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Consumer Fair 2011

Went on a Consumer Fair this year in ICC, since this was actually quite my first time going, and since my friend is actually on leave on that day, so yeah, lucky me.

This be the International Convention Centre (ICC), located in Berakas area on the hill opposite the sports complex and within the confines of the government areas and about a few minutes drive away from Orchid Garden Hotel. They often have a lot of conventions and expos and whatnot (had that tech convention last year that I had fun with the SmartBoard and rivaled with a fellow artist), but this is actually kinda sorta my first time being in a consumer fair even though it's on 3 times a year. Yes, I know, it's sad. Sue me '''-_-;;

It was raining cats and dogs, so we took the shuttle that is rented by ICC for this event just to pick people up from the stadium carpark up to this building. From the entrance itself, it's already clear that it is bloody jam-packed like crazy. Men and women, young and old, all here to check out what's hot and what's new, and being that this is the 2nd last day of the fair, all the more so to go there to get bargain prices

Making our way to the Japanese market, which is quite a highlight to me

Hardworking men trying to sell household products, though we've got enough mops at home to go around. Sorry, guys

Plowing through the mass of people around the area, passing by stalls who are cashing in on the fair to make a quick buck

Trigger-happy moments

"Swordsmen" selling their ware, claiming their knives are the best, though I gotta say, if it can cut through paper like scissors so easily, it's gotta be something good!

Nice colourful sewing gadgets

Ladies standing out there holding out try-out foods for the customers.

Free food galore~! Though in small little bits of candy and stuff. Who says there's no such thing as free lunch?

Cute fairy food try-out lady willing to be photographed for me ^_^

More trigger-happy shots

Aha, Spades is also cashing in on the fair! That should be worth dropping by a little

Autograph bears shipped in from UK where you can carry it around to ask for autographs or just have autograph memoirs with your friends. Good for graduation

Cute little girlies willing to be photographed, though I especially love the neko girl. So kawaii~!

Moar trigger-happy shots of stalls

Ah, the area where I'm most interested in: The Japanese Product Street. Kinda reminds me of the scene in Haruhi Suzumiya during the summer hols where there's stands everywhere and people wearing kimono-s and yukata-s during the fair. The signboard looks rather cool though, meshing old school drawings with modern gags in it. If you're wondering, the Japanese words there reads "Yakitori", though what it means, I have no idea ^_^;;

Awesome yukata on one of the workers who is more than willing to be photographed. He was outside the entrance of the emporium shouting "3 Dollars! 3 Dollars! Everything must go! 3 Dollars!" meaning that they were now having their clearance sale and everything in there, and I mean everything is $3! What a bargain!

Stands available with Japanese products in abundance. Apparently they sell things that seemed to be not much different than ours, just that the packaging was fancier, though they do sell certain items that we don't have it here. It's so sad that I'm not rich, or I would've bought one of each to try and see how it differs with food here in Brunei. $3 is quite the bargain, but money is a problem for my rather thin wallet right now

Just a few nice kimono-clad workers there looking oh-so-sweet to be willing to be photographed. Apparently the manager was there too and was scouring around to see how business was doing. I wanted to approach him after knowing he is a genuine Japanese man, but it wouldn't be wise to do so when it's someone you don't know, so I did what I did best: Do something silly that just might work to catch his attention.

I pretended to walk past one of the stands, randomly pick up a product and read the Japanese words out loud and pretending it was just casual reading but actually I wanted to read it to catch the manager's attention. It worked alright, as he struck a conversation with me, impressed at how I knew hirakana (which was the words I was reading), and I told him of how I was self-learning Japanese through anime and stuff, and how it sorta helped me get through my day as a tour guide when I had a Japanese tourist who didn't frickin understand a single word of English I was saying, and he was even impressed at my ability to learn languages quite easily. I finally managed to ask him why is it that he did not sell yukata-s and kimono-s and he said he would've had but couldn't make it. He opened one of the wafer cases for me to try, and, despite it tasting like any other wafer rolls, I complimented the taste out of courtesy saying "O-ishi" for good measure, and he was happy to hear that

Gotta love Japan and the Japanese :D

Some weird Flintstone clown just suddenly show up sending flyers around, so I decided to snap shot him, though that is not how Fred Flintstone is supposed to look like though

Some of the items in display, including jawbreakers and cookies and biscuits and even Doraemon treats! So cute~! X3

More trigger-happy moments as we entered the emporium that was behind the Japanese stalls. Looks like even furniture stores and the like are cashing in on this event as well, though I doubt they're willing to sell their furniture for $3! XD

Apparently on stage, Ranoadidas was doing his own thing by hosting Cyber Games Competition for people. There was football, driving (I think), Call of Duty (or was it something else? These first person shooter games are really almost alike) and DJ games, which was pretty awesome. Too bad I'm not good at playing any games except The Sims XDDDD

OMG! It's Ranoadidas with the guy he collaborated with to create Love Food, Hate Waste! A definite photo moment right there with our own Brunei celebs! And of course, his friend had to go photo-bombing at the back there XD

More trigger-happy moments. And the shoes~! I've never seen so many shoes~!!

