Friday, December 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

What's in the Name?

Ever hated someone so much that just the name would set you off on a killing spree?

This may sound random but I just gotta have to get it outta my chest.

I was reading Jinggo the Hunter, one of my really old local Malaysian manga that I used to buy when I was younger. Jinggo had always been one of my favourite characters in our local magazine Gempak and has been one of my many fantasy loves, so when the graphic novel trilogy compilation came out, I jumped to the chance to buy, and when I went to college, I had someone look after it for me until I was able to retrieve it from him. It was in good condition, and of course, reading it back again was good, clean fun, bringing me back to the days where life were much simpler than today.

Then I came upon one of the episodes where Joned met his chat friend Nikki for the first time. She's a pretty redhead with an amazing figure, admiring Joned for taking a risky job as a private detective and didn't mind his short stature. She herself was quite strong, if not a bit of a violent streak, but both of them hit off pretty well and had been to quite a number of dates together.

There was only one problem to this almost perfect relationship.

She was a jilted lover recovering from a past breakup.

Joned didn't know that till the near end of the story where Jinggo caught him in public and teased him for not introducing his secret date sooner. Then when he came up to her to ask what her name was, she flipped, giving Jinggo an uber sucker-punch. When Joned asked what was going on, she sucker-punched Joned as well, ramming him to the ground and screaming about how she hated her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her, that she could not control herself when she hears his name and ran away, saying that she could not see Joned again.

Confused, much?

See, this is our local manga, which means the dialogues are written in our native language. Her ex-boyfriend's name was Apa, and in our language, "Apa" also means the word "What".

So basically, whenever she hears people say the word "What", she will be reminded of her ex-boyfriend and go all Gung Ho over it and beats anyone into a pulp when the name/word was mentioned.

Now how's that for a language barrier, since the word was a taboo word? XDDDDD

And I thought this was bad: