Saturday, January 22, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

World Habitat Day

Last week (or was it the week before?) after our lunch date, my friend and I went to check out this fair/expo that was happening in The Mall in conjunction with World Habitat Day in which they have a project called Homes for the Future or something of the sort.

Apparently they're gonna build some sort of apartment and/or condominium that is affordable for all to live as no one will get left out to have the luxurious part of the comforts of home, so yeah, that's the gist of what I get from the fair anyways.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken just for the fun of it. Since I was inside, I decided to take it backwards from inside to out:

Kid's wardrobe and dresser

Overall layout of the children's room

Children's bed and bedside table, which this mom has gotten in the way of the shot, dammit

Master bedroom's toilet

Master bedroom's bed

Master bedroom wardrobe, which is like mine with a separator but unlike my sliding door, this one is a normal opening outward door

Master bedroom wardrobe

Overall layout of the master bedroom

Guest room bed

Guest room wardrobe, which had quite an oriental motif on it

Overall layout of the guest room, though people tend to get in my shot -_-*

Guest room dresser

Laundry room, which is the first time I actually see exist in Brunei or anywhere that is in front of my eyes, LOL

Dining area

Kitchen area, and again people are in my shot, but I really love the kitchen area the most, almost feels like one of those nice open kitchens USA homes usually have. While I was trying to get a good shot from an angle to capture most of the area, I accidentally bumped into someone from behind and when I turned to apologize, I noticed he was carrying a video camera. Apparently he had the same idea too to capture shots of the place. Now that is footage!

Living room area

A guest book outside for visitors who dropped in to check it out to sign in, and of course, I jumped into the bandwagon

The front door entrance

The verandah

Shots of the windows from the outside

Another verandah on the other side

Let's take it from the top...

I had to take two pics to fit the entire layout of the apartment from the top

It was an interesting experience, and I wouldn't mind living in a home like this, though it would probably be hard if I want my PC and my hubby wants the TV and PS3 and electronic whatnot in the master bedroom for easy access since it's kinda small even for a master bedroom, but anywho, it is actually quite livable, if it's true about the reasonable price and all.

Whether or not they will pull through with it and go forth is another thing altogether, if we know all too well about the culture of Bruneian strategists...But that's another story >.>