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Me Weddingz: Part 5-Evening Reception

Here comes Part 5, last part of the ceremony, which is the evening reception ^_^

Getting ready for the event, and for once, my hubby was there to be groomed along with me and the rest of the ladies~! Though I was actually off-screen having my hair washed and my clothes worn before having my hair being permed again

Corsages that the members of the bride and groom have to wear as they were ushers and stuff

Le ladies who are in charge to receive guests and have the names signed in the guest book

This be the design of the stage. It's a really nice concept of the dragon and the phoenix face to face because in the Chinese culture, dragon is signified as male and phoenix is signified as female. I really, really love the design and was quite insistent with that because, hey, it's our wedding. We're entitled to splurge a little and go a little ka-ka on the designs. Originally it was quite a killer to try and get the person in charge to give us this design and keep within the budget, since he keeps insisting that if we do not have an actual voucher with the hotel that they liaison with, they will have to charge us full price, but fortunately since the person in charge managed to be contacted by the hotel after a little TLC from my dad-in-law, we were allowed to keep the budget offered by the hotel and just pay the balance of the extra costs

This be the decors for the cake and champagne table that was thrown in by the person in charge for free, and the cake looks quite amazing, though to be honest, I don't really recall ended up eating the cake, but I think it could be chocolate or something

Some photo-frenzy and trigger-happy moments as they received the guests and ushered them to their seat. Surprisingly, instead of the expected 10% lack of attendance, apparently EVERYONE came and more, until they had to accommodate an extra 4 more tables for them to fit them all in! Talk about popularity! They must've been freakin' waiting for that defined moment of my hubby getting married! XD

Making some last minute dolling up

Cinderella moment~!

A finished shot of us pressed and dressed for the occasion

Both of us getting calls to find out that some of our buds were lacking a space to seat and were being seated in the worst location ever. Apparently there have been some inconsiderate guests who went in without waiting to be ushered (because some of the family members were a little late to go down to be ready to meet and greet and usher the guests), randomly picked a table that was reserved for the immediate family and threw away the reserved sign, prompting others to do so as well. Meh~! Can't they be a little civilized in other people's wedding?

Taking pictures with Yvonne and her assistant Alice (I think that's her name), and kudos to them for sticking by us all day to have us all nice and pretty

Making our way to the reception hall

Waiting behind until we're given the cue to go in (which apparently the MC decided to announce on the fly without waiting for the signal, moron! XD)

Grand entrance of the bride and groom~!

This be our MC, Mike, who was pretty entertaining throughout the reception, though he does have a motor mouth and often go so fast, people can't understand him

Some photo-frenzy moments

This be the band from Virtuoso Music School that our MC managed to get them to perform for our reception at quite the last minute. Their performances were actually quite amazing, especially the little girl. She's got a good set of pipes, although my friend did comment that she's got the skill but not the soul for it

Some photo-frenzy moments throughout the reception, including guests, immediate family and the like

I actually went forward and created a sort of slideshow that I drew on the fly using sketch style on how my hubby and I met, which you can watch it here. The reason why I did it is because we didn't really have much photos of just us prior to our engagement and wedding and all that, so yeah. I was both proud and embarrassed of my work because one, it was done on a fly and such short notice and I was amazing that I managed to even complete this, and two, it was not exactly my best work coz it's sketch style and all. But surprisingly, despite the crappy animation, people seemed to enjoy it. Well, not to the point of standing ovation, but I got a lot of larfs and giggles and whoops at certain scenes and had a full-round applause and all ;p

Our best friend, the original and official matchmaker and my hubby's best man, singing Right Here Waiting to dedicate to us, which is the song that I often use as ringtone for calls from my hubby

Some more trigger-happy moments

My dad-in-law singing a song to dedicate to us as well (totally forgot what was it) and the kids decided to join him on stage for fun

The trio checking out the karaoke TV screen

It was then I decided to just wing it and sing a song for my hubby, in which I sang I Will Always Love You for him. I sang that coz it was my trademark song more or less and also the first song I sang to my hubby to showcase my talent when we first started dating.

My #1 fan...

Along with some other little fans as well XD

Apparently my hubby's eldest bro-in-law was on his toes for me because he was worried I couldn't make it for the pitch, since Whitney Houston's songs are usually very hard to sing, but I've sang this song a gajillion times, so it's not so hard for me. I know, it's a breakup song and whatnot, but still...

My hubby is in tears with the awesomeness of my voice (I wish XD)

Aunty Lisa dedicating a song for us, the Hokkien style XD

My godma singing The Greatest Love of All for us, though she still can't hit the high pitch... ^^;; Kudos for effort, Godma

Aunty Lisa, as she sang, induced us and our parents to take the first dance

Us dancing, with me and my hubby having 2 left feet >_<;;
They seem to be having fun though...

Seems like my godma and Aunty Lisa generated some fans, with my godma being the joker drama queen as usual XD

Time to cut the cake, which was bloody hard ftw! What the hell is this, frozen cake or something from North Pole??

Time to pop the champagne, folks!

Mike induced us to do a joint effort to pop the champagne (well, technically since this is a Muslim country, drinking alcohol publicly is illegal, so we settled with having sparkling grape juice instead), stating that the further the cork pops, the bigger stud he was. There were 2 bottles. The first one was popped pretty successfully, but when it came to the second bottle, apparently the cork was already halfway out and before he even started shaking, the cork has already popped to goodness knows where, earning a huge larf and Mike teasing him of being a "Mr. Hurricane", if you know what I mean. XDDDD

Pouring the drink down the cascading glasses, though sadly, two bottles weren't enough to fill all the glasses

Alright, guys, time to make the first toast~!


Ah, the fun part about Chinese wedding evening reception, which is the Yam Seng part. Usually in these occasions, we would say the word "Yam Seng" for 3 toasts. Not sure what's the significance about, but apparently you must drag the "Yam" part as long as you can before you can drink, and the 3rd "Yam Seng" would be the bloody longest part of the toast, but it's pretty fun to do it, as it incites some larfs and also see your pipe endurance

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *deep breath* ~aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *gasp* ~aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *Are we done yet?* ~aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seeeeeeeeeeeeeng!!!!!"

Now it's the game time, in which I will be tested first. It's usually these sort of games that would test to see how well you know or love your spouse, and I dread to wonder what Mike had in store for me

Blindfold first~

Apparently the game was that my hubby, along with a bunch of his brotherhood would come up on stage and have their pants rolled up to reveal their thighs and I'm supposed to figure out which one is my hubby's thigh. Trust the prankster Mike to come up with a crazy game like that

All the boys getting ready to have me punk'd

Note: Whatever happens next was beyond my knowledge since I couldn't see, so I only found out who I touched after seeing the pics below

Nope, not my hubby...

Nope, not my hubby either, too fat...

Not my hubby, sorry

Aha, there's my hubby!

Note: Here, technically I cheated. Because I couldn't really feel because my sense of touch was dulled by the gloves, I wanted to try my luck in feeling to see if I could recognize the grooves of my hubby's shoes since I went shoe-shopping with him the week before. But I hadn't counted on the grooves of every men's shoes were pretty similar, but as luck would have it, Mike thought I was cheating on the previous guy and demanded that my hubby's shoe be removed so that I would not cheat, which ironically gave me the chance to cheat because I knew my hubby was hopeless in cutting his toenails unless I did it for it, so I won because I felt his damn long nails through his socks and I knew then that was the right one. Though of course, it was by chance, coz there is a chance the other guys might have long nails to, but hey, all's fair in love and war~!

Mike tried to derail me from getting the right answer by giving me someone else's leg...

In which I knew they were trying to fool me, coz I shrank back almost immediately because his thigh is just too fat (later I found it was just muscle) to be my hubby's

The next game, which is being explained and demonstrated by Mike, was meant for my hubby, in which he has to be blindfolded and guess which one is me by having me and the sisterhood sit one by one on his back XD That would be torture~!

Blindfolding him while my sisterhood laughed their heads off

O|-|_ LOL Absolute LULZ

Mike chose me first to sit down on him to let him guess. And sadly, even on the first round, he had guessed me wrong. Even though Mike gave chances to change his answers and the little trio were yelling near him saying "Yes", he still said it wasn't me, thus lost the game. But I think it's partially my fault too, since I didn't put my full weight on my hubby and I kinda blindfolded over his ears that he couldn't hear Mike giving him chances or the little trio yelling. I can't help it. I know I'm heavy as hell (the sins of being fat T_T) and I didn't want to break his back

Punishment time~! My hubby will have to suffer the wrath of the sisterhood deciding on a punishment for him

Mike suggested him serenading to me (with his out-of-tune voice, but at least he tried ^_^''')...

But the sisterhood thought it was not punishment enough...

So they decided to make me sit on my hubby's lap and kiss him for 30 seconds on their count. Well, not really a punishment per se, though I hope I hadn't made pancakes out of his legs

Photo-frenzy time with family and friends...

With a few crazy-ass shots in between...

And ending it on a sweet note

Final toasts with best friends and buddies, though too bad no alcohol aside from the wine involved

There, finally! Everything that had happened throughout the whole day of my entire wedding. Overall, it's a very interesting and rivoting experience that I would probably not want to go through again, because it's time-consuming, money-consuming and just tires the hell outta you, especially when you threaten to become Bride-zilla, LOL! But it's pretty rewarding in the end, I must admit, and it was worth going through all that. I wouldn't trade this for any other.

Stay tuned to the epilogue of my wedding experiences~!