Saturday, January 22, 2011 | By: BlackGargie

I'm Only Popular...Online

Just received another troop of fans this morning. Well, technically more like one yesterday and one today. One was called Abe from Michigan and one called Kitty from Scotland.

They all were fans of my fanfics and/or fanarts that I post everywhere online and had viewed me as either their hero, their idol or their inspiration, whichever fits. Even Abe said, since he's a quilt-maker, wants to make a wall-hanging for me. I feel absolutely honoured to be even graced with this sort of offer, let alone receiving it. Most of the time people would draw fanarts for me or entertain my requests, but to have an actual physical gift, now that's phenomenal.

So by far, I have friends from almost all over the America and Europe countries, more or less, as listed here:

Michigan, USA
Colorado, USA
Maryland, USA
Alaska, USA
California, USA
Lancashire, UK

I seem to be popular online, but if you see me in public, I'd probably would not exist ^_^;;