Thursday, December 30, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Me Weddingz: Part 1-Bachelorette Party

Ah, finally, after sorting through the pictures and picking the ones that I think is best, here we are, my wedding pics as a treat for the upcoming new year. Here's Part 1, which is my bachelorette party.

We all stayed in this 3-star hotel called Orchid Garden Hotel which is quite near to our house actually and also within the proximity of the airport (about 5 minutes away by car). According to the Chinese customs (almost all customs, for that matter), the bride must not meet up with the groom the day before the wedding, and the groom must fetch the bride from their home to be brought in and married into the family.

So in order to accommodate this tradition (since I've been living in with my hubby for like almost forever ago), I had to move out, bring my clothes along with my wedding clothes (plus some new ones, since it's one of those "Out with the Old, In with the New" tradition) and move into this hotel for the time being.

I stayed in the honeymoon suite, which was ah-ma-zing~! Probably not as good as suites in Empire Hotel, but hey, who's complaining? It's a perfect setting for the upcoming obstacle course, which I will showcase in Part 2.

Decide to go trigger-happy with the clothes I was going to wear for my wedding day. The white one is, of course, for the morning ceremony, white wedding and all, and the dark blue is for the reception at night. Surprisingly, when I requested to have that dress, it was actually bigger than I've expected. I had not expected it to be that way, because all the other clothes looked like it's meant for aneroxic people, but it seems there are people who share my plight of being fat and that dress actually fit just nice after a bit of adjustments here and there. So yeah, lucky me ^_^

Every hotel room has TV and whatnot, but in this suite, there are 2 TVs, apparently it was supposed to come with a DVD player or something, but I couldn't locate it anywhere in my side, so sadly, I couldn't watch anything except the very few limited channels of satellite cable (I didn't bring any DVDs to watch anyways, so it's redundant ^^;; )

This be the bed. Really huge and cool, and I immediately made a headstart on officiating it by falling onto it and rolling around for good measure, much to the amusement of my friends and family, LOL!

This be our bathroom. Comes with a tub and a shower, which is awesome, ftw! I have an obsession for bath tubs in hotel bathrooms, don't ask me why. I just love the feeling of relaxing in a hot tub and all that jazz, though I didn't really get to enjoy it at the moment since I was with friends and don't want to leave them stranded, so I took a shower instead. The only beef I had would probably be the hot water as it takes time to heat up so it's just really annoying to stand there in the fucking freezing cold of the air-conditioning waiting for the water to heat up and all that whatnot

This be the living room of the suite. Really awesome. Makes me feel like one of those VIPs in the movies with the characters in presidential suites and whatnot, though technically I was the VIP, since I was getting married the next day

The dining table, nothing too special about it

This be the baby basket along with the new bed items (mattress, bedsheet, etc...) that I am required to bring along once I am married into the family. It's a Chinese tradition thing for the bride's side to bring in new bed items that is along with a baby basket as a sort of token to be married into the house and to bless the couple with children or something like that.

Le flower bouquet that was for me and my bridesmaid. Actually there was a much more fancier design than that that I would really love to have, but since there is the budget concerns (and also my hubby's taste concerns--he's not one for super-duper fancy stuff, meh~!), we decided to simplify the design into this. Roses are still the best things to have in a wedding. My friend actually recommended lilies, but lilies reminds me of funerals, so nah~!

The small pantry counter within the suite. I've always been used to pantry counters that are right at the side of the wall and only has coffee or tea sachets, but this quite cuts the cake

An outdoor toilet for guests to go to or for our convenience if we were out of the master room. Too bad doesn't come with showers

This be our so-called bachelorette party drinks. It was a mellow party with no strip dancer and whatnot, and originally had suggested that we drive all the way down to the border at Miri to go for an all-night clubbing before coming back for the wedding, but it would be too risky and too rush, worse if we end up having a hangover. We did ask if my friend Khiong could do the strip tease dance for us instead of the usual burly hunkabootilicious stripper, but we didn't want to have nightmares XDDDD He did, however, compensate by bringing white wine, which tastes ah-ma-zing, and my hubby's eldest bro-in-law provided us with some beer to chug on, so it wasn't a total loss

Some of my friends (one of them off-screen) who came for the bachelorette party

We decided to order something to eat so we called room service and ordered ourselves some pizza with fries to go with our drinks, and while we ate, we chatted about old times, talking about how crazy and wild we were back in high school and also divulged each other's secrets, including mine by my friends who were with me when I was in Curtin. We also talked about us usually not a trio, but a quartet, one of them being missing, and talked about how she changed boyfriends like changing clothes and really laying it in on the gossips and gags. It was fun to remeniscence, although it makes me feel kinda old >_<;;

Our bachelorette party ended a little early, around 1am, because I need to catch the shut-eye so that I can wake up at 5 enough to have my hair done and everything. So after sending them off the door, I carelessly dried my hair and put on my full-body jammies and went to bed.

Stay tuned for Part 2~!