Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Le Photo of Lurv~!

Went down to Miri yesterday to go get my photo album (which was finally done after such a friggin' long wait, FTW!), and it was absolutely fan-awesome-tastic! They definitely lived up their company's name when I saw the after effects of the pictures compiled into the album.

But anywho, as I have promised to quite a lot of people, mostly my chat friends, here's the pictures that we chose to be put into our album (click on it to see the bigger picture):

Outdoor shots

In-Studio shots

There ya go, the pics that we chose for our album. I always end up LOL-ing when I see the emperor and empress clothes that we picked because we just look rather ridiculous in it, but still looks pretty alright.

The green screen at the back is because they will add in the special effects and background later into the photo album, which they did and turned out rather awesome. One thing's for sure, I definitely look totally different when I'm in makeup and all that jazz. Almost doesn't look like me at all, LOL! Though to be honest, because I'm fat, those clothes were a little hard to breathe in especially when I was wearing a bloody corsette underneath there XP (Don't be fooled by the so-called slimness of me in there, it's thanks to Photoshop from the studio XD). And my hubby looks uber handsome in his shots, especially the solo shots.

Too bad I don't have a bigger definition of the finished products in soft copy and I couldn't scan the album because it's so fucking huge to fit through my scanner, but anywho, you get the idea of how our photo album may look like after a bit of special effects and editing.

A week more before our wedding and so many things to do~!! Agh~! I'm getting Bride-zilla right now~!! But at least this is done, hopefully you think I look good in it =^.^=


zps said...

OMG! the green outfit
is the exact same one i wore
to our prom at Eastwood with u.