Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Disturbing Dream

This morning I woke up with a very disturbing feeling in my heart.

And it had everything to do with this awfully disturbing dream I had.

I don't remember much of the beginning of the dream, but the part that I remember most was being in some sort of carnival or public function and then being in some sort of group that were supposed to perform next, then I steered away to go to the bathroom and found myself getting involved in some very macabre dealings that had something to do with wax victims or whatnot, like that movie House of Wax, but this is a big function where everyone who attended would be victims of being encased in wax or something.

Then I experienced like an out-of-body kinda thing and found myself with my mom and her boyfriend and that I was reading about that incident in a book to the boyfriend, then I was flipping through channels and found a channel that showcased Doraemon series or whatnot, then again, I was within that story, like I was one of the characters there but at the same time viewing myself as well, not sure how to put it.

Then one of that Doraemon character who turns out to be an alien from another time and space or something and she was attending school in human form, and that was when I realized that she had been cursing people who bullied her using a sort of German ancient language or whatever and she circled her finger around the 3 girls that bullied her, and they ended up doing something beyond their control.

One girl went to the tallest building, said something cheery (or was it that she was singing? I can't remember) and then leapt to her death a gajillion stories below, but somehow managed to move a fire hydrant aside before she breathed her last (don't ask me why or how she did that), then her spirit went and followed alongside another girl who was cursed to walk forever, never stopping. And then they passed by the 3rd girl who was being ridiculed to the point that she went up onto a tree and hung herself.

The 2nd girl who was cursed to walk for eternity walked until she was literally starving and dehydrating and even though she couldn't walk anymore, her body kept on going, crawling as she dragged her tired feet. Someone found her and took her into the orphanage but she still suffered the curse and couldn't stop walking round and round in circles within the compound until some of the kids got sick of it and chopped off her legs.

That's when I woke up.


Was my mind that disturbed?