Thursday, December 30, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Another Year, Another Memory...

It's the 30th of December and the year 2010 is almost coming to an end in about 2 days.

Thinking back, it was a really long journey ahead. Wedding plannings, trying (but failing) to get a driving license through law exam, being in the red for money...The works. Makes me almost miss sometimes the schooling life when I was younger where all you have to do is worry about your studies and nothing else, although the downside is that you're spending money, not earning it.

There have been times where I wonder if I had made the right choice to quit Curtin, since I had almost like 1 and a half semester to go, and forgoing my pet project of the Otaku Club, throwing everything I had away to be with my hubby. But then again, when I thought some more, I suppose that if I had stayed on and didn't make the bold decision to leave, I would've never gotten this far. I would've been stuck with the nightmare that is my mom and would never achieve such happiness that I'm feeling right now.

Of course, finally getting a college diploma also helped eased that thought too anywho, and it sorta confirmed that I'm more of a working person than a studying person.

Speaking of studies, I was reminded way back when I was still in A-Levels. I was a new student, trying to gain new friends, and after some trial and error, made a few good friends, despite the fact that we were not in the same class, but we still share the same lecture subjects or two.

One was Rebecca, who is a jovial little soul that is happy-go-lucky and grew up in a family of sisters, contributing to her girly and upbeat attitude. She and I are clowns when we're together, joking like hell and often enjoy the company of each other. She is a devout fan of my art and loves to hear me sing, and in fact, I have opportunities to go to her house to karaoke sometimes, since she lives quite nearby the school.

The other is Rachel, who is a very studious, down-to-earth person who takes pride in getting good results and rival out competitors academically. She occasionally indulge in the delicious world of slash and write pretty good Harry Potter fanfics. In fact, she was the one who introduced me to the world of fanfic-reading and fanfic-writing, and I owe it to her to get to know Harry Potter and made me the fan I was today and also converted me into a Snarry shipper. I wrote my first Harry Potter fanfic featuring us because of her.

I remember Rachel had always been a bit of a Hermione, with Severus thrown in the mix, and she was always very privy about her great command of English, taking pride in the fact that her English was better than everyone else. Not that she brags, but she always had that sort of air that says "I know more, I'm better than you" kind of attitude. Not too much, but just barely visible.

So when the SPM results came out and we decided to compare results, it was a no-brainer that Rachel and I got A in our English, and she was really happy about it.

But that was not the kicker.

The kicker was that our results are separated into 2 kinds: one of the Malaysian standard kind and the other is the international O-Levels kind. We both got A for the Malaysian standard, but when we compared our O-Levels standard, I ended up having an A while she ended up having a C. No kidding, I'm not bragging. It's true.

Needless to say she was abso-fucking-lutely depressed. O-Levels were of an international status and of international standards, recognized throughout the globe, especially in the UK. Never mind the Malaysian standard, but this was the international standard we're talking about here! Rachel, who absolutely took pride in her English being the best among us all, was absolutely crushed that her English was not up to par with international standards while I was and I was just winging it on the fly because English just so happened to be my favourite subject!

How's that for a downer kicker?

She was silent and depressed the whole day, refusing to talk or even look at anyone of us as she mooned about her results. This goes to show that pride is a little overrated sometimes.

Now it has almost been more than 5 years since we last saw each other. The last I remember was of Rebecca aiming to go for higher education while Rachel was focusing on the archery championship, and the last time we were ever together was having a happy hour binge at a local club boozing and celebrating our graduation from A-Levels and also helping me get over my break-up with my ex-boyfriend.

I've tried Facebooking to find them, but couldn't really get through. Maybe they have a different name registered in or something, but I sure wanna give it some more shot.

They were my best friends after all during my years in A-Level. It would be a shame to lose touch with them.

Hopefully next year I'll get lucky