Some sort of new-age vacuum device that goes around the room to vacuum the area by itself. It's cute, great for bachelor pods and lazy people, but definitely costing a bundle

More trigger-happy moments

Some sort of odd health device or something, like an electronic version of the health gadget where you stand on it for long periods of time so that it'll promote blood circulation and whatnot. Either that or it's a rather elaborate piece of weighing scale

Even food stores are cashing in on the action, with the same old, same old food from the same old, same old company

Another round of stalls with more promoters and stuff, and even a bridal stand. Sorry, folks, you're a little late to promote for me for my wedding

My friend stopping at one stall to ask questions about diving while I go trigger-happy on the gears, and even joked around with one of the promoters there, threatening to take away his turtle doll

A home-design company promoting their wares outside the emporium

Managed to plow our way through the crowd to get to another emporium where more stuff are, passing through more side stalls, one of them being the so-called slimming pants where you wear them underneath your actual clothes or something and it will probably squeeze the hell out of you to shrink down your cellulite or something. Yeah, right, judging by the people selling them who looked twice my size, I doubt it actually works

The moment you enter here, aside from the cars in display, you will be hit with the aroma of food, so it looks like this place is mainly concerned with selling food items and drinks, judging by the smoothie stand on my left and the Maggi noodles stand on my right the minute I set foot into this part of the emporium

Le smoothie stand I speak off. The promoter there is quite photogenic

Ice-cream from the Kingston stand (where I applied and failed to get an employment from). My friend's cousin (whose brother is married to my hubby's cousin, which makes me and my friend related through marriage) was there working and treated us to a cup of free softdrinks

More trigger-happy moments of the stalls, in which I am right where they are actually focusing a lot on food stuff, and going around letting people have food try-outs. Maybe we should've settled our lunch here rather than coming over here after lunch, coz there are absolutely amazing nice food here that I would love to try but am too full to

Looks like engineering companies are cashing in on the fair. Too bad their ice-cream maker was the industrial type, or I would love to purchase one for our convenience to make our own ice-cream :d

They're even cashing in on the cat food. Might work well for our stray pet Bushy

Indian products for sale~

More food try-outs. Like I said, should've settled our lunch here

Was going trigger-happy everywhere and saw a huge commotion over this stand, shouting that they're selling things at a dollar, and I was wondering what was it that they're selling in such a bargain price, and apparently they're trying to clear out their drinks by selling 3 cans of their Heaven & Earth Jasmine Tea for $1. Too bad I'm not really a fan of Jasmine tea, so yeah, didn't bother buying

More photo-frenzies, and another food tryout girl willing to be photographed

Wow, Go-kart games here trying to cash in as well! Too bad I suck at playing these games. I'll die at the very first turnabout XP

More promotion going around, one with their iron especially, but have no need for that at the moment, since I don't do the laundry (the perks of having a maid XD)

Our smoothies guy being photogenic

Maggi noodles in da house~!

Moar photo-frenzies

Some guy promoting a butterfly massager, which is basically some sort of massage stone to pinpoint areas to give you the best spots

Food stalls again...

Some guy selling the world's thinnest wallet courtesy from Korea leather or something. Sorry, man, it's interesting, but I'm not interested (I prefer my wallet with dozens of pockets, it's a fetish thing)

More food stuff, with people buying something to munch on and sit and relax after a long day scouring around for things to buy and bargain

Kudos to the promoters and sales boys

Interesting honey all the way from Yemen. I was interested to try this one but sadly it's only for married couple and too bad my hubby is not here with me, so out of respect for the customs, I'll just settle for taking pictures

Promoters hard at work. Ganbatte, people~

Even bags get to cash in on the event

The glare was really strong on this one when I tried to take picture of the crowd, so...experience the power of holy light, all ye unfaithful~! *insert holy choir sound here* XDDD

Moving on to the main emporium

Up front in the entrance were kids performing yo-yo tricks, and I couldn't resist taking a photo and videoing them. I can only do the basic up and down style, but actual stuff like what they're doing? Uh-uh

Electronics and beauty products galore

We were looking forward to the section where they feature Taiwanese inventions, gives me a sense of home being with people like these, though technically some of those people, despite their stand being under the Taiwan Invention community, are actual based in their company, mostly Malaysian

Here are some "inventions" that they have:

Water-oxidizing machine

Taiwan Ah Li San (Mountain Ah Li) Tea

Mutli-purpose magnifying glass

Head massager (but given a test, feels more like a head scratcher XDDD)

Card and trinket holder

More tea and health products

World's smallest clothes iron ever~! XD

Toy blocks for kids, which is one of those really old, long-standing toys that I used to play when I was a kid. Didn't think they would still manufacture these. Brings back memories there

Two-minute noodles

Knives of all kinds, sharp enough to create food of art

Cream and beauty products, guaranteed to even cure eczema

Paper planes that behave like boomerangs, a modernized version of an old 60's toy

More promotions abound

Been seeing this product around even at The Mall and certain other expos. About some sort of multipurpose dress that can be expanded from just one furry cloth/towel or something like that. Looks interesting, but I don't really see the occasion for it

Blender promotion

Even Brunei Press is cashing in

Photo-frenzy galore

Taiwan books, mostly educational, for sale, some of them providing tutorials for certain art software. Pretty cool stuff, and written in traditional Chinese, which really is my kind of Chinese that I read better than simplified ones

This stand here sell 3-D posters, which is basically one of those 3D arts that we used to like when we were kids that are on our stationeries and pencil cases and whatnot, but on posters and not one of those that are made in such a way that if you shift in one angle the picture would change position as if it were a moving picture. Yeah, that kind, though unfortunately they were just a tad too expensive

More trinkets

A really cute clock that I wouldn't mind getting, but unfortunately my hubby wouldn't share my sense of kawaii taste

Tour groups cashing in as well

Demo of a multi-purpose hair-tying device to make our life easier

Moar items for sale

Here is the billboard of the Brunei National Yoyo Championship. Not sure whether it was supposed to be a contest or whatever, but I guess that what the fanciful yoyo playing was about. The DJ even made announcement that there would be a ice-cream eating contest, would love to join if we weren't pressing for time

Few more promotional stalls cashing in

An interior designing company also setting up stall here, I particularly like the butterfly designs

Lorenzo, known for their bed products

Even Brunei Shell Gas company also set up stall here to cash in

Another yoyo demonstration before us

Really wish I could get one of these exercise equipment, but we don't have the room for it...or do we? Gotta check first

That is the blackest healthcare product I've ever seen

A really uber cute dinosaur toy that apparently wags its tail and purrs and reacts to your strokes at certain areas of his body. According to the promoter, it has about 100++ sensors in its body to detect the touches and strokes, thus the reaction. Couldn't help videoing it while give the stroking a shot. Would be great for a substitute pet. Need no maintenance, just a battery change, and if we don't need it, can just turn it off. But the price is quite dear, which is not surprising really

Some cool entertainment stuff for kids

More items here and there, been there, done that

Even banks are cashing in on this, though I don't see its significance with consumer fair though

Mineral water try-outs, anyone?

Roof tiles and interior design stuff here

Trigger-happy on a smart phone product with its decors at the side. The red is very catching

Random picture of an uber slim dress for those with aneroxia

Realtor and property business cashing in as well

There's Fred Flintstone again, with his clowny cohort. I guess they're doing some sort of clown business or something, though I doubt it would be Jester Novelties, since my best friend who started that business with his friend said that company is dead

Wading through the outdoors after making it out alive once again

Apparently they hung the "Yakitori" sign upside-down for some reason -_-;;

More trigger-happy on the outdoor Japanese Market

Blackberry cashing in on the hype

For fun, I decided to see how their Ocean World look like. Back then during the tech expo, we were bombarded with crappy styrofoam robots and aliens and spaceships (though gotta give a bit of credit on the effort and artwork, especially the robots), with the only thing interesting there being the little sentient AI robot that has anime eyes programmed into it, so I just felt like going in there to see how good/crappy it is. It's only a dollar. No biggie, though my friend wasn't really too willing and wanted to hide his face from being embarrassed of people looking at him going into a kid's area XD C'mon! You're only young once! Indulge a little!

Since the rain stopped, we decided to walk down the hill back to the stadium carpark where we parked our car, and apparently hawker stalls were also trying to cash in on this event as well outdoors

Some sort of international sale for charity was also taking place at the same time with consumer fair, but down at the stadium area, so it wouldn't hurt to go and check it out

Wow, goat's milk for sale! LOL!

Same old, same old items

Awesome remote control helicopter that, though hard to control, can handle a lot of crash and burn XD

DJ on site to promote items and play songs, in which there have been an awkward sounding singer that we missed on the mini stage

More odds and ends

Stopped by this amazing stall where they sell these amazing Death-themed shirts, some of them that glow in the dark. The design and drawing style was bloody dark and awesome, and I couldn't resist checking out the clothes. I have always wanted to get one of these babies, but was afraid my hubby wouldn't approve. But I decided to go with my heart and purchased one after mulling over indecisively on the shirt designs. All the Deaths on the shirts looked fucking-A and I couldn't decide! But of course I didn't get glow in the dark shirts or I'll scare the fuck outta people wearing this at night. My hubby wasn't too happy, but didn't say anything more, although I could tell that he'd rather if I don't wear it if I'm with him, so no big

It was an amazing experience by far and quite rewarding, since I get to talk to a Japanese guy and purchase something I always wanted, and gone photo-frenzy over everything, fully utilizing my birthday gift (i.e my camera). I wouldn't mind going again, but maybe I won't take that much pictures as I have now, since the next Consumer Fair (which will be on June/July) might showcase the same stuff with a little extra

Those who are interested in watching the videos that I took while I was in the fair (since it's a bloody hassle to upload here while I'm uploading piccies at the same time), you guys can go here.