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Me Weddingz: Part 3-Church Ceremony

Here comes Part 3, which is the actual church white wedding~!

This be the church we're getting married in, called St. George's Church, which apparently was also beside my hubby's old primary school of the same name. Being that my hubby is a Catholic and usually the bride has to accommodate the groom, I would have to be married with him as well in that church despite being a Protestant which would've entitled me to be married in a Protestant church just opposite this one, called St. Andrew's. Of course, this will be considered a mixed marriage since we were of the different denomination, though what is the point of separating us if we're all worshipping the same faith...

Some trigger-happy shots of the guests, this being the VIP guests since it's my immediate family. From left to right: Aunty Helen, Anna (my godmother since like forever), Datin Peggy (my mom's old business partner and acquaintance) and Aunty Lisa (my godmother's and mom's old family friend)

My hubby with my pops and his uncle and aunt from his dad's side

My hubby convening with the brotherhood about stuff that I probably wouldn't want to know XD

I have to remain in the car until it was cue for me to get out to walk down the aisle, so a bit of a pose together with my childhood friend/bridesmaid (damn, I didn't know I was that fat -_-''' though the bright side is that I didn't know my tits were that huge either ;p)

Some of the brotherhood posing with the pastor who would officiate our marriage: Father Arin

My hubby walking in with his parents to wait in front of the altar for me to walk down the aisle

Cue time for me to come out~!

We had my hubby's niece and nephews of his eldest sister Justina to be our flower girl and boy and also ring-bearer. Cute little young flower boy in front there is Jamie, with his sister Karina the flower girl (apparently he cried and demanded for the position as flower boy when he saw that only his sister was getting the role XD Cute~!) and the older boy at the back would be Kyran our ring-bearer

My bridesmaids walking down the aisle next. I remember it was quite tough to colour-coordinate my childhood friend is in another country and all that and had to liaison back and forth through email, and we almost couldn't be able to carry on for fear of mis-communication, but at least we got through XDDD

Now me walking down the aisle led by my dad. I had to instruct him to move slowly according to the beat and speed of the music and ask him to follow my lead. It was an interesting experience, sorta, to actually walk down the aisle when back then, all I could do was imagine and/or see how people in the movies do it and looked so magical. Well, in a way, it did feel magical of sorts. Wasn't really nervous or anything, but it does still sent flutters down my gut to actually do the thing that I could only see in movies. Though my dad still tend to mumble quietly about me being a good girl and a good daughter-in-law and such. Dads will be dads, I suppose :/

My pops handing me over to my hubby and led to our seat in front. I had assumed we would stand all day throughout the ceremony like the movies do, or during this wedding I went to accompanying my childhood friend, but looks like I don't have to suffer the wrath of stilleto-s after all

Father Arin making his grand entrance

Making his opening speech and prayers

Standing up for a ceremonial prayer

A spokesperson to read out the statements and such for others to repeat and respond and such. It's a really different procedure compared to our usual Protestant style, but at least since we're a mixed marriage, the ceremonial rituals were cut down to half. If I were a Catholic there would be even more rituals and stuff that we would have to go through and the whole wedding process would take more than 1 hour

A few trigger-happy shots

A bit of prayer time

Now for the main event, where Father Arin starts reading the joining rites and prayers for our bonding (I think)

Father Arin blessing the wedding rings, "With the power of rice, I compel you..." LOL! Just kidding

Ah, the moment everyone's been waiting for. The "Do you take this man/woman as your lawful wedded wife/husband" ritual. I was tempted to hesitate for suspense and teasing purposes but thought against it and followed through, saying my I-do's and slipping the ring. Thank goodness I wasn't so fat that the ring couldn't fit me, coz I really feel uber fat being cramped to the point of possible claustrophobia into my wedding dress plus corsette XD I was actually expecting Father Arin to say the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" thing, but apparently it wasn't necessary since our wedding was already on the notice board for the usual 2 weeks without any objections. So yeah, a bit of a thing missing there, but no biggie. Last thing I want was someone to barge in dramatically and say "I object!" or something :p

You may kiss the bride~! Best moment eva~!

Final prayers and blessing given by Father Arin of our union

Here be to sign your death warrant...I mean, your marriage certificate

Sealing the deal

Photo frenzy tiem~!!!

Kiss, kiss, fall in love~ :heart:

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. King~!

Stupid stilletto keeps getting caught on my inner skirt, but at least my hubby is gentleman enough to help me get out of it

A bit of outdoor piccie

Confetti time~! Wohoo~!

A few more photo-frenzy time

Me: Get in here and get married nao~!
Sisterhood: C'mon, be a man!

Hubby: Nuuuu~!!!
Brotherhood: Let the man go~! He's coming with us!!

LOL! I've been wanting to do this ever since I saw a pic suggestion given by my friend on great wedding photo, of the sisterhood and the brotherhood trying to save the groom from being dragged to church by the bride, but we're doing our own rendition of it, LOL!!! XDDD

Time to leave the church and the church bells behind...

...and off to home for the next ceremony~!

Really kudos for the photographer who took this last photo though, because he literally stuck his entire head out to film and take picture of us. Now that's what I call professionalism! I couldn't help imagining that he would either get run over or his head lopped off by a truck or get knocked off by a random branch or something. LOL! Macabre is macabre~

On to Part 4~!