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Me Weddingz: Part 2-Obstacle Course

As promised, here's Part 2 of my wedding celebration~!

This be the famed Orchid Garden Hotel that I was staying in. I stayed in the 6th floor, honeymoon suite and I gotta tell ya, trying to get up at the crazy witching hours of 5am was pure torture, but nothing cold water on my face couldn't help to wake the daylights outta me

This be my shoes to wear, in addition to the wedding dress I'm gonna wear for my white wedding. I gotta tell ya, I hate these shoes. I hated it since the first time I wore it for my wedding studio photoshoot. Damn, whoever created stilleto-s must've had great ankle power or something because it is definitely not meant for long-term walking!

This is le make-up artist Yvonne whom my mom-in-law had connections with so that she could charge at best price. She came with her son, who became her personal assistant for the day and to learn the ropes and see how his mother earns her money, as she puts it, and did my make-up and all that jazz. Though I gotta admit, she's pretty skilled, but I can't help feeling that at the end of the make-up session, I seemed to have ended up looking like a bit of a goth

This be how I look like in the dress. A professional photographer/video man came to take some shots of me before making his way to the groom's place to document the journey and whatnot, so he request that I dress up first to get the first shot, and it would've been better, since Yvonne was going to do my hair soon

The sisterhood came and it was then that I found out what sort of crazy obstacle course the groom and the brotherhood have to go through. According to Chinese customs, when the groom comes over to fetch the bride, he will first be confronted by the sisterhood, who are a group of gal pals of the bride, to go through a series of obstacle courses/tests to test the groom to see if they are worthy of receiving the bride, and the brotherhood would be a group of guy pals of the groom to help him along the obstacle course. I was not allowed to know what are the obstacle course for fear of blowing the whistle to my hubby, so I was only allowed to know what they have in store for him at the last minute. Here I was being shown the "love agreement contract" that my hubby has to sign as the final obstacle course, which was crazy, really, because it's basically a declaration that, in a nutshell, meaning that my hubby would be true to me no matter what

Having my hair done now after checking the obstacle course and letting my sisterhood do their thing

My pops and his girlfriend Aunty Helen. To quite my surprise, I had not expected that my dad was actually dating. She's the owner of the Hakka restaurant we went to last time when I visited my pops, and apparently she had been a very dear friend who took care of my dad when he was recovering from his appendix surgery. Heh, my dad, the romeo. About time though XD

Aunty Helen gave me her wedding gift for me, which is a gold bracelet that had a tiny bell attached to it, something you'd usually wear as an anklet when you're a kid. It was really sweet of her. She was almost very motherly to me, but not sure whether she would eventually be my stepmother or just my godmother, but it's the thought that counts. I wish my mother was that nice though

It's custom for the father of the bride to put the veil on their daughter as a sign that they're finally giving away their daughter to be married off, so my pops definitely honoured the tradition, with help from my Aunty Helen, before Yvonne properly clips the veil on my hair

Meanwhile, at the groom's side...

The brotherhood arriving with the "heavy artillery"

Putting on the last minute decors on the car due to last night's rain that made them unable to do so

Even Ah Brown, my best friend's stray pet, decided to join in the fun

More last-minute preparation

The older women of the house getting together to help out in the kitchen to have lunch prepared for later after the wedding ceremony at the church. Reminds me of the olden days where the whole village, whenever there is a wedding or gathering, come in and chips in to help out

The brotherhood, getting all dolled up

The brotherhood gang, from left to right: Jerry, Jackson the Jackster, Ah Wei, Kenny, Mike (our soon-to-be MC), Alex, Su Meng and Zainal

Cute little figurine we bought for the occasion, of a Chinese bride and groom, chibi style

Our wedding gift from my pop's friend Uncle Lawrence, who couldn't make it to our wedding, which is an uber bigger version of our chibi Chinese bride and groom. If you're wondering about all the red, in Chinese customs, red has always been a good colour for luck and such

My hubby's wedding coat, all sprawled and ready to be worn

Our wedding ring, which we bought from Diamond & Platinum, which is white gold, with carvings of the word "Together" on my hubby's ring and "Forever" on my ring. They technically had a free teddy bear casing that came with it to hold the rings where you can just make the teddy bears hug the ring into a loop, but apparently the groom teddy's arms are not working well, so they replaced it with the one they have on display, which is with ribbons to hold the rings in place. Ah well, better than nothing

My in-laws helping my hubby to get ready

Double-checking the money they need to prepare to "bribe" the sisterhood

While the brotherhood had a hearty breakfast courtesy of the hardworking women in the kitchen...

...My poor hubby had only one mouthful of cakoi cake XD

All setting forth to the "battle stations"...

Entering the "battle vehicle"...

And away they go!

Our soon-to-be MC being the designated driver

Reaching the designated "battle station", ready for "war" XDDD

Happily taking the lift up to my floor at the honeymoon suite

Open up, open up~!

In traditional customs, before the groom is allowed to even set foot into the house, they must pay a "toll", and it is customary for the sisterhood to request for $9,999.99 as the toll, as in Chinese customs, the number 9 is a lucky number signifying longevity, and the groom and the brotherhood must negotiate and bargain with the sisterhood until they reach to an agreeable price. But of course nowadays, we only practice that for the sake of formality. We don't really have to offer them that much. Just a good ol' red money packet as a "bribe" will do

Finally allowed entry for the groom and the brotherhood...

...Only to be met with their first obstacle!

First obstacle: Passed! (though one decide to hide his face out of shame XD))

Get back, get back, not yet~!

Now it's the part where they have to pay a fee to every member of the sisterhood as a passage to go past the barrier

Though there are some people who are not willing to pay... XDDD

Not yet, not yet~! The party just started~!

Next obstacle was for the groom and brotherhood to tie balloons on their waists and try to pop it against each other. That was a pretty simple feat as those boys went crazy on it, popping their asses off, LOL! For me, waiting in the room, was quite a bit of a torture for me because I'd rather join in the fun and see what they were doing, but I only have these pictures to see through to find out what happened

3rd obstacle was to carve, or eat, their way through the bread and make a perfect "I Heart U", in which they more or less passed since, one, they're probably still hungry that they enjoyed munching off the bread, and two, they got some artistic style in them. Though not sure whether the sisterhood had wanted them to spell the exact words or not, but it seems that this'll do

Next obstacle was for either of them to drink one bottle of uber sweet cordial drink and one bottle of uber sour drink through a baby bottle. LOL! Of course, the brotherhood sacrificed themselves for their good ol' friend the groom and chug it all down. Gotta give them kudos for their dedication and self-sacrifice

Chug, chug, chug, chug...!!

Next obstacle was for them to eat up all the raw bitter gourds (blergh~! XP), which our bravado man who chugged down the sweet stuff ate most of it while each brotherhood member helped eat a little. Ugh~! I wouldn't even touch cooked bitter gourds, let alone raw ones~!

Meanwhile, I'm waiting inside there while wondering curiously and anxiously what the hell were they doing to torture my hubby...

Final obstacle was for him to read the "love agreement contract" and sign it. My hubby had help, since it was written in Chinese, so after reading it, he signed it in front of the witnesses of the brotherhood and the sisterhood

Got to my spot on the seat to wait for my hubby to enter to receive me

I heard they had an obstacle before getting through my room door is my friend asking him a short quiz question, and despite getting it wrong, they cut him some slack and let him in, but not before making him kneeling and loudly declare his love for me. It was hilarious as he shouted it out and waited for my approval, in which I let him in

Finally, meeting up with the flower he was supposed to give me...

...on bended knee...

...Unveiling me gently...

...And giving me a "Hey there" kiss to seal the deal

Time to leave the place...

...while the brotherhood helped out with the baby basket and new bed stuff

Making our way to the lift...

...down the ground floor...

...and on the way to our car

It's a custom for a handmaid or the matchmaker to carry a red umbrella to escort the bride out to avoid the sun and stuff, but since technically it's my best friend who was the matchmaker, it would probably be fitting in this situation to have my childhood friend and bridesmaid instead to carry the umbrella

Yes, sir, your ride, sir... XD

Now it's off to the church~!

That's it for Part 2. Stay tuned for Part 3~!