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Me Weddingz: Part 4-Tea Ceremony

Alright, here comes the kicker of the whole morning ceremony showcasing right now in Part 4, so hang in there, guyz~!

Reaching home and driving into the vicinity

Again, being escorted out with red umbrella and all that jazz

The new bride entering and marrying into the family. Off-screen, the brotherhood and sisterhood are helping me out with my luggage (as a moving in ritual) and my new bed items

The groom bringing the bride up to their new "love nest", so to speak

One of my sisterhood bringing in the "leading chicken". In Chinese customs, in the old days during weddings, the bride must bring along a "leading chicken" to "lead in" the good luck and prosperity of getting married into the family, and it usually is an actual live chicken. Now, it's just more of a formality or a simple ritual, and certain old-school Chinese shops who provide Chinese paraphernalia and custom tools would be able to provide with a symbolic "leading chicken" and someone from the bride's side will have to carry that chicken all the way into the house and to the "love nest"

Karina and Jamie jumping on our new bed. Another custom is that the bride and groom usually have to buy new items like bed, wardrobe and whatnot as a sign of "out with the old, in with the new" spirit, and they are not allowed to sleep on the new bed or the new mattress or whatnot until it was "christened" by little children by jumping on it to bless the new couple with children in the coming years. Usually in the old school, they would want boys to jump on the bed to let the bride have sons, but now, since it's just a formality, and we wanted a pair anyways in the near future, we had them to jump on it, though we were worried initially that the new bed cannot handle the abuse XD

Giving them a little red money packet treat for their "christening" the bed

Finally we can sit on it, after months of only being able to sleep in a mattress downstairs in the living room and suffer insomnia

Trigger-happy moment

Just got down and deciding and waiting what to do

Our poor soon-to-be MC dozing off. Must've been taxing for him, what with the goings-on and all

Praying for blessing to the ancestors. Well, more like to my hubby's ancestors, since I'm fully Christian and not Buddhist and usually don't practice this. However, despite being Catholic, my hubby's family is deep-rooted in the Chinese tradition, so even though they don't pray to deities, they still pray to ancestors as a sign of respect

Next up, is the bride and groom getting their first meal of the day as married couple, which is chicken mi sua. It's basically meehoon in chicken soup that is cooked with rice wine. One of my favourite Chinese dishes. Noodles, of course, means longevity, thus blessing the couple to have a happy and long marriage for years to come. Chicken, not really sure what is the significance


A request by the photographer to do a Lady & the Tramp moment XD

Wow~! What big chicken we have~!!

Here is the tools for the tea ceremony. Basically, it's one of the deep-rooted old school Chinese tradition where the bride and the groom would go on their knees offering tea to the extended family in order to receive their blessings and also wedding gold and red money packets (considered as the last red money packets in our lifetime because after you are married, you are considered independent and able, thus no longer eligible to receive, but to give). How long you kneel there to serve tea depends on how big the family is, and for us, we just basically got the long end of the stick XD

First, the immediate family, meaning those eldest and closest in blood. Since my dad is currently dating Aunty Helen and she has treated me like a daughter of sorts, she earned a seat to receive the tea and give us the blessings. The wedding gold that my hubby's grandma gave was pretty much the heaviest of all the gold that we have ever received as you can literally feel the weight on it! My bridesmaid and my hubby's best man were the ones who will be standing behind us helping us to receive and hold onto the gold and money packets since we don't have the pockets or enough hands for it, though occasionally I could hear them scheming to split the hooch 50-50 -_-

Part of the extended family being served tea

My godma getting her tea, claiming to be the most precious and expensive tea she had ever drank~! XDDDD LOL, my godma, always the kidder

The tea holder getting her share of tea too, since she's also extended family

Giving tea to my sisters-in-law and their husbands, a sign of marrying into the family

A few more of the extended family

Photo-shot time with my hubby's nanny, who's been raising the family even since my mom-in-law was still a kid (she must be really old~! Just a little younger than my hubby's grandma!)

The ceremonial ritual of the bride and groom undressing each other, but just ritual only, so don't get any bright ideas

Ta-ta for now while we "celebrate"~!

That's it for the day time part of the ceremony. A tedious session, but really a pretty good experience that takes you back to your roots and heritage.

There's still one more to come~! Stay tuned for Part 5~!