should be amazed or terrified by this rendition of the talking flowers

Trigger-happy shots

Ah, now this is the real section for the Narnia's White Queen. They got the carriage and the polar bears right around the area, and by far, this is the most beautiful princess/queen I've ever seen throughout the showroom so far (no offense to the others)

Shots of the icicles and the snowy dangly decors

I guess it pays to have a professional camera because this shot kicks ass

Le Ice Queen. Wonder if she would offer us Turkish Delights...

Trigger-happy on the rest of the princesses around the area that finally decided to show up, though I think our Alice is supposed to be in there with the birds and the bees (no pun intended)

Wasn't able to take pictures of the haunted house either coz, well, how the hell are you gonna take pictures in a pitch-black haunted house anyways? I'd hate to use flash too, just in case I snap something "unwanted".

We were surprised though that there was a really long line up ahead and it was fucking dark, as well as the sound effects of creepy laughter and people screaming was really freaking me the fuck out, and made me wonder whether it was really as scary as it was, reminding me of my high school days doing my own haunted house. If people were afraid to piss their pants (as were a few that were complaining in front of me), I was afraid I would shit my pants!

When we entered, it was built to be like a bit of a maze. First we were greeted with a creepy raggedy hunchback, then in a corner we saw disemboweled bodies and guts galore, with dismembered hands and feet hanging from the ceiling, though I worry that "disemboweled body" may actually sit up and scare the fuck outta me.

Then something really did scare the fuck outta me when we turned to a corner and some ass-wipe dressed in deathly white just popped outta nowhere in the dark with just a light and did the age-old light-in-the-face scare tactic, which bloody hell worked, by the way, because I just screamed my lungs out and made a run for it. Then we turned to what looked like an execution chamber where there's the gallows with the executioner dressed like a hobo holding a parang and banging the floor just to try and scare the hell outta us, but didn't work, and a dead body tied to an electric chair, and some gadgets to make the hanging man swing nearer and nearer to you and some ghastly ghoul pop down at you from the top.

Then finally you pass by a cage where it suppose to represent the Cirque du Freak kinda moment where you see a gorilla man in the cage trying to scare the bugger off you and grope at you, which he did when we were on our way to the exit. I was hesitant to go to the exit because there was a coffin there with a "dead body" in it that I was afraid would suddenly sit up and scare you shitless, but the gorilla man groping at my foot got me into motion. Overall, aside from a few good scares, I think it was nothing compared to the haunted house that we've done

All in all, it was an interesting experience. Pretty cool. A bit of the extraordinary in our ordinary daily lives, plus a good excuse for us to stretch our legs and burn off a few calories after eating lunch, so it's a win-win ^_^