Thursday, October 7, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Pet Dilemma

I saw an art by KP-chan a few days ago and I was reminded about my days when I had a pet.

I used to have a pet Doberman mixed breed when I was somewhere in Primary 4 or 5. I got it from one of the kids my mom taught dancing to as one of her part-time jobs. She asked me if I wanted a pet and I asked my mom, which, surprisingly I had a green light for it.

The Doberman mix was a female pup about 2, 3 months old and as soon as I got her, I fell in love with her straightaway. She was the cutest little thing with her black coat and brown muzzle and paws and her big waggy tail, and she had the cutest bark ever. I named her Sailormoon. Don't ask me why I named her Sailormoon. That was the first name that came through my head at the time and I thought it suited her.

She's a fiesty little thing and has an obsession with biting my shoes, so whenever I play with her, I played tag with my feet and she would just chase round and round trying to eat my shoes. I was the puppy's playmate, my maid the cleaner and the feeder while my mom would be a bit of the disciplining factor, though Sailormoon would then get upset when she gets scolded by my mom and ignore her when she tries to call her. LOL!

I remember one time where the La Nina struck and we were raining bullets. My poor little pup was at the backyard and was spooked by some snail that decided to curl up and die somewhere and she just kept barking and barking and barking and wouldn't stop since the snail was just there not moving in defense mode or something. So I went out, picked up the snail and threw it as far away as I could, brought my poor little Sailormoon indoors and washed and dried her as best as I could in the bathroom, then hid her under my bed and let her sleep in the warmth of my bedroom for the night before I let her out secretly in the morning. That was the first and only secret we ever had together.

She was the darndest thing, and I really love her to bits. But sadly she inherited her mother's skin disease. She started to sport white bald spots here and there and was starting to itch. We tried taking her to the vet to have her checked out, but the only thing the doc could do was give her some medicine to ease the itch and rash, but she couldn't do anything about the skin disease as it was hereditary and genetic. The doc said that situations like these are usually incurable and the best way was to put it down.

Of course, I would never let the docs put her down, no matter how bad she may turn out to be. I planned to stick with her till the end, and my mom couldn't afford the euthanizing charges anyways. I really pity her as she was losing more and more of her fur and the white bald spots and hardened crust skin was everywhere, but other than that, she was still fine, energetic and healthy, just with the skin problem. I don't see what was really wrong with it, as long as she was alive and kicking, what's the problem with a bit of lack of skin?

But then one day, as I wanted to play with her after coming home from school, I whistled for her but she didn't clamber near my window as usual (my house was a single-storey building and my room was facing the backyard). I looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. Not only that, even my maid and my mom was not around either.

Then when I was in the bathroom, I secretly overheard my mom coming home talking to my maid, thanking her for her services and paid her some money to pass it to her husband. Turns out she asked my maid to hand Sailormoon to her husband to have her "taken care of", euthanizing her the cheapest and most inhumane way, which is by taking her to a remote place and bashing her on the head till she's dead, and she was paid less than a fraction of the price the vet offered to put her down.

Good god, was my little poor Sailormoon's life worth that little to her? Does she still see her as nothing but a pet? A common pup? Was Sailormoon's life so easily dismissed, just like she dismissed our landlady's kid's puppy and convinced them to dump her in some school ground to fend for herself as well? Was their life so worthless that she could just discard them like trash? It gave me more than one reason to hate her so badly.

Sailormoon, my little beloved pup, wherever you are right now, you are, and will be, missed.