Monday, October 18, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

You Might Be An OJ Freak If...

1. El Muerte Rojo is one of the few Spanish words you know.

2. You carry a necklaces around your wrist and call it your DNA chain.

3. You want to name your kid after some sickness like scarlet.

4. You randomly say 'Hult! You are surrounded! Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh uh huh Surrounded!' When your in public.

5. You have a tendency to say 'careful, I'm contagious' when your sick.

6. You actually WANT to get sick.

7. That movie is the only reason you are passing Biology.

8. You look into a microscope and start waving saying; "Hey Ozzy!"

9. You have your own character for Osmosis Jones.

10. You have a picture of Leah on your dart board...

11. ... and when you through darts at it, you yell 'Ozzy's mine you slut!'

12. You have about 100 pics (in counting) of Thrax on your computer...

13. ...and he has its own special folder.

14. You feel like dying your hair Purple...

15. ...or blue.

16. Having a card board box on your arm and shooting random objects at other stuff is normal by your account.

17. You have odd out bursts in public and quote 'In the name of the immortal James Brown, Get down!"

18. ... even though you don't know who the heck James Brown is...

19. ...And you blame Thrax and/or Ozzy for the outburst.

20. You poke someone with your finger in hopes that they'll burst up in flames.

21. You have arguments with your friends who was the better character. Thrax or Ozzy?

22. You feel like you need to cry when you see Thrax die...

23. ...and you go over to some bottle of alcohol saying; "Why crule world! Why!?"

24. The word hypothalamus is not new to you.

25. You wash your hands at the most random of times...

26. You like to wear black trench coats.

27. You know what the uvula is...

28. ...only because you watched the movie.

29. You say hi to random pill bottles.

30. You like to sing 'Box man' In dedication of Drix.

31. You have a 'Vote for Tom Colonic' button.

32. You have a 'Phlemming sucks!' button.

32. Or the other way around.

33. You don't want to blow your nose half the time because your afraid Ozzy might be in there.

34. Baby all of the sudden became part of your usual vocabulary.

35. You at least have one fanfiction about Thrax coming back to life...

36. ...or favored one like that.

37. You call Osmosis Jones OJ, and Ozzy J.

38. you get mad when people call Thrax a 'germ.'

39. You watched Osmosis Jones more then once.

40. Your Dream child would have purple hair, and yellow eyes...

41. ...Or blue hair.

43. You blame every sickness you have on Thrax.

44. You want to open a night club called 'The Zit.'

45. You watch the part where Frank gets a cramp just to yell at the screan 'Charlie hoarse!'

46. ...or 'Dude! Be a Man! Suck it up!'

47. You have sudden cravings for buffalo wings, potato chips, and assume Phlemming is messing with you.

48. You would cheat on your diet and have 'Phlemming made me do it' as one of your excuses.

49. You start humming Jazz after you watch the movie.

50. You can't seem to stop quoting after the movie.

51. You hate the fact that they never came out with the toys after the movie.

52. Think it would be so cool if they came out with an Osmosis Jones 2.

53. You think purple dread locks are smexy.

54. You feel sorry for the little guy every time he gets iced.

55. 'Hippawhodawhatamis?' is your new favorite word.

56. You put in your dating survey, 'I like my men tall, dark, buffed and red.'

57. You have your own city, 'The city of (Insert name hear) __________.'

58. You put an egg under a microscope in attempt to find Thrax.

59. You have Imaginary friends named Thrax, Ozzy, Drix, etd...

60. You clicked on this.

61. the majority of your favorites are Ozzy J. related.

62. You want a car like Ozzy's.

63. ...Or Thrax's.

64. You happen to know more about Ozzy J. then the people who made it.

65. You had more then one dream that was Osmosis Jones Related

66. Any word that begins with a V looks like 'Virus'

67. 'Holy spit' Is now your new favorite swear word.

68. You can be thinking about cheese cake and ipods, then some how relate that to Osmosis Jones.

69. You know the EXACT TIME that Thrax appeared in the movie.

70. You hope to go on Dr. Phill, have him tell you that 'Thrax and/or Osmosis Jones do not exist,' and have the REAL Thrax and/or Ozzy walk on stage while Dr. Phill is like "AW S***!" and runs away.

71. You think it would be totaly Awesome if they came out with a OJ video game. (Not the Gameboy low graphic game. More like the high in graphic butt kicking PS3 or Wii or Xbox 360 game stuff! That would be sweet!!!)

72. Wishing to be microscopic is not abnormal by your account.

73. One of your homework assignments happened to mention Osmosis Jones in some form.

74. You want to form a band that's name has something to do with Osmosis Jones. (Such as 'The Zit Poppers')

75. You named one of your pets after one of the Characters.

76. You made a Sims Person to look like a Germ/Virus/Bloodcell.

79. You hate it when you hear people say 'Osmosis Jones sux'.

80. You desktop background has something to do with Osmosis Jones.

81. You KNOW you could have been a normal person if Osmosis Jones didn't come into your life...

82. ...But your not complaining.

83. You are part of a Osmosis Jones Fan Freak Club at your school.

84. You combined OJ with a bunch of random movies. (Such as Titanic, Harry potter...)

85. ...Or books. (Such as Artemis Fowl, Inkheart...)

86. You so want a Osmosis Jones Clothing line.

87. When you look at anything cherry related anymore, Drix comes to mind.

88. You tried to give up Osmosis Jones, but it only worked for an hour tops.

89. You had joined a club online that is osmosis Jones related.

90. The Osmosis Jones Movie has it's own special shelf on the DVD shelf.

91. You gave the Osmosis Jones DVD it's own special case: The DVD player.

92. You have people actually wanting to kill you because you always talk about Osmosis Jones...

93. ...But you keep talking about it anyway because you believe Thrax and/or Ozzy will kick there ass if they try to harm one of there fans.

94. You celebrate the opening day of the Osmosis Jones movie. (Which is August 10th by the way. Opened in 2001!)

95. DS name is Osmosis Jones related.

96. Ur DS secret message is Osmosis Jones related.

97. Ur DS menu color is red...or blue. (95, 96, and 97 from SuperKittyGirl)

98. You are pissed because you just found out they WERE Supposed to have came out with an Osmosis Jones Two

99. As well as Getting rid of the Series.

100. You actually took notes on the movie...

101. Most of which about Thrax (or Ozzy)

102. And how hot Thrax (or Ozzy's) butt looks...

103: and Pecs, and triceps...

104: After reading those you started drooling

105: You go Fangirl (Even if your a dude) and flip out because the person on the radio sounds like Thrax (Like with me, the guy from Skillet reminds me of him. I freak out every time I hear them.)

106: You spent several years of our life obsessing over Thrax (or Ozzy)...

107: ...And it was the best years of your life!

108. You names a recipe after an OJ character, like Fresh Hot Thrax Buns, or Osmosis Jell-O. (Oh the puns. (From SuperKittyGirl)

109. You really wish you were born as a white/red blood cell in the City of Frank

110. You made your Tony Hawk skater look like a white/red blood cell...

111....or virus (109, 110, 111 from SuperKittyGirl)

112: You dreamed about Raping Thrax

113: Or the other way around. XD

114: You have declared that Thrax has the best Rape face EVER!!!!!

115: You just wanna squeeze Ozzy (in not perverted terms)

116: And in perverted Terms.

117: You are now calculating just how many of these describe you a figure up a percentage.

118: You make lots of friends by just knowing their OC for OJ.

This is just so me... XD;;