Saturday, January 1, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

Me Weddingz: Epilogue-A Month Later

One month has passed since the events. A few things had happened, namely my hubby's eldest sister (now my sister-in-law as well) and her family officially migrating to London for good. It was a little hectic at first because the kids were around and we'd try to keep them in line while trying to help out with the packing and the household chores and whatnot, since there was no maid yet.

They gave away a lot of things, and we bought a lot of their things from them to fill up our new room and add on with the furniture. In fact, aside from our bed, wardrobe, dresser, bedside table and TV table, everything else were hand-me-downs, secondhand stuff that still worked pretty well and looked almost still brand new. Finally managed to get wardrobe that has a divider so that we can separate our clothes and don't mix them together and cramping them into one tiny space. That was the only furniture I insisted on getting while my hubby can pick whatever he wants on the other furniture. Buying the big book shelves from my eldest sis-in-law was probably the smartest thing because even after filtering and throwing away all those books that I don't need and rearranging them all together, I still have SO MANY BOOKS!! But thankfully they all fit in, with just some room for more, and it looked perfect especially with my comic books concerned.

Sent my sis-in-law and their family away, almost couldn't be able to make it because I had been sprang with a surprise meeting with the clients for our project (which probably have nothing much to do with me either anywho), and said our teary goodbyes. Gave away a collection of Bible manga-s to my little niece who loved it to bits and apparently reads it every night before bed (Cute~!), though hopefully she wasn't going to end up growing up to be a nun! XD

Helping out with the chores like a good daughter-in-law should, getting along with the in-laws more or less and just living what I usually have lived when I first moved in with my hubby, just now no longer as a fiance or live-in girlfriend status, but as the status of a wife.

Married life is being quite fair to us. After all the hype, things were more or less back to normal, with the occasional teases from other people to hurry up and have kids or something, and the occasional pressure from others as well to get a honeymoon baby or something. Not planning to have honeymoon so soon, need to save up a bit, but the places we'd love to go to in our honeymoon list would be either Australia, London (where my sis-in-law is, yay!) or New Zealand (LOTR ftw~!!!)

Have our ups and downs, but nothing we can't handle. We do bicker, we do argue at some point, but it's all part of newly wed life. I mean, we didn't get through 5 years of long courting, dating and engagement together without expecting life like this.

After all, we will be...

"Together Forever